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A unique unity ceremony idea for breakfast lovers

A unique unity ceremony idea for breakfast lovers
How about breakfast for two? Couples serving tray by FaircraftUSA

I am often amazed by the unique unity ceremony tips I see from our visitors. I imply, have you viewed our unity ceremony archive? There is no shortage of wildly creative marriage rituals, from balloon-fasting to chemistry unity ceremonies and even log-chopping. But the one exceptional unity ceremony notion that I have not seen yet (and am officially OBSESSED with) is…

A grits unity ceremony. Of course, GRITS. I am a Georgia woman who’s a sucker for that vintage Southern breakfast staple. So when Gabrielle (@whimseywhisp) casually outlined their grits marriage ritual on this sandwich unity ceremony Instagram post, I had to know more.

Not only did her grits ceremony seem DELOISHES, but it was unbelievably significant and entire of great breakfast metaphors for relationship. Just wait until you read through the ceremony script Gabrielle shared for this exclusive unity ceremony notion.

Let us tuck into this one of a kind unity ceremony notion!

Officiant: Gabrielle and Ramsey have recognised just about every other for above 10 many years. One of the initial points that brought them jointly was the creating of breakfast. Crucial to southern breakfasts are grits. 

Ramsey and Gabrielle acquire turns pouring the yellow and white grits into a clear container on a table to the suitable of the Chuppah.

Officiant: Grits are straightforward, but they can not be eaten on their own. They require salt and pepper to carry out their correct taste.

Ramsey pours in the salt, and Gabrielle pours in the pepper.

Officiant: Cooking with each other requires tolerance, timing, and interaction, significantly like a very good marriage. Both cooks will have to be willing to collaborate with one particular one more, to convey in new ideas and components to produce the ideal feasible food. At times, even with all the suitable ingredients, the meal doesn’t fairly flip out the way it is intended to. Toast can burn off, eggs can stick, and bacon can get soggy. The trick is to be ready to test once again to get it right, and not to anticipate perfection each time.

Did you have a breakfast-inspired wedding ritual? Share your special unity ceremony idea with us under!