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Here’s EXACTLY Where to Buy Wine in Bulk for Wedding

Here’s EXACTLY Where to Buy Wine in Bulk for Wedding
Here’s EXACTLY Where to Buy Wine in Bulk for Wedding

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Ah, wine at a wedding: is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day, a cool fall afternoon, a cold wintry night, or a spring cocktail hour? Wine is a popular beverage for weddings all year long, no matter the season, the theme, the color palette, the guest list, or the budget. Couples who want to serve wine at their wedding, even if they have a large budget, want to find the cheapest way to buy wine in bulk for wedding guests to enjoy. And that’s easy when you know where to shop!

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So, if you’re looking to buy wine in bulk online, we found it here.

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The best place to buy wine for weddings in bulk is… Total Wine & More! After much digging and research, we realized they are the most popular place to buy bulk wine for weddings, parties, and more based on selection, price, and ability to ship online or deliver. You can even get it here and then go pick it up locally. Yeah, they’re that amazing.

Bulk Wine Near Me

Have you ever tried searching bulk wine near me? Yeah, me too! You probably realized there are dozens upon dozens of options and that can seem pretty overwhelming. After all, it’s your wedding: an event that needs the best wine you can get for your guests. Right? I don’t want you to take any chance, so I headed to my local (new!) store because I wanted to see what they really were like in person.

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To me, it’s one thing to know what a company offers online, and a whole other thing to see it in person. My impression is… wow. This place knows its wine and I know that’s quite obvious because, well, their name even has the word in it. Their overall selection of reds, whites, roses, sparkling wines, and more is perfect for weddings; the price of their wines (and other beverages) coupled with your ability to buy wine online in bulk and ship anywhere is an amazing deal.

It’s not just cheap wine for a wedding, you want good wine. They offer both! I found some white wine that are reallllly good under $10.

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Cheapest Way to Buy Wine in Bulk

Plus, you don’t even have to travel by car and then fill up your vehicle. Instead, you can buy bulk wine online and have it delivered, in most locations, which I think is easier and highly recommended.

Alternatively, you can also buy in bulk online here and then ship it to your local location for pickup. This is terrific if you’re buying wholesale wine by the case because they can prepare it for loading up in your vehicle rather than you trying to lug it all around the store.

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Okay, that all sounds well and good, but why is this the BEST place to buy wine in bulk for a wedding? Because they specialize in weddings! That’s right: they offer a special offer for couples getting married. You can go to a compilmentary sampling, get certified and recommended wine pairings for your menu, and best of all, RETURN what you don’t drink. I know, that’s amazing… no more wondering if you’ll overpurchase when you buy wine in bulk for weddings.


You can also get free pickup at 200+ stores, choose from wines, beers, spirits, and kegs, and you may even be eligible for delivery, so it’s totally convenient and easy to use.

You can read more about how it works here.

How to Buy Wine in Bulk for Wedding

Okay, so now that you know where to buy it, why or how would you go about buying wine for a wedding? For starters, you’re getting a great deal when you buy wine in bulk. Why?

If your venue allows you to provide your own drinks, or you simply want to buy cases for a backyard wedding or unique venue space, make sure you’re buying wine in bulk for wedding guests to enjoy. You save so much money when you buy anything in bulk; for wine, you’re really able to cut your budget down. This is because individual bottles or cases are full-price generally, and then you have shipping to consider on heavy glass wine bottles.

But Total Wine is equipped for this and are able to offer the lowest prices on wine and other drinks. Since they deliver, stock, and ship all the time, so they’re used to shipping it carefully and try to keep it as affordable for the customer as possible. I’ve checked their prices vs. my local stores and it’s a great deal.

When companies like theirs purchase their product, they are able to do so at a higher volume, and then they can pass the savings on to its customers. Since wine is one of their major products — I mean, their name has it IN it — you know you’re getting the best deal possible. And not all retailers are able to ship online, but they do (click here to find out if they ship to you!)

Cheapest Way to Buy Wine in Bulk

Here’s how to buy wine in bulk the cheapest way possible in 3 easy steps.

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1. Calculate how much wine you’ll need to buy for the wedding.

Before you buy bulk wine, you don’t want to overestimate OR underestimate. The solution? Use their handy calculator (it opens in a new window). You can use it to estimate how much wine to buy, how many cases you’ll need, and even estimate how many other drinks you’ll want to have in rotation for your wedding guests based on your guest list.

How Much Wine to Buy for Wedding: Calculator

Their drink calculator is extremely helpful (and you can also get a blank worksheet here). I wish I knew of this calculator when I was planning my wedding. 🙂

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Done? Okay, now move on to #2.

2. Buy wholesale wine by the case.

Now, you’re going to click here for the selection of wine they offer. If you look at the top of the page, there’s a special tab that says, “My Deals“. Click on it or visit this page directly to see coupons and deals. I think if you get the app, you can save even more, just an FYI! Last I checked, you can save 15% on the app by clicking here.

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Wine by the Case or Bottle

They offer red wine, white wine, champagne and sparkling, rose, and then they offer a specialty collection of their highly rated wines in case you need some suggestions.

You can shop by price, as well, in case you’re trying to stay on budget. If this is the case, remember: there are plenty of delicious wines that don’t cost a lot of money, so don’t be worried about it. There are plenty of reviews to read here if you get stuck!

3. Sip and enjoy.

That’s it. Relax, knowing you just rocked this whole bulk wine buying thing. See? It’s not so hard! Guests will be blown away by your incredible selection. 🙂

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P.S. They also offer champagne and more: check out their offerings here. They’re an amazing place to source mini champagne bottles, too, if you need them for toasting at the reception, as bridesmaid proposal gifts, the morning of the wedding, etc.

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Buy Wine in Bulk Online


In conclusion, the best place to buy wine in bulk online is here. It’s the most affordable place to get cheap wine for wedding, engagement, shower, and more. They offer the greatest quality, selection, and affordability; you’ll be buying the cheapest wine in bulk for your wedding and only you will know you got an amazing deal. 🙂

where to buy wine in bulk online

P.S. What makes a great wedding favor for guests, once you’re already buying ALL OF the the wine? 😉 Personalized stemless wine glasses! Check them out here.

customized wine glasses

I hope it helps! Cheers!

Happy Planning!