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15 Fun Quinceanera Themes Part I

15 Fun Quinceanera Themes Part I

One of the most exciting parts of planning a quinceanera is choosing a theme. Selecting your quince theme should happen early on in the planning process. The theme you select will determine many factors regarding your party–such as invitations style, decorations, cake–even the dress color and style! Here are some common–and not so common–themes for quinceaneras:

1. Princess– One of the most popular themes, details could include an over the top pink dress, a princess cake, glass slippers and horse and carriage centerpieces.

2. Mardi Gras/Masquerade– Another popular choice, this theme can be carried out with masks (for the quince court or for all guests), bead necklaces for guests to win, vibrant dresses and suits for the court and

3. Butterfly– A favorite, butterflies can be woven into every facet of the quinceanera theme. A live butterfly display on the head table would really top this theme off! Other areas to include butterflies can include everything from the dress to the accessories, to the decorations and the seating placecards.

4. Under the Sea– Think fishbowls on the head table with colorful fish, sea-life inspired centerpieces, and a mermaid dress for the quinceanera. Appropriately placed streamers can resemble seaweed, and there are endless possibilities to incorporate this theme into the cake and party favors.

5. Old Hollywood–A picture board with black and white photos of the young lady of honor, perhaps a rented photo booth–or a cheaper option–have someone take polaroids that could be instantly displayed, red lips for the quince and court, “Rat Pack” style chambelones, retro hair and a cake with a Hollywood sign topper! Create an instant paparazzi by hiring a couple kids to take random pictures after all the important dances are done.

6. Bollywood– Bright colors, maybe saris for the damas to wear, belly dancers would be a touch no one would forget soon!

7. Shine Bright Like a Diamond–Shine like a celebrity for the day with this theme! Carry it out with a dress adorned with crystals, cubic zirconia accessories, diamond themed cake, and flashy centerpieces. Take it to the next level with a diamond ice sculpture.

8. Candy–A fun a colorful theme, set up a “candy bar” with a variety of candy options, make oversized lollipop centerpieces or a candy bouquet that can double as party favors. The quince dress could be bubble gum pink, with the dama dresses varieties of Starburst colors.

9. Stars–Accessorize with pretty star jewelry, make glitter star centerpieces and use star shaped balloons. Hang stars from the ceiling to dance under the stars and make a Hollywood star walk of fame for the quince court!

10. Animal Print –This theme is usually pulled off with a combination of zebra and pink, or say, cheetah and red. The colors and print can be incorporated throughout the entire event.

11. Carnival– For this fun theme, think merry-go-round horse centerpieces topped with balloons, a candy and caramel apple cake, and invitations in the form of “tickets” to the Quince carnival.

12. Ombre– This theme takes a popular trend and applies it to different facets of the party to create a unified look. Dresses, the cake, centerpieces and even balloons can be used to achieve this theme. You can select a single color (for example pink), two colors (say pink and silver)or even a color group (such as pastels–think yellow, pink and purple).

13. Fairy Garden– This is a beautiful theme that would be lovely for an outdoor party. Think pastel colors, ivy, floral centerpieces, romantic drapery, and bird accents all around.

14. Paris — Get the feel of the city with Eiffel Tower centerpieces. Go elegant with the court attire and quince dress, and go with French food for the menu (or create a table with French dessert treats!) Main colors can be black, white, silver and pink. Stores like Hobby Lobby have everything from Paris themed fabric to mini-Eiffel Towers and more!

15. Winter Wonderland–Use the colors white, silver and blue to evoke winter. Use lighted snowflakes, fake snow and Manzanita branch centerpieces to get the winter mood. Add a hot cocoa bar or a white chocolate fountain for extra fun.

This quinceanera theme list is meant to be an idea starter for you–you can take your quinceanera to extreme creative heights, even on a budget (we were on a pretty intense budget when we had ours!). It is by no means all-inclusive–the possibilities are truly endless. I will also be posting a part II to this list in the near future with 15 more unique quinceanera themes! Which quince theme do you like? What theme are you planning for your quince?