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14 Picture-Perfect Polaroid Guest Books 

14 Picture-Perfect Polaroid Guest Books 

If you’re a loyal reader (and we hope you are), you may be familiar with our other posts on wedding guest books and wedding guest book alternatives. 

14 Picture-Perfect Polaroid Guest Books 

You may also recall the one rule all wedding planners agree upon: Your guest book must be placed before the ceremony in front of the area for folks to sign on their way in.

Polaroid wedding guest books are a stellar example of why rules sometimes must be broken. 

Here are some tips on setting up a DIY polaroid guest book station your guests will get a kick out of, plus a list of our favorite guest books that we think you’ll love, too.

How Should I Set Up My Polaroid Guest Book Table? 

Pick the Right Place

Ideally, your photo site will be visually prominent, accessible, and away from crowded, noisy areas. Take care that you choose a place with good lighting and sheltered from potential weather complications like wind and rain. 

Pro Tip: Put up multiple photo stations around the reception if you’re throwing a bigger wedding.

Leave Clear Instructions (And Designate a Photo Attendant if Possible)

Ideally, you should find someone interested in helping with the picture station. (After all, selfies aren’t as easy with a polaroid camera!) But if that’s not an option, place a sign on the photo table featuring step-by-step instructions on how to take pics. 

This may sound simplistic, but remember that not everyone knows how to handle and load polaroid film, how far away to stand for the best shot, etc. The sign should also invite them to add their photo to the album and include a note and signature. 

Put Out Props and Make It Fun!

Not only is it a fantastic keepsake, but creating your polaroid guest book is a fun and creative way to entertain your wedding guests! Provide some funny signs, masks, and accessories you think would make your guests laugh as they ham it up for the camera. 

What Should I Have At My Polaroid Guest Book Table?

  • The guest book
  • Enough polaroid cameras and film to accommodate your guest count
  • A prominent display
  • Instruction signage
  • A basket or box for the pictures if you’d like to put them in the album yourself later
  • Markers
  • Double-sided tape

Pro Tip: Permanent markers often mean messes, especially for the younger set. Keep wipes or hand sanitizer at your table to keep everyone’s hands clean and marker-free. 

14 Polaroid Wedding Guest Books To Capture The Day! [Plus 10 Bonus Options]

Here they are! Our picks for the best polaroid wedding guest books. Let’s check them out.

  1. Personalized Photo Cover Wedding Guest Book

  2. 5.0

    This photo guest book is handcrafted and comes with the best little details, like lay-flat binding and even a “test your pen” card to put out with the book, so your guests don’t have to look for something to scribble on! 

    It comes in so many size options it’ll make your head spin, and you can choose to include photo spacers or leave them out. The cover is laminated to keep it scratch-proof and water-resistant. 

    Get it from AlbumHut

  3. Personalized Instax Guest Book

  4. 4.9

    Monogrammed designs make anything look instantly timeless, and we think the hand-etched font options here are really charming. This wooden album is handmade and hand-engraved with a lovely custom font choice.

    It’s made from sturdy, dense plywood and finished with protective oil wax. The high-quality 150g/m2 paper attaches inside the binding via copper rings.

    Get it from WoodCardGifts

  5. Embellished Wooden Guest Book

  6. 4.9

    The hand-etched botanical embellishments on this polaroid guest book are precious! The six design options and available wood finish choices make it the perfect complement to a rustic garden wedding.

    Personalize it with a name, date, quote, or text of your choice on the front, and the WoodCardGifts shop will also print it on the inside. When the party’s over (and you can finally take a breath), it’ll be the perfect coffee table book to revisit sentimentally.

    Get it from WoodCardGifts

  7. Wedding Polaroid Photo Album

  8. 4.9

    This elegant Italian fabric-covered wedding guest book has the perfect classic aesthetic for a traditional wedding. It features your personalization preference foil-stamped in a sweeping font design on the front.

    The book already comes with double-sided tape, giving you one less thing to think about! You can choose three sizes, four foil colors, and 12 of our favorite imported fabric colors. Available in three-page layout choices from 20-100 pages.

    Get it from Everer

  9. Custom Wedding Guest Book Photo Album

  10. 4.9

    With its luxurious design, this guest book would make a fantastic wedding or bridal shower gift! There are three-page layout options, each featuring a font matching the outside cover.

    The album comes in your choice of 12 fabric colors and four foil finishes and has page options from 20-100. It features lay-flat binding and is crafted from high-quality materials that look and feel amazing.

    Get it from Everer

  11. Star Map Polaroid Guest Book

  12. 4.9

    An original take on the wedding polaroid book, this one features a star chart on the cover featuring the location of the stars in the sky on the date, time, and location of your wedding.

    The book is handmade with an Italian leatherette cover and sturdy, acid-free paper sewn right into the binding. The pages feature hand-glued pockets for your pictures and fit all instant film sizes.

    Get it from Arcoalbum

  13. Burgundy Velvet Photo Guest Book

  14. 4.9

    Sweet and romantic, this book features a pretty gold satin bow closure that makes it unique. And the photo pockets are hand-glued onto acid-free pages sewn into the binding, so you know it’ll last for generations.

    This is the first book we found with a velvet cover for an oh-so-posh aesthetic. There are 13 satin bow color options and 29 colors to choose from for the velvet cover, and honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

    Get it from Arcoalbum

  15. Botanical Wooden Polaroid Guest Book

  16. 4.9

    With its delicate botanical details, this guest book is perfect for a rustic country wedding. It’s completely personalizable with laser-engraved lettering in your choice of 16 font styles.

    Not only a great wedding guest book, but it’s also a great gift idea for a bridal shower or wedding anniversary. The cover is made from thick plywood with eight wood finish options. Paper options include blank, watercolor, carton black, or carton white.

    Get it from NewWoodCreations

  17. Gold Lettering Photo Guest Book

  18. 5.0

    This handmade, personalized wedding album with foil lettering is the perfect combo of posh and practical. Each album is made with quality materials, including heavy-duty acid-free paper with spacers between the pages to protect your photos and binding.

    Each photo space comes with corner stickers for your polaroids, making it easy for your guests to peel and place their photos. Choose from 27 beautiful cover color options and 15 font colors.

    Get it from CatchThisMoment

  19. Instax Photo Album Guest Book

  20. 5.0

    This handmade album is made from high-quality fabric, so it feels as good as it looks. The pages are acid-free, one-sided, and include spacers to protect the album from bending.

    It comes in two sizes, a wide variety of cover color choices, and foil font lettering options. You may choose to include blank or preprinted pages. Brass brads secure your pages into the binding so you can rearrange them as you wish.

    Get it from CatchThisMoment

  21. Photo Booth Guest Book Set

  22. 5.0

    This unique, personalized photo booth book set includes pages designed to fit a photo booth strip and regular polaroids of all sizes. It comes in your choice of 20-100 blank or printed pages and two sizes.

    The matching vow books round out the set to make it the perfect wedding keepsake to share with future generations. The vow and photo books come bound and wrapped in classic linen with plenty of color choices.

    Get it from CatchThisMoment

  23. Raised Lettering Personalized Guest Book

  24. 4.9

    This raised lettering guest book is a unique take on the traditional wedding guest book. Embellished with raised wooden calligraphy, it’s a beautiful accessory for a modern wedding with classic decor.

    The letters are laser cut, and the book is all handmade. It comes in your choice of four cover colors and five wooden lettering finishes.

    Get it from TheOnlineArtist

  25. Wooden Hanging Polaroid Photo Guest Frame

  26. 4.7

    This hanging polaroid frame set is a unique take on the classic photo wedding book. The set comes with a rustic white frame, hessian twine, 70 kraft card tags for messages, and 70 hanging pegs for hanging your guests’ photos and love notes.

    Add floral embellishments, and you’ve got the perfect guest photo keepsake for an indoor/outdoor boho wedding!

    Get it from hooraydays

More Polaroid Guest Books For Your Consideration

Here are a few polaroid guest books we really like, but they’re not always in stock. So be sure to double-check their availability on Amazon before you fall completely and utterly in love with them:

  1. Festa Wedding Guest Book. This a great option if you want to arrange the book after your guests have taken their pics.
  2. Elegant Wedding Guest Book. LOVE that fancy pen and gift box!
  3. Black Wedding Guest Book. Perfect if you’re looking for elegant yet understated.
  4. Small Polaroid Photo Album. Creative Idea: You take the pics, put them in this book, and give one to each member of your wedding party!
  5. Vintage Embossed Polaroid Album. Guest-friendly design lays flat and is easy to sign. 
  6. Oversized Polaroid Guest Book. It’s perfect if you want extra room for more photos and love notes!
  7. Guest Book and Pen Set. Comes in black, gold, and rose gold- and they’re all beautifully sparkly!
  8. Pink and White Romantic Guest Book. Simple, pink, and pretty. This one’s got pages thick enough to use both sides. 
  9. Hardcover Wedding Guest Book. Love those unique embellishments! 
  10. Pocketed Velvet Polaroid Guest Book. The velvet color options are gorgeous. And everything is better with pockets.  

Retro Revival!

It seems polaroid cameras are making a comeback (if my teenagers’ friends are any indication), and we at L&L couldn’t be more thrilled about that! 

There’s something way more exciting about snapping photos without previews and hoping for the best. And we must say- whoever came up with the idea to incorporate those candid photos in a polaroid guest book is a genius. Happy snapping!