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How to Decorate Your Wedding Tables

How to Decorate Your Wedding Tables

Beautiful wedding table decorations can really add the extra wow factor to your wedding reception. Here are some top tips to decorate your wedding tables.

Fabulous wedding table decorations don’t have to cost a fortune. Buying a bag of wedding confetti looks great scattered over the tables or, paper rose petals are as effective and won’t break your budget.

Using your wedding favours as part of your table decorations is a great way to save some space on your tables. Placing them on a tiered cake stand will look beautiful.

There are some beautiful table cloths on the market these days so don’t just stick with white. If you choose a coloured or patterned cloth you can create the wow factor without adding any other decorations. There are many sites where you can hire table cloths so you can be really adventurous in your choice.

Flowers arrangements make wonderful table centrepieces. But, you don’t have to stick to flowers to have a stunning centrepiece. Cookie bouquets are becoming fashionable and make a fantastic addition to your decorations. They are also edible so won’t go to waste! An arrangement of tall candles can also make wonderful table centrepieces. Candles can also double as wedding table decorations and wedding gifts for your bridal party.

Crackers don’t have to be just for Christmas. Crackers can be bought in a huge array of colours and patterns and make a beautiful addition to your wedding tables. Remember that not all the people on your wedding tables will know each other and crackers are a great way to get people talking.

Place card holders also make great wedding table decorations. They can be sourced in all sorts of shapes and colours to match your wedding theme. Guests can also take them home to use as photo holders to help remember your big day.