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Steps to Planning Outdoor Wedding Receptions With Creative Ideas

Steps to Planning Outdoor Wedding Receptions With Creative Ideas

For a truly unique and unforgettable wedding reception, have it outdoors. If you can get close to Mother Nature, so much the better. The blue skies on a clear day make a beautiful ceiling while the mountains provide a stunning backdrop. Beaches are great choices for outdoor wedding receptions; so are parks, lakes, forests, wineries, boats, country clubs, and estates. If you are on a really tight budget, you can even have it right in your own backyard.

Planning a wedding reception, wherever you choose to have it, requires preparation. Every little detail that comes along must be thought of as important. Inquire with the authorities what documents you need to accomplish so you can have an outdoor wedding reception, and be ready with them. Also, do not underestimate the weather. Just because there had been five straight days of fine weather does not mean that it will remain so right to the day of the wedding. There’s nothing wrong with positive thinking, but you must cook up some alternatives, in case Plan A backfires.

Preparation may begin at least one year before the wedding day. This means that you must visit your preferred venue one year before so you can more or less see what the situation is most likely to be on the day itself. If the flowers are blooming at the time of your ocular inspection, they are likely to do that, too, at roughly the same time the following year.

Weather is one very important consideration when planning an outdoor wedding reception because if there’s one thing you wouldn’t want, it’s your guests getting all wet in the rain or becoming soaked in their own sweat. Have an alternative plan in case it will be raining or scorching hot. Good thing if you are having the reception at a country club because you can always retreat indoors in case the weather suddenly takes a different turn. Have a back-up room ready, or a tent. Also, prepare for hot weather with water bottles, and avoid inappropriate dressing by clearly indicating in the wedding invitations where the reception will be held.