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35 Striking Wedding Table Runner Ideas That Look Amazing

35 Striking Wedding Table Runner Ideas That Look Amazing

Looking for table runners to give a little oomph to your wedding decor? Or perhaps runners that will perfectly tie into your already decided wedding day style?

I know it can be overwhelming trying to work out all the finer details of your wedding decorations, which is why I’ve rounded up some tantalisingly striking wedding table runner ideas!

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Oobaloos Photography Photo: Oobaloos Photography via Dewsall Court Wedding


Show-Stopping Wedding Table Runners

Are you ready to dive into all the table runners? Before we do, a quick disclaimer. You do not need to have a table runner on your wedding table. Many couples go bare, to keep things simple, save money and be more sustainable.

That being said, you can achieve a gorgeous table runner in your wedding budget whilst being environmentally conscious. I tell you how in this article!

1. Velvet

Luxe and tactile, velvet is a perfect runner for winter and autumn wedding days.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Velvet Red Olivia Yuen Photo Photo: Olivia Yuen Photo via New Orleans Micro Wedding


2. Personalised

Commission a bespoke runner with your names and wedding date. Or make your own by writing with fabric pens on your chosen runner.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Personalised Danielle Leslie Photography Photo: Danielle Leslie Photography via Netherdale House Wedding


3. Festive

If you are having a Christmas wedding, use spruce, candles and pinecones for a natural festive style.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Christmas Mini and Me Photography Photo: Mini and Me Photography via Christmas Wedding Ideas


4. Macrame

Boho couples will love the idea of using cool macrame as runners. Gift to guests to take home and use or re-sell to recoup costs after the day.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Boho Macrame Sara Ribera Photography Photo: Sara Ribera via Boho Tipi Wedding Ideas


5. Stripe

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns such as stipes. Make the runner the star of the show and keep everything else paired back.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Stripe Katherineashdown Photo: Katherine Ashdown via Colourful Cactus Wedding


6. Rainbow Blooms

For the ultimate table runner, and a more spendy option, consider a rainbow flower garland. To save costs, you could just opt for a flower heavy runner on your top table.

Table Runner Idea Wedding Rainbow Flowers Michelle Huggleston Photography Photo: Michelle Huggleston Photography via Rainbow Wedding Ideas


7. Balloons

Lift up your table runner with balloons placed down the centre of the tables.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Balloons Wild Tide Creative Photo: Wild Tide Weddings via Trevanna Barns Wedding


8. Autumnal

Harvest seasonal flowers and vegetables for an autumnal table of dreams.

Wedding Autumn Table Runner Idea Charly Mae Photography Photo: Charly Mae Photography via Sustainable Woodland Wedding Ideas


9. Doilies

Paper doilies are inexpensive and are a great way to add texture to a wedding table. Layer different shapes and sizes for a full look.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Doilies Emma and Rich Photo: Emma and Rich via Cowshed Woodhall Farm Wedding


10. Hessian

Hessian is a popular choice for rustic wedding tables. Natural and neutral, you really can’t go wrong with this runner.

Wedding Table Runners Hessian Gemma Giorgio Photo: Gemma Giorgio via Helmingham Hall Wedding


11. Lace

Pick up a roll of inexpensive lace from your haberdashery. The sheer fabric will highlight your tables and allow your table to peek through.

Lace Table Runner Wedding Idea Jennifer Jane Photography Photo: Jennifer Jane Photography via Relaxed Outdoor Farm Marquee Wedding


12. Sequin

Sequin runners add a reflection of light and of course sparkle in the evening. They can work really well at winter weddings as the light goes down.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Rose Gold Sequin The Gibsons Photo: The Gibsons via Whimsical Pastel Travel Wedding


13. Tied With Greenery

Make a statement with your runners at the end of the table. Tie the fabric with bundles of greenery for added scent.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Greenery Tie Wyldbee Photography Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Elford Hall Garden Wedding


14. Book Pages

Use pages from books for a literature theme table. Find old unwanted books and use the pages, cheap and chic.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Book Pages Emma Hillier Photography Photo: Emma Hillier Photography via Book Inspired Wedding


15. Greenery

Greenery has been one of the more popular runner choices. It can be inexpensive if you raid your garden for foliage and really makes great impact.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Greenery Chloe Ely Photography Photo: Chloe Ely Photography via Grey Violet Wedding Ideas


16. Moss

Moss has a lovely texture and is a visual delight. Just be sure to source from a sustainable source to protect the planet.

Wedding Table Runner Moss Gareth Newstead Photo: Gareth Newstead via  Red Gold Glam Wedding


17. Chevron

Chevrons can create an illusion of size or point the eye in a particular direction.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Chevron Beatrici Photography Photo: Beatrici Photography via Urban Foodie Wedding


18. Knitted

For a little more texture why not knit your own runner or find someone who can?

Wedding Table Runner Idea Knitted Sonya Lalla Photography Photo: Sonya Lalla Photography via Tuscany Wedding Ideas


19. Foliage Sprig

A more sparing foliage runner can look totally stunning too.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Foliage EKR Pictures Photo: EKR Pictures via Bohemian Luxe Wedding


20. Sharing Platter

Use a plank of wood to hoist your table centre up, so guests can access their wedding food.

Wedding Table Runner Wooden Plank Kit Myers Photography Photo: Kit Myers Photography via Tipi Garden Wedding


21. Plain White

Go classic with a plain white fabric runner to allow your other decor to shine.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Stevie Jay Photography Plain White Photo: Stevie Jay Photography via 92 Burton Road Wedding


22. Blanket

Add a cosy scarf or blanket for something a little unique. Ideal for autumn wedding days.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Blanket Dhw Photography Photo: Dhw Photography via Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas


23. Ferns & Palms

Ferns and palms add a touch of woodland and jungle style to a modern wedding table.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Fern Palms Rubie Love Photography Photo:  Rubie Love Photography via Foliage Wedding Ideas


24. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an underrated material. It can be inexpensive yet burst with style and colour.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Wallpaper Tiree Dawson Photography Photo: Tiree Dawson Photography via Fairy Woodland Wedding Ideas


25. Pampas Grass

Pampas grass has been a huge trend in weddings and it’s a great option for a table runner.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Pampas Grass Daniel Lopez Perez Photo: Daniel Lopez Perez via Guatemala Wedding


26. Vertical

Turn your decor on its head by placing table runners vertically. The results can look really stunning.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Vertical Cloths Charlotte Lucy Photography Photo: Charlotte Lucy Photography via Whimsical Wedding Ideas


27. Wool Pom Pom

If you are crafty, pick up a pom pom maker and set about making wool poms for your table decor.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Wool Pom Pom John Wellings Photo: John Wellings  via Woodhouse Barn Wedding


28. Draping Fabric

Think about taking romantic flowing fabrics to the floor for an ever so romantic style.

Table Runner Idea Wedding Fabric Drape Natalie Coultas Photography Photo: Natalie Coultas Photography via Love Shack Wedding


29. Rugs

Think about a table runner beneath your feet. Mismatched rugs will make for a really gorgeous focal point.

Wedding Table Runner Idea Rugs A&M Photography Photo: A&M Photography via Backyard Woodland Wedding


30. Written Words

A roll of craft paper and some heartfelt words will make huge impact with your guests.

Wedding Table Runner Banner Sign Sarita White Photography Photo: Sarita White Photography via Field Wedding UK


31. Leopard Print

Leopard print is a great runner material for fashion-forward couples.

Wedding Table Runner Leopard Idea Terri Pashley Photography Photo: Terri Pashley Photography via Jungle Wedding Ideas


32. Pinned Flowers

Embellish a plain table runner with pinned fresh flowers for a textural look.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Pinned Flowers Freya Raby Photo: Freya Raby via Ooakwood At Ryther Wedding


33. Candles

When it comes to candles more is more. Line them up for a twinkling runner come evening. Do check with your venue first if they are happy for real lit candles to be used.

Wedding Table Runner Ideas Candles Helen Rose Photography Photo: Helen Rose Photography via Dusky Pink Taupe Wedding


34. Ribbons

Criss-cross or lay out ribbons onto a plain table cloth for a unique style.

Wedding Table Runner Idea The Collection Ribbons Photo: The Collection via Kite Wedding Ideas


35. Grass

This is one unique table runner. Real turf, imagine the texture and scent!

Wedding Table Runner Idea Grass Turf Rowan Lamb Photo: Rowan Lamb via Relaxed Outdoor Humanist Wedding


How To Choose A Wedding Table Runner

When it comes to choosing a table runner, be sure to think practically first. Measure up your tables and find out the lengths and widths. You want enough room for eating and drinking. As well as a runner that’s long enough to run the whole table and down to the floor if you so wish.

Secondly, be aware that the more complex and hefty the runner, the more expensive it could become. The cheapest option? No runner. But second to that, hiring a runner can be more cost-effective. As are options such as foraged greenery, rolls of paper and second-hand fabrics.

At the higher end of the spectrum, expansive and opulent flower garlands are more likely to be the most expensive option. The more flowers the higher the expense as a general rule of thumb.


Considerations For Table Runners

  • Length
  • Width
  • More complex could mean more expensive
  • Sustainability
  • Budget
  • Time


Think about the impact on the planet. If you choose fabric look for natural fabrics that are kind on the planet and don’t include plastic. Think about if you can source your runner sustainably if it can be reused or sold on to give it a new life post-wedding.

Do you have time to make your runner or is your time limited? Be sure to allocate your time accordingly to avoid any stress in the run-up to your day. For perishable runners, such as flowers, they will need to be created just a couple of days before your wedding.

A non-perishable runner may be better suited as it can be made in advance and stored.


And there we have it all the ideas and alternative ideas for your wedding table runners you could ever imagine. Plus my top tips on how to choose yours and keep to your wedding budget!


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