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Sophisticated Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Sophisticated Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Your wedding bouquet is the ultimate accessory to complement your bridal gown. The flowers and arrangement you choose will definitely help to enhance your overall style. These are some sophisticated ideas for wedding bouquets.

One way to make your bouquet more sophisticated is to add special accents to the flowers. A simple nosegay of white roses is classic, but when you add sprays of crystals to the centers of the blossoms to complement your crystal bridal jewelry, it will really take it up a notch. Instead of tying the stems of the flowers with a bow, create a tailored bouquet wrap from a luxe satin ribbon and adorn it with a chic brooch. A few easy additions can make all the difference in the world.

Another idea for a sophisticated wedding bouquet is to carry something unique. A showy spray of white feathers could stand in for a white floral arrangement. It would be spectacular for a formal winter wedding. Add some sparkle with a crystal bouquet wrap and wear a set of crystal bridal jewelry to match. This type of bouquet would look amazing with a wedding dress with a dramatic silhouette, such as a mermaid gown or a fitted sheath.

Something else that can give your bouquet a chic flair is to choose an interesting shape. While a round nosegay is lovely, it is not always the most sophisticated style. A presentation bouquet of long stemmed calla lilies is a fabulous option for a non-round bouquet. Another option is to carry a slightly shaped arrangement, such as a teardrop or crescent. A natural flow of mixed flowers will ensure that the style looks fresh and modern, not stiff or overly engineered. Let long ribbons trail down to emphasize the flow of the flowers.

You can also give your bouquet a sophisticated style by choosing the right flowers. Certain blossoms just have a more chic style than others. Orchids, calla lilies, lilies, camellias, and gardenias are all excellent flowers to include in your bouquet. Accent them with luxurious satin, velvet, or moire ribbons. Avoid flowers or ribbons that have more of a cute flavor, like gerbera daisies and gingham bows. While white flowers are always gorgeous for a bride, you can also up the sophistication level of your bouquet by using flowers in deep colors like burgundy, dark purple, or chocolate.

A sophisticated bridal bouquet is the ideal accent with many of the popular wedding gown styles. They work beautifully with mermaid dresses, one shoulder gowns, column dresses, and beaded gowns. Add a birdcage veil and a great pair of crystal drop earrings to complete your fabulous sophisticated bridal ensemble and bouquet.