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Cascade Wedding Flower Bouquets

Cascade Wedding Flower Bouquets

Cascade wedding flower bouquets are created to resemble a magnificent waterfall of blossoms. Although these bouquets are pleasant to look at, usually they are more suitable for taller brides and brides who wear dresses of plain and elegant design. As the bouquet itself is splendid, it is important to find a size, colour and proportion balance between a bouquet and dress itself. These wedding bouquets often consist of flowers such as Callas lilies, orchids, stephanotis and flowing greenery. The soft accent of green is an excellent backdrop for any other vibrant colors in your bouquet. A cascade bouquet can be striking on its own as well!

This type of bouquet is more special than ribbon- tied. However, It is likely to fit svelte and tall brides and make other brides, petite and plump look unflattering without exception. Please be careful and think twice about choosing this one. If your choice has already been made, I will help you to deal with it in a proper way. What you have to do is to customize the height of bouquet, you can use a kitchen towel to make a working model.

Make your own sample by means of this picture and towel but keep proportions to scale. Try to keep to size of bouquet in relation to you. The whole idea is to be as close as it is possible to the picture and there is no need to worry about the height of the bride at the picture. You take a digital camera, make a snapshot and work out the proportions, after that compare them to your own measurements. Brides who have French handles on their sides, can make these wedding flower bouquet suitable by paying more attention to its width it and still keep the proportions in order not to make it too big or too small. The best orientation is… your head. The size of the bouquet and your face should be the same and it must dangle to your breast. That will be exact scale and it will fit you like a glove.

Those wedding flower bouquets have no restrictions in size or colour. It is up to you in what way they are going to be presented, you can make them more striking or modest or even eccentric.

Also this bouquet is suitable for flower girls or MOH, although you need to make sure if they are allergic to any blossoms.