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Matching Your Picnic Table Cloth With Your Picnic Theme

Matching Your Picnic Table Cloth With Your Picnic Theme

Matching your picnic table cloth with your picnic theme can seem like an unnecessary stress added to an event that already requires a bit of planning. However, these accessories can serve as festive decorations and practical tools to help you clean up. Part of the fun of cloths is that they can encourage people to eat and relax as they make people feel that they are at an event rather than just sitting in a park or your backyard. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when creating a theme and ensuring that everything goes together well.

First off, don’t match your theme to go with your cloth. Do it the other way, of course. Cloths are inexpensive and do wear down over time. Furthermore, they don’t take up much space, so you’re not adding a lot of weight to your home to have a few choices lying around. When you do purchase, think of what theme you would like in the first place and then get a better idea of what’s out there. Just like any other fabric on the market, there are loads of colors and models to choose from in tons of different sizes, so you probably won’t find any limitations on your imagination.

Second, even before choosing a theme consider whether you want to use plastic or cloth models. There is pretty much as much variety in styles and colors between them, so this definitely won’t limit your theme selection. Each has different attributes that are more beneficial depending upon how they will be used. Plastic is easy to clean, but feels very cold to the touch. If you’re having an event where people graze from a buffet of foods on the picnic table, then this is probably the best choice. However, if people are sitting down at the table for a nice meal, the warmth of the cotton is probably the best way to go. If you happen to have children around, plastic or similarly vinyl is a good way to go since kids can be a bit more prone to messes than adults.

With these few ideas in mind, then you can selection your colors. If you already have a few liked colors in mind, go with those. If you happen to be having a themed party for children, many models come with cartoon characters and the like. However, the classic red and white checkerboard is probably the most classically American look, so it works great for almost any food or time of day.