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10 Subtly Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

10 Subtly Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, which has us loving all things spooky. While your Halloween wedding may not be all witches and ghosts, there are a few subtly spooky elements you can add to your day without sacrificing style or elegance. From black table settings to pumpkin decor to killer jackets that will keep you warm while having you dressed in theme, these are 10 Halloween wedding ideas for your big day.

Halloween Wedding Ideas

1. Black Table Settings

Nothing says Halloween more than black table settings with orange accents. Because the color is so timeless, you’ll never have to worry about it looking out of style when you look back on your wedding photos years later.

2. Dark Colored Wedding Cakes

If you want to keep your table settings light but want to incorporate the color black into your wedding design some other way, consider a black wedding cake. Not into the dark shade? You can also do orange, burgundy, green, or purple–topped with a ghostly cake topper, of course.

Image by Ama by Aisha

3. Black Denim Jackets

There’s nothing we love more than when newlyweds rock matching jackets on their big day. Sure, you could just wear a black denim or leather jacket and call it a day. Or you can take it a step further and add a decal or painting on the back that makes it all that much spookier.

Image by Kylie Farmer

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4. Moody Wedding Stationary

To get your guests in the holiday spirit before the wedding day, send out moody wedding stationery. You can find everything from tarot card-inspired invites to programs covered in skeletons.

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5. Dramatic Makeup + Beauty Looks

Looking for more ways to incorporate Halloween into your bridal look? Go for dramatic makeup, with dark lipstick shades, a smokey eye, and deep nail polish colors.

6. Black Wedding Gown

Here at Junebug, we are firm believers that your wedding day should look exactly how you want. This means forgoing any traditions that don’t fit your personality. If a white wedding dress doesn’t call to you, don’t wear one! Black is a non-traditional yet elegant way to showcase who you are while being the perfect fit for the holiday.

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7. Costumes + Masks

Okay, so this one may not exactly be subtle, but it’s such a fun way to entertain your guests at the end of the night. Ask your guests to bring their own favorite costume accessories or pass them out during your reception. Either way, be sure to snap a lot of photos because this is one detail you are definitely going to want to remember.

Image by Ana Hinojosa

8. All Black Groom + Groomsmen Attire

Nothing looks more suave than all-black groom and groomsmen attire. It’s easy to find, looks good on absolutely everyone, and photographs beautifully.

Image by Mitch and Tijana

9. Pass Out Candy

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is the trick or treating. While you may not be able to do this at your wedding, you can still incorporate the concept by passing out candy as your wedding favor or putting together a candy bar instead of having a wedding cake.

10. Subtle Pumpkin Decor

You don’t have to skip pumpkins altogether if you want a subtle look. Rather than place them everywhere, you look, place small pumpkins sporadically throughout your venue for a more subdued look. This can include your ceremony backdrop, your reception tables, or your photo booth.

Image by Martin McLellan

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