24 Unique Bridesmaid Dresses Image by Meraki Weddings. Keep scrolling to see unique bridesmaid dresses So you’ve chosen your bridal party who is going to stand by your side as you say, “I do.” Now it’s time to shop for their bridesmaid dresses. Like everything else in the wedding industry, […]

Photo: Courtesy of The Hundred Oaks Celebration Middle | Location: The Hundred Oaks Event Center About 35 minutes absent from the bustling metropolis of Houston, you’ll obtain The Hundred Oaks Occasion Center, a secluded luxurious wedding day venue tucked away from the busyness of everyday lifetime and surrounded by a […]

You’re probably familiar with the traditional wedding timeline. It starts with a ceremony followed by a cocktail hour, complete with a reception. While there’s nothing wrong with following a traditional timeline, there are no set rules that say that’s how weddings have to be. Just look at Katelyn and Markell […]