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How to Plan a Cheap Wedding Reception Without Looking Cheap

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding Reception Without Looking Cheap

Weddings can be very expensive. With today’s economy, more and more couples are now looking for ways to cut down on their wedding expenses and one way to do that is to have a cheap wedding reception. Of course a cheap wedding reception will probably conjure images of tacky receptions and will raise a few eyebrows. However, cheap doesn’t mean inferior or looking cheap. It just means that you need to be creative and spend less without people knowing about it.

First of all you need to prioritize and get only the necessary things for your wedding. Sit with your partner and discuss your available budget and expected expenditure. Do you really need a limo? Is it really a must to have a full served dinner? Plan and discuss what is necessary and what can be ignored. Have a buffet spread instead. Or have a cocktail wedding. That will eliminate a lot of the costs.

Be creative and choose less expensive decor. Use flowers that are in season, or items like candles instead of expensive imported flowers and decorative items. Think out of the box and look for ideas in magazines or websites and you can eliminate all the unnecessary spending.

Research and compare prices for all the things that you need for your reception. There are many places that sell wedding favors and decorations at discounted prices. You need to shop around and compare prices so you can get the best deals. Look for larger superstores where you can buy items in bulk. Or look at online discount stores and compare prices online. These will get you the cheapest wedding items.

Having a cheap wedding reception doesn’t mean having a cheap inferior wedding. Instead you will be smart to save money which can then be used for other things like a new home or your honeymoon.