Here’s EXACTLY How to Make a Vinyl Record Guest Book (Easy!)

Want to make a vinyl record guest book for your wedding reception? Spoiler alert: a DIY record guest book it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do for your wedding and provides one of the best rewards. Also, there are very few supplies required to make your own. Let’s do it!

If you want to take your guest book up a notch, do the latest thing: make a vinyl record guest book for your wedding! Guests can sign their names onto actual vinyl records with their well-wishes and you can hang the record in a frame to display. Win, win.

vinyl record guest book

by wedding shoppe co.

Instead of a book that might get set in a bookshelf to collect dust, a vinyl record guest book will become a lovely work of art and statement piece at home. If you have a vinyl record collection, you can include yours as a decorative piece. If not, this is the best place to start one! 🙂

Vinyl Record Guest Book DIY

Let’s start with the basics: supplies. I promise you can source these easily and you can make this project in an hour or less. The longest part of the record guest book is honestly finding the right record at your local store or online and then waiting for the spray to dry. If you’re a beginner, this is a project that will make you feel very accomplished.


You will need only five supplies for this easy DIY project.

1. One Vinyl Record (or More)

Buy records here.

One 12″ record is enough to collect signatures for 50 guests to fewer.

Use 2 vinyl records to collect guest signatures for 50 – 100 guests.

More? Add a record per 50 guests.

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Where to Buy Vinyl Records: I bought mine from 2nd & Charles. It is a resale shop that sells records, CDs, books, and more. It replaced all the old Borders bookstores. I was able to get records there in the discount / clearance section for $1.99 each. (I know. Steal!)

If you don’t have one, do the next best thing: get records from here online. They’re available from the same shop with the stickers, so you’ll be lookin’ good when it comes to shipping everything together!

You can also buy old vinyl records here individually or in bulk sizes.

2. Krylon Matte Spray

After much research and trial-and-error, this is the best spray to use for the vinyl record guest book. It will coat the front in a clear spray and has a matte effect so the signatures will be easy to write (without the ridges). In addition, you won’t have to worry about smudging. You can buy it here or from a local craft store. I got mine from Michaels.

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You’re going to spray the front of the record. Do it outside in the fresh air because it’s very strong-smelling. Allow it to dry for at least 2 hours before handling the records.

3. Sharpie Metallic Markers

These markers by Sharpie are the best for writing on records. I opted for a set of gold and silver, which looked cool on the front. You can choose one or the other — or go with both! A set of 6 should be plenty for 100 guests to use.

buy here

4. Vinyl Record Guest Book Sign

You will need a vinyl record guest book sign to instruct guests of the purpose of the records on the table.

Add a sign to the guest book table that reads, “For the record, please sign our guest book”. It will let your guests know the purpose of the random records… and that is OK to write on them.

Sometimes, you need someone to do the first signature (pick your MOH or Best Man to do the honors) to “kick off” the signing. No one wants to be the first one to sign for some reason. 🙂

vinyl record guest book

by fresh & yummy paperie

OR you can get another vinyl record with the lettering done by hand (from WeddingShoppeCo):

vinyl record guest book diy

shop here

5. Stickers

Add stickers to your cool new vinyl record guest book! It’s easy: get them made by a cute store on Etsy, WeddingShoppeCo. They offer the perfect personalized vinyl record stickers to go on the inside of the record.

You can choose a 12″ sticker with a hole or without, depending on which vinyl records you source. In addition, they sell records if you can’t find any locally; they will EVEN send them to you pre-coated with that spray I mentioned, so you don’t need to do anything at all, really. 🙂

vinyl record guest book

vinyl record guest book

vinyl record guest book

vinyl record guest book

vinyl record guest book

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Optional: Custom Record Sleeve for Afterwards

This is the coolest: you can add on a custom record sleeve to hold the records after the wedding OR put them in a frame like this to display. You can get the custom sleeve from the same shop as the stickers: WeddingShoppeCo!

vinyl record guest book

buy here

How to Set Up Your Record Guest Book Table

It’s easy: find a nice open space on an entry table or side table at your wedding. Place the records with the top placing up, set the “for the record” sign nearby, and add the markers to the table. As mentioned, you might want someone to take the first signature just as an example.

You’ll see guests adding their names and well wishes throughout the evening and it will look spectacular. After the wedding, place the records in your vinyl sleeve and keep in a safe place at home or hang up in one of these album frames.

And that’s it! Now your guest book setup is complete, guests will be blown away by your creativity, and you’ll be like, wow, I’m such an awesome bride. 🙂 Good job!

Ready to get started?

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P.S. Keep the fun going at home and get these vinyl record coasters as a little wedding day memento!

vinyl record guest book

by wedding shoppe co.

Happy Planning!



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