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7 Romantic Wedding Proposals

7 Romantic Wedding Proposals

If you find any romantic wedding proposals which you like, it is important that you don’t simply copy somebody else’s idea. The very best wedding proposals are always the ones which are unique to the couple involved.

Having said that I hope the following romantic wedding proposals give you some inspiration for your big moment!

1. Get her three red roses; one for the past, one for the present and one with the ring tied to it for the future.

2. Go for a day at the spa followed by a photo shoot in your best outfits. During the shoot, go down on one knee and propose. You’ll have the photos forever! Finally you can go for a nice meal followed by a night at a luxury hotel.

3. Tell her to meet you in the park at lunch time. Show up a few minutes late riding a horse and donning a suit of armour! You can then offer to be her prince. Perhaps you could have a friend in some nearby bushes ready to play Holst’s “Jupiter” as you arrive.

4. Rent out a limo and pick your girl up from work. Give her a rose and have her favourite outfit for her to change into. Drive to a fancy restaurant and have them serve you in the limo. Play some romantic music with the privacy window up and propose over champagne.

5. Recreate your first ever date! Go for a walk past where you first met and eat the first meal you made for her where you had your first ever picnic! Propose while listening to your favourite song.

6. Scope out an idyllic setting and take your girl there while blindfolded. When you reveal your location, have a picnic set up with her favourite music. You could hide some champagne in some nearby water.

7. Go to her home while she’s away at night and create a candlelit path leading up her path all the way to the door. Carry the candles on inside the house to the bedroom where you’re on one knee ready to propose.