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16 24th Anniversary Gift Ideas Fit For A Celebration!

16 24th Anniversary Gift Ideas Fit For A Celebration!

Twenty-four years! Waiting demurely until 25, much savvier than 24, it’s an anniversary for the books. 

So what shall we give our honey (or our favorite couple) for the ol’ 24th anniversary? Never fear; there are plenty of fabulous options sure to impress. Hang with us, and we’ll show you a few. 

What Are The Traditional & Modern Gifts For A 24th Anniversary?

We’re kind of veterans at this anniversary-gift-picking-thing, so we think we’re in good standing to let you know that, honestly, the whole “traditional gift, modern gift, gemstone, flower” thing isn’t bulletproof. 

But that’s not the point, is it? The point is to give your beloved a meaningful gift that’ll get you lots of hugs and happy tears. Period. So if something here just screams, “THAT’S PERFECT!” then awesome. If not, there are plenty of other gifting options all over the anniversary spectrum. As evidenced here, here, these for her, these for him. You know what, just go here and browse. It would be easier. 

Anyway, here’s what we know:

  • Traditional 24th Anniversary Gift: Opal
  • Modern 24th Anniversary Gift: Musical Instruments
  • 24th Anniversary Flower: Lavender (We love that!!)
  • 24th Anniversary Gem: Tanzanite (Pay no attention to the fact that the traditional gift is opal. Just gives you more gifting options.)

24th Anniversary Gifts For Her

1. Opal and Tanzanite Necklace

by Etsy: TheJuleboxShop

16 24th Anniversary Gift Ideas Fit For A Celebration!

This dramatic statement necklace was so unusual- it immediately caught our attention! Multifaceted opal contrasts beautifully with the opaque tanzanite stone, and that intricate gold setting frames the whole piece beautifully. Showstopping, for sure. 

Comes with your choice of 18″ or 20″ chain.

2. Tanzanite Moon Earrings

by Etsy: VivoBijoux

Tanzanite Moon Earrings

Anyone else getting art deco vibes here? Every girl should get a diamond-and-tanzanite moon. We think Daisy Buchanan would absolutely love these, but more importantly, we think your sweetheart will too. 

Comes in sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, and 14K yellow gold.

3. Lavender Flower Bracelet

by Mercari

Lavender Flower In Glass Bracelet

How sweet is this?! This boho-casual bracelet features real dried flowers suspended in glass with lavender beads and a dainty silver leaf accent. It’s adjustable to fit any size- perfect to wear around town on those jeans and t-shirt days.

4. Opal Water Bottle

by Swell

Opal Illusion Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Everyone should have a fancy water bottle, but a fancy water opal water bottle is way better! S’well water bottles keep your cold drinks cold for 36 hours and hot drinks hot for 18 in the most stylish way ever. AND they help save the planet. Not too shabby.

Holds 17 fl. oz.

5. Lavender Spa Candle

by WoodWick

Lavender Spa Candle

Layered notes of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and cedar give this candle a floral, woodsy scent, and the wooden wick crackles subtly while lit. It’s the perfect gift to complement a warm bath, a lazy Sunday afternoon with a book, or just because she loves for her house to smell like fabulous candles. Who doesn’t?

Weight: 21.5 oz. 

Dimensions: 4 x 7 inches

6. Opal Facial Roller

by Target

Zoe Ayla White Opal Face Roller

It increases circulation and blood flow to the tissue, resulting in better skin tone, elasticity, and overall skin health. She can use it at room temperature or pop it in the fridge to wake up tired eyes and soothe inflammation.

7. Custom Song Wall Art

by  Uncommon Goods

Custom Song Wall Art

Most couples have a “song”- whether it’s what they danced to at their wedding, played on the first date, or just happens to be a tune they both love. Whatever yours is, why not capture it with a gorgeous piece of wall art? 

Each wooden bar represents the matching soundwave to a snippet, chorus, or entire song that means something special to you both. Sentimental and aesthetically pleasing? Sounds like the perfect anniversary gift to us.

Includes a card indicating the song (and portion of) represented in the work. 

24th Anniversary Gifts For Him

8. Fire-Opal Watch

by PatternsFromNature

Aussie Fire Opal Watch

This unusual, eye-catching timepiece is guaranteed to draw compliments everywhere! It features an alloy face with simulated fire opal and comes with a choice of 13 bands. You can specify if you prefer tick marks or numbers to represent the hours, and you can even add an engraving to the watch face to make it even more unique.

by Etsy: DorasAntiqueDesigns

White Fire Opal Cufflinks

Why should the lady of the house claim all the art-deco style?? 

Soooo handsome, so sexy- these cufflinks are just as Gatsby party-worthy as the gorgeous tanzanite and diamond moon earrings we featured earlier in this post! Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase “arm candy,” doesn’t it?

Materials: Sterling silver, opal

10. Custom Guitar Pick

by Etsy: Bedrwood

Personalized guitar pick with case

This guitar pick box couldn’t be a more perfect anniversary gift for the music enthusiast! The handcrafted wooden guitar holds three picks and comes in a wooden gift box complete with a little guitar stand. You can mix and match the gift as you wish, so if you don’t want the box and stand, you can order the pick holder and picks only, etc. You can also choose between metal or wooden picks.

No matter how to decide to customize it, the Bedrwood shop will engrave the back of the guitar and the picks with a personalized message from you. This gift is sure to make even the manliest guy tear up!

Materials: Birchwood, metal

11. Opal Inlaid Money Clip

by Etsy: Islanduniquegift

Opal inlaid money clip

The fancy money clip is a pretty standard gift option, but this fiery, one-of-a-kind piece of art is anything but standard! (We are lovin’ that brilliant blue opal/rich koa wood combo!) If your guy isn’t the type to flaunt his cash, he will be after you give him this.  

Materials: Blue opal, koa wood, sterling silver

12. Opal Tie Clip

by Etsy: craftkent

Opal Tie Bar Slide Clip

Like pocket protectors, we’ve noticed that sometimes tie clips get a bad rep. Like you can’t be a functional and fashionable suit accessory, right? Wrong. We think this gorgeous opal clip goes above and beyond, adding a little polish to any formal/business attire ensemble—anniversary gift-worthy for sure. 

Materials: Opal, sterling silver

24th Anniversary Gifts For Everyone

13. Music Lessons

by LessonFace

LessonFace Music Lessons

So musical instruments are on the list as the modern gift for a 24th anniversary, but we say let’s take it up a notch or two! At the risk of sounding like a cliche: If you give a man a guitar, you give him a potentially off-key disaster. If you teach him how to play, you give him boast-worthy chops for a lifetime. Or something like that.

Anyway, Lessonface matches eager learners with music teachers of all kinds. Has your honey always fantasized about being the best jazz trumpet player on your block? First, get her a trumpet. Then she can create an account in Lessonface and choose a teacher and lesson plan. There are lots of lesson options, from a 30-minute class once a week to a full subscription.

There are also virtual open mic nights and recitals so she can show off what she’s learned. 

14. Custom Written Song

by Uncommon Goods

Made-To-Order Personalized Song

If there’s a time or event in your relationship that you’d like to memorialize, you can’t get any more personal than to do it in a song! Select a one or three-minute composition, then provide the artist with as many memories and anecdotes as possible about the subject matter you choose. The more details you include, the better! 

From there, he’ll craft an original song complete with lyrics in the style of your choosing and send it to you via MP3. (And a PDF containing the lyrics.) 

Flowers fade, chocolate melts, and perfume loses its scent after a while- but a song is literally forever. Let the waterworks commence. 

15. Music Page Holder

by Etsy: PrecisionMemory

Music Page Holder

What 24th-anniversary gift do you get for the musician who has everything? (Especially if they already have too many instruments filling your house?) A custom music page holder engraved with a sweet note from you, of course! No matter why they play, they’ll think of you and smile every time they open their lesson book. 

Comes in silver, gold, or black with 18 font choices. You can have the front, back, or both engraved with a name, date, short message, etc.  

16. Custom Medley Music Box

by Etsy: Donuma

Custom Medley Music Box

Capture “your song” and put it in a charming music box to listen to forever? We love this idea! 

This gift is sure to become a family heirloom, not to mention their all-time favorite. 

And Now, For a Couple of 24th Anniversary Gift FAQs

Q. How do I wish my wife a happy anniversary?

Good question! Whatever you choose to get her, and however you choose to say it, wishing her a happy anniversary is all about being thoughtful and sincere.

Gifting for an anniversary is much more than giving her something just because you think she’ll like it. It’s about giving her something that celebrates your love and the life you’ve made together! And it doesn’t have to be big or expensive or fancy, either. Sometimes a love letter is the best anniversary gift ever. 

Although we think that love letters engraved onto a piece of art or fashioned into a song are pretty good ideas, too. 

Q. How can I make my anniversary special?

Again, it’s all about spending time together or giving your love something meaningful they’ll cherish forever. 

It’s very true that experiences are almost always more meaningful than objects, so plan your anniversary around the things you like to do together. Or better yet, get adventurous and find your next favorite thing to do together! 

Hot air ballooning, anyone? 

Happy 24th-anniversary Shopping!

As we said earlier, anniversary gift shopping is something we love to do around here. Maybe it’s because we like to shop while envisioning happy couples everywhere celebrating the day they decided to love each other forever.

Or maybe it’s because we like to shop for stuff in general. 

Or maybe a little of both. 

At any rate, whether you’re shopping for your sweetheart or a special couple celebrating their 24th, we hope our penchant for gifting has helped you find the perfect thing to commemorate the occasion!