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9 Thoughtful and Affordable Holiday Gifts for 2022

9 Thoughtful and Affordable Holiday Gifts for 2022

With the holidays around the corner, ’tis the season for making conscious gifting choices. In 2022, we’re challenging ourselves, and you dear readers, to rethink the kind of gifts we give through the lens of thoughtfulness and sustainability. We’re looking for affordable holiday gifts that still make that ‘wow’ impact. Do we really need the latest gadget or trendy piece of clothing that’ll just end up in the Goodwill bin (and eventual landfill) in two years? Instead, we can invest in timeless personalized gifts that will be treasured for years to come. 

The good news is that thoughtfulness doesn’t have to break the bank. The gift options at online photography lab Printique are not only affordable, but they’re also a gorgeous and unique way to let someone know you love them. For over 20 years, New York-based Printique has specialized in preserving memories with the highest-quality photo products — and they happen to make the most thoughtful and affordable holiday gifts ever. 

And because your BM fairy godmothers love you, we’ve made shopping even easier. We’ve rounded up nine of our favorite foolproof photo gifts offered by Printique for 2022. Happy customizing!

affordable holiday gifts
affordable holiday gifts

Ceramic Mug

The classic ceramic mug might just be one of the most foolproof affordable holiday gifts of all. So many of us drink coffee or tea as part of our morning ritual, so why not gift something that’ll give your loved one the warm fuzzies every time they take a sip?

Upload a photo of your pet, family, or happiest memory, and let Printique take care of the rest. Options include 11 oz. or 15 oz. on a black or white background.

Price Range: From $10

Shop Ceramic Mugs


Coasters are one of those oft-overlooked household items we don’t realize we need until we do, and that’s what makes them such a great gift for any occasion. Printique’s custom coasters offer a fun, affordable way to display a sentimental or silly memory on a tablescape. 

Price Range: From $24.99

Shop Custom Coasters

affordable holiday gifts

Acrylic Photo Block

A stunning statement piece for both home and office, Printique’s acrylic photo block makes a fabulous gift for anyone. Photos are printed on optical-grade, glass-like acrylic, transforming your memory into a true work of art. Choose from multiple sizes ranging from 2×2 to 8×10, as well as options for thickness, size and mounting.

Price Range: From $11.99 per print

Create a Custom Acrylic Photo Block

Mini Softcover Photo Books

Photo books have been our go-to gift for years; they’re such a gorgeous and simple way to get photos off of our phones and into the hands of our loved ones. Mini-books of family photos are always an easy and surefire hit among our families, and we bet yours would treasure the memories too. Printed on 100% recycled paper with archival inks, the lay-flat mini softcover photo books at Printique make the best pocket-sized gift.

Price Range: From $14.99 for a 20-page mini softcover

Buy Photo Books and Albums

affordable holiday gifts
affordable holiday gifts


Give your loved one the gift of a relaxing, screen-free activity with a personalized puzzle. Printique’s handy editor tool makes it super easy to resize, crop, and adjust your design to perfection. Choose your challenge among various sizes from 30 pieces for the kiddos up to 1,014 pieces for the big kiddos. 

Price Range: From $29.99

Create Photo Puzzles


No matter the time of year, ornaments are always a treasure to give and receive. Whether decorating a Christmas tree or adorning a window, custom ornaments offer a beautiful way to sentimentalize a special event or loved one. Printique offers both ceramic disks and metal snowflakes at 3” sizes.

Price Range: From $19.99 for ceramic, From $24.99 for metal

Shop Custom Photo Ornaments

affordable holiday gifts
affordable holiday gifts


For displaying memories that are meant to be treasured all year long, design a custom 12-month calendar that will have your mother weeping. The best part is you can recycle and reuse the pages as prints next year! With Printique’s digital desktop program, it’s super easy to add your best family photos to sleek premade templates. (Or get crafty and create your own design!)

Price Range: $15.99-$34.99

Buy Personalized Photo Calendars

Wood Prints

Perfect for the earth-lover in your life, wood prints add a rustic flair to a thoughtful gift. Each photo is printed on premium-grade natural grain wood with a soft matte finish, giving the piece an heirloom-like quality that will be loved for generations to come. 

Choose from sizes ranging from 4×4” all the way up to 20×20”.

Price Range: From $18.99 per 4×6 print to $114.99 per 20×20 print. 

Print Pictures onto Wood

affordable holiday gifts
affordable holiday gifts

Leather Photo Albums

Speaking of heirloom gifts that are destined to pass down the line, a custom leather photo album gift simply cannot be beaten. The high-quality flush mount albums at Printique are a timeless way to preserve life’s milestone moments, and they make an instant conversation piece when adorned on a coffee table. Dozens of customization options are available. 

Price Range: From $159.99 for a 20-page album.

Buy Leather Photo Albums

affordable holiday gifts
affordable holiday gifts

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