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Delightful Spring Wedding Themes

Delightful Spring Wedding Themes

Spring is a lovely time of year to have a wedding. With all the new flowers, the warm spring afternoons, and the return of the birds, there are plenty of wonderful seasonal inspirations for a wedding theme. These are some of the most delightful spring wedding theme ideas.

Flowering Branches: Some of the most iconic flowers of the spring season are the flowering branches like bright yellow forsythia and delicate pink cherry blossoms. This would be a marvelous inspiration for a spring wedding theme. Choose your favorite flowering branch, and plan the rest of the wedding decorations around it. Sunny yellow forsythia would pair beautifully with spring blossoms such as blue hyacinth and mini daffodils for centerpieces. Or choose the delicate cherry blossom, with its East-meets-West flavor, and pair it with pink peonies. Use your flowering branch motif on your wedding invitations, on the ceremony altar, and down the side of your wedding cake. It makes a very romantic design concept for any spring wedding.

Bluebirds: Birds are another sure sign of spring, and they make a delightfully whimsical theme for a wedding. They also have a bit of a retro or vintage feeling, so bluebirds make an ideal motif for a bride who loves vintage style. If you love the look of a ’50s inspired wedding gown with pearl bridal jewelry, bluebirds would be a great fit for your celebration. Or course you will want to use your bluebirds in pairs to decorate the wedding stationery, as your cake topper, and more. Bluebirds in a nest would be so sweet as part of the centerpiece design. You can even perch heavy paper birds on the rims of wine glasses to use as the place cards at the reception. Simply charming.

Beach: After the long, dark days of winter, who isn’t ready to hit the beach? You can bring the warmth of sand and sun to your guests with a beach theme wedding, even if you live far from the ocean. Decorate your reception with magenta and orange flowers, hire a steel drum band, and wear a chiffon halter wedding gown with tropical keshi pearl bridal jewelry. Set the spirit for your spring beach theme wedding with a tiki bar serving tropical drinks like daiquiris, mai tais, and pina coladas. Many of those drinks are just as easy to make in non-alcoholic versions, which is great if you are going to have a lot of kids or tee-totalers on the guest list. Create your centerpieces from hurricane lanterns, seashells, and sand, along with the tropical flowers. Everyone will feel like they are on vacation while at your beachy spring wedding.

Victorian Tea: A lovely theme for an outdoor spring wedding would be a Victorian tea party. Set out wicker furniture on the lawn, use chintz floral tablecloths, and treat your guests to a slightly heartier version of a traditional tea. Serve cucumber sandwiches, set out scones with clotted cream and gourmet jam, and offer a wide variety of teas served from silver pots. Round out the menu with items like chicken salad, cheese, fruit, and of course a white wedding cake. Treat your guests to the pastimes of the era, with lawn games such as croquet set up for the reception. This would be a very feminine wedding theme, which would be ideal for a fairly short afternoon reception.

Baseball: For some people, the start of spring means only one thing: spring training and the return of the baseball season. If the bride and groom are sports enthusiasts, a baseball theme wedding would be a fun and casual alternative to some of the more feminine spring wedding motifs. Design your wedding invitations to look like tickets, your ceremony programs to resemble game programs, and have a groom’s cake in the shape of a baseball. Of course, stadium food like a hot dog station, cones of crisp fries, and bags of fresh roasted peanuts will have to be on the menu. Boxes of good old Cracker Jack would be fun (and affordable) wedding favors for your baseball theme wedding. Playing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is optional, but would definitely be a fun way to make your grand entrance to the wedding reception. This is one spring wedding theme which will be equally appealing to the men and women at the wedding.