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Green Wedding Choices To Create A Sustainable Wedding

Green Wedding Choices To Create A Sustainable Wedding

Weddings are the most special day for all couples who are looking to unify their love through special celebrations. With more weddings taking place each year, the question of sustainability starts to arise as the planet becomes more damaged and unsustainable. Around 20 years ago a sustainable wedding would be an anomaly, but today many couples are looking to include sustainability into their weddings.

Weddings are surprisingly unsustainable, with as much as 20 kgs of plastic being produced through one couple’s wedding. This level of waste needs to be scaled down by newlyweds across the country, but making a sustainable statement within your wedding is a great place to start.

If you are looking for small sustainable things to incorporate into your wedding celebrations, take a look at the following suggestions:

Antique Rings 

The mass production of wedding rings is simply taking the authenticity and uniqueness away from the ceremonial rings. Not only are rings today produced in massive quantities boosting waste, but workers are exploited within the low economic countries where the diamonds for rings are mined. If you want to do what you can to incorporate sustainability into your special day, consider using antique engagement rings. These rings not only have beautiful handmade designs that simply cannot be replicated today, but they also have a story to tell from Edwardian rings to Art Nouveau.

Outdoor Ceremony

A part of staying green is being one with nature and appreciating the beauty and peace it brings. Hosting your wedding outdoors is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the planet, and also to remind your guests what is at stake if we didn’t start being conscious of our unsustainable choices. Not only will an outdoor wedding provide a memorable freshness that will set your wedding apart from the west, but it will also allow you to save money and not waste it on unnecessary space that will need to be rented.

Use Artificial Flowers 

One of the biggest costs at a wedding is the masses of flowers that must be perfectly grown and presented for the big day. There is a lot of waste and unsustainability associated with buying arrangements from across the globe, especially if you are looking for certain flowers that are not grown in the seasonality for your wedding day. Consider using artificial flowers for your wedding day which can be repurposed for someone else’s wedding in the future. Sustainability is about repurposing things, and flowers are one of the biggest things which we consume and create waste over weddings.

Ask For Cash Donations 

How many weddings have you had to attend in which you bought the new couple a gift they likely don’t need but you needed to show your comradery? Gifts create so much waste that guests do not realise, and wasted gifts will ultimately end up in landfills when the couple can not find space to home their new gifts. Instead, create a page for guests to send donations on your wedding day. This monetary sum can be used to fund your honeymoon, or potentially contribute towards sustainable causes.