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12 Outdoor Sofas You Can Sink Into Summer This Summer

12 Outdoor Sofas You Can Sink Into Summer This Summer

You should consider your outdoor spaces an extension of your home. They’re often the perfect place for entertaining, offering a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of room to spread out. However, as a gathering spot, your outdoor area may need some accessories — in the form of outdoor seating! In particular, outdoor sofas and couches lend some great upscale but still casual vibes. They’re a bit more sophisticated than a lawn chair or a chaise while being incredibly comfortable.

If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor furnishings in preparation for the summer of your dreams, pull up a chair and take a look at our favorite outdoor couches and sofas. 

Outdoor Couches / Sofas | Buying Considerations 

Just as you wouldn’t purchase an indoor couch without measuring your space, checking the design, or considering colors, don’t hit “buy now” on outdoor furnishings. 

Before buying an outdoor couch or sofa set, it is essential to ask yourself several key questions:

How Big Is Your Space?

It’s essential to check that your outdoor area can fit a couch or loveseat. Next, take some measurements so you can compare layouts and sizes. You want to make sure there is room for other seating options so everyone doesn’t have to cram on the couch and choose a design that will work with your existing outdoor decor. 

How Do You Plan to Use Your Outdoor Furniture?

Some couches can double as pool furniture, and then there are sectionals meant for gathering around a patio fire pit. It’s necessary to consider how you plan to use your outdoor furniture before settling on a design. 

How Many People Do You Plan on Hosting?

A conversation set is ideal for medium to large gatherings where your guests will want to sit and chat. Alternatively, a smaller couch might be perfect for relaxing poolside while watching your kids. The size and layout of the seating usually correlate to the size of your gatherings. 

What Style are You Looking For?

Resin wicker? Rattan? Faux wood? You have a lot of options! From color choices to textures, finding your favorite style is easily the best part of choosing outdoor seating. 

Will You Use This Furniture Seasonally or All Year?

Do you need it to stay outside all year long? Will it be under a covered porch? Thinking about the types of weather your sofa might encounter can help you choose the best materials. You’ll want something that will last, but durability can drastically differ if a couch is kept, say, on a covered porch versus poolside under the sun.  

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Material. Common outdoor seating materials include teak wood, rattan wicker, plastic, resin, and faux wood. Many things hinge on the material you pick, including look, feel, style, durability, and price tag. 
  • Style. Whether you want a coastal feel or a whimsical oasis, you’ll probably be able to find a style that fits. It can be a bit easier when it comes to decorating outdoors because there are fewer pieces of decor and furniture to consider. Nevertheless, try to stick to a theme, like cozy and casual or streamlined and modern. 
  • Function. It’s common sense! Families would benefit from a sectional or couch set, while a couple may prefer a loveseat. Think about who and how many will be using your outdoor seating regularly. 
  • Price Range. Even though it’s a couch for the outdoors, any piece of furniture is a financial investment. Carefully consider how much you want to spend and compare it to the piece’s value. Prices vary from under 200 dollars to a luxury cost of 3,000 dollars.

Top 12 Sofas & Couches for 2022 

We’ve ranked our top 12 outdoor couches and sofas based on price range, style, and quality. 

1. Damontray 47″ Wide Outdoor Wicker Loveseat (budget)

by Wayfair

Damontray Wide Outdoor Wicker Loveseat

Contemporary meets casual in this cute loveseat! 

We love how effortless this outdoor furniture is. It looks classic and refined without being over the top. Add some comfort to your poolside with its weather-resistant, plush cushions and spacious resin wicker frame with an interior frame for extra support. Cushion covers in two different colors allow you to change your theme with the seasons. 

2. Green4ever 2 Piece Patio Loveseat, All-Weather Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Rattan Wicker (budget)

by Green4ever

2 Piece Outdoor Patio Loveseat

If you’re looking for a multi-piece set that won’t break the bank, this sectional is it! 

Each of the two pieces is designed to be used separately, or you can combine them to make a cozy loveseat! Every part of this couch is made to provide you chic comfort while lasting for years. The sponge padded cushions are weather-resistant, and the classic wicker is UV resistant too. Guests of any age or size will enjoy the mid-level back and wide armrests, perfect for lounging poolside. 

3. SUNSITT Outdoor Wicker Loveseat Patio Furniture with Beige Cushions (affordable)

by Sunsitt

Outdoor Wicker Loveseat

You genuinely get a lot of bang for your buck with this lovely loveseat. 

It has clean lines on its modern wicker frame and twice the number of cushions as most couches. It includes four premium olefin cushions featuring durable fabric wrapped around a supportive foam core. But wait, there’s more! Two throw pillows in a bold accent pattern and a precise fitting weather cover. 

4. Devoko 7 Pieces Outdoor Sectional Sofa Patio Set with Wicker Rattan Weaving & Cushions (affordable)

by Devoko

7 Pieces Outdoor Sectional Sofa Patio Furniture Sets

Elevate your patio space without raising your budget. 

Seven pieces, yes seven, are included in this conversation set. It’s a fantastic way to create the perfect gathering space without having to coordinate separate pieces. An expansive sectional that can be reconfigured as you see fit, a glass-topped wicker table, and two individual chairs compose the set. Sturdy, durable, and chic looking, this is truly a multi-functional masterpiece! 

5. Patio Furniture Wicker/Rattan 5 – Person Seating Group with Cushions (affordable)

by Wayfair

Patio Furniture Wicker/Rattan

We particularly adore this seating set for its ocean blue color! 

Composed of five different seating pieces, there’s enough room for an entire beach party. The sturdy iron frame is wrapped in durable wicker resin that offers classic appeal and visual texture. The couch, ottoman, and seats have soft, removable cushions designed for laying out in the sun. The cushions are available in grey or cerulean blue. 

6. Signature Design by Ashley Clare View Coastal Outdoor Patio Eucalyptus Loveseat with Cushions (affordable)

by Signature Design by Ashley

Clare View Coastal Outdoor Patio Eucalyptus Loveseat with Cushions

Could this outdoor set be any more elegant? 

With its natural eucalyptus wood, this loveseat would look ideally at home on a patio or covered porch. Compact in size, it’s ideal for smaller spaces. Light and airy cushions and two accent throw pillows provide an inviting space for your neighbors or friends to sit and chat for a while. 

7. Outdoor Rope Woven Sectional Patio Sofa Set for Backyard, Porch w/Thick Cushions, Detachable Lounger (affordable)

by Best Choice Products

Outdoor Rope Woven Sectional Patio Furniture L-Shaped Conversation Sofa Set

It’s hard to beat the versatility of this multi-functional seating option. 

Loungers are super popular for poolside patios or decks. However, they’re not the most convenient when you have family or friends over. Enter this sofa set with a detachable lounger! Open rope wicker combined with the fresh white cushions makes for a rustic yet contemporary piece. The included matching side table is a nice touch! 

8. Calep 75.75″ Wide Outdoor Wicker Patio Sofa with Cushions (affordable)

by Wayfair

Rodrick Wide Outdoor Patio Sofa

This stunning sofa looks like it should be in your living room. 

It truly takes to heart the idea of letting your living space flow between the outdoors and indoors. Cushions in cool neutrals complement the warm, natural wood finish exceptionally well. Under that finish, however, is steel construction strong enough to last a lifetime! 

9. Neighbor Haven Outdoor Canvas Sofa (luxury)

by Crate & Barrel

Neighbor Haven Canvas Outdoor Sofa

Beware, once your guests have a seat, they may never want to leave! 

The plush, breezy cushions are designed with a slight recline for maximum comfort. The soft, rounded arms and slim sides are excellent for laying back and relaxing. Grade A teak forms the weather-hardy yet beautiful frame. Overall, we dig the boxy look that is oh-so-trendy and modern. 

10. Castelli Wicker/Rattan 7 – Person Seating Group with Cushions (luxury)

by Wayfair

Castelli Wicker/Rattan

Hello, posh California home! Does Kim Kardashian live next door? 

You’ll feel like you’re at the height of luxury with this fantastic seating set. Two tables, two ottomans, a spacious sofa, and a cozy chair provide enough seating for the entire neighborhood. Their sleek design repels water and resists sun damage while looking extra posh. Don’t let its upscale appearance fool you; it provides superior comfort.  

11. SunHaven Seabrook Ivory 9 Piece Outdoor Roped Wicker Sofa Set (luxury)

by SunHaven

Outdoor Rope Woven Sectional Patio Furniture L-Shaped Conversation Sofa Set

Move over resin rattan; this set has handwoven roped wicker. 

Everything about this sofa set is over-the-top, in a good way! The natural and durable HDPE roped wicker is both practical and pretty. As are the removable Olefin covers that protect the ultra-plush cushions. All nine pieces are easy-breezy to arrange, allowing you to enjoy your summer get-togethers with minimal effort. 

Outdoor Furniture FAQ 

Can I keep my outdoor sofa/couches outside all year round?

That depends on the materials used and the climate of your location. Durable pieces, like those with steel frames and water-resistant cushions, can usually live outside year-round in mild climates. However, for those of us in the frigid north, your outdoor seating may not be able to withstand snow and ice. 

How should I store the cushions and outdoor furniture when it rains or in the off-season?

Many furniture sets come with a fitted cover. This is excellent for both rain and sun as it protects the seat surfaces and can increase their lifespan. You’ll likely want to better protect them during the off-season. Often this means moving them indoors inside a shed or garage. 

How can I clean my outdoor furniture?

Because of their water resistance, most seating options are wipe clean! 

How can I tell if my outdoor sofa is weather and stain-resistant?

The description should explicitly tell you about the properties of the fabric and cushions. Olefin is a popular material used in outdoor seating as it is primarily synthetic and highly waterproof. 

Out of all the materials (teak wood, cast iron, plastic/resin), which one is the hardiest in the outdoor weather?

Teak is truly made to live in the outdoors. It’s even used in outdoor showers, which experience moisture quite frequently. However, it can be susceptible to cold temperatures. Iron and steel can take a variety of temperatures and weather types. However, they offer a less natural and/or rustic appearance. 

Get Ready for R&R 

Whether you need a cozy loveseat for two or an expansive set for twenty, these outdoor sofas and couches will definitely elevate your patio or deck. Heck, they’ll elevate your entire summer! You can lounge poolside, gather for a bonfire, or cozy up for an afternoon nap. Made from weather-resistant materials, you won’t have to break a sweat covering or moving them when a summer storm blows through. If you’re ready for some serious R&R, you definitely need to add some outdoor seating to your cart.