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The Best Amazon Wedding Dresses Under $100 That Are Beautiful

The Best Amazon Wedding Dresses Under 0 That Are Beautiful

Can you buy wedding dresses on Amazon that actually look good?! Wondering where can I find a good deal on a wedding dress? This is a topic I’ve been wanting to tackle for ages and now is the time! Be sure to subscribe for the latest to your inbox.

You can buy many interesting things on Amazon these days. Toilet paper. Chocolate. Coffee. Makeup remover wipes. Vitamins. Best-selling shoes. Clothing. And wedding dresses.

best amazon wedding dresses under $100

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Wait, what?!

Can you buy wedding dresses on Amazon? And would you want to?

I know many who would and have!

When you’re looking for cheap wedding dresses under $100, you can absolutely find a few good ones on Amazon. And today, we’re exploring this interesting concept together.

Buying a wedding dress used to happen only at a bridal shop. You went in person and needed an appointment to do so.

As times changed, retailers made it possible to buy wedding dresses online or get a glimpse of the designs online (and then try them on at a local retail location).

Now, you can buy wedding dresses online from anywhere — including Amazon, your one-stop shop for all kinds of other things. Did you ever think you could buy a wedding dress on Amazon and have it delivered with your groceries, socks, and coffee k-cup refills? 😉

Can You Buy a Wedding Dress on Amazon?

You can buy wedding dresses from Amazon under $100 and yes, some of them are pretty spectacular.

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To me, the only time I would buy a wedding dress online from Amazon is if the reviews were good enough and my wedding was going to be a bit on the casual side.

I would also recommend relying heavily on the reviews. I’m not sure I could make such a gigantic, important purchase on Amazon, although for some reason it doesn’t scare me in the least buying Etsy wedding dresses because I feel like there’s less awkwardness to it.

I’ve seen couples buy pretty much anything wedding related on Amazon, so when this question came up from Rebecca, I wanted to tackle it and explore the possibilities. Can you really buy a wedding dress on Amazon that is quality and, if so, how much does it really cost?

She writes,

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“Dear Emmaline Bride, I’m looking for an affordable wedding dress without all the frills and I’m thinking of buying my wedding dress on Amazon. Do you think that’s a bad decision? I don’t want to spend a lot of money but my mom thinks it’s ridiculous to buy Amazon wedding dresses when there are dozens of bridal shops available to try them on first. I don’t like trying on gowns in front of people so this makes it easier at home. Any tips for me or success stories about brides buying quality wedding dresses on Amazon? Thanks so much!”

Ah, great questions, Rebecca! Thanks so much for writing us. I don’t see anything wrong with exploring the possibility of buying your wedding dress on Amazon, just as I think it would be worthwhile to explore wedding dresses on Etsy and the latest wedding gowns at Lulu’s. The more places you have to look, the better, at least when it comes down to finding the exact dress you want and the price you can afford.

There are several places where I’ve heard of brides having tremendous success buying wedding dresses. One of them is, surprisingly, on Amazon.

My friend BethAnn bought this wedding dress online and she told me later it was from Amazon. At first glance, I had no idea she did… and then when she revealed it, I couldn’t believe it.

So yes, as a matter of fact, you can buy quality wedding dresses on Amazon. There’s one caveat though: you do need to read reviews and I would strongly advise against buying any wedding dresses on Amazon that do NOT have reviews first. You wouldn’t want to get scammed.

Best Wedding Dresses from Amazon Under $100

This first dress is the one my friend bought and wore at her wedding last year. It was a small wedding with few guests and it was a very simple dress, but she loved it and that’s really all that matters. She looked great in it, too!

1. Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress with Mermaid Silhouette, $48.99

For under $50, you can’t argue how amazing of a price it is to get a wedding dress on Amazon. Many may use this dress as a reception gown, too, if that’s your thing! It is from Lalagen with over 10k reviews. (Wow!)

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2. Chiffon and White Lace Wedding Dress, $99

Around $100, you can wear one of the most popular Amazon wedding dresses to date! It is made with chiffon and features elegant lace on the shoulders. Wait until you see the Real Wedding photos one reviewer submitted: she looked gorgeous in it! By Abaowedding.

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3. V-Neck Bodycon Wedding Gown with Flare, $52.99

Here’s a secret tip: when you’re looking for wedding dresses from Amazon, don’t look purely at wedding listings. You will want to also search for evening gowns and then look for the color white. That’s where we found this gorgeous knockout of a wedding dress under $53 and with amazing reviews. This is a great wedding dress to wear for a casual beach wedding or outdoor reception. By Bupt.

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4. Short Lace Wedding Dress, $52.99

This is more of a wedding reception dress, but I love it nonetheless! It would make a perfect courthouse wedding dress. By Merokeety.

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5. V-Neck White Maxi Dress, $79.99

If you’re getting married on the beach, look no further than this! It’s one of the best wedding dresses on Amazon under $100 and will look great when decked out with accessories. By Marsen.

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6. Beaded Wedding Gown, $99

One reviewer on Amazon calls her wedding dress “The One” and to me, that’s all that matters! This is a double-v-neck sleeveless wedding dress you can get quickly on Amazon. By Abaowedding.

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7. Sweetheart Ball Gown, $54.99

Here’s one of the Amazon wedding dresses you have to see to believe: a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline with amazing reviews. I can’t believe you can buy wedding dresses on Amazon like this but, then again, what can’t you find online these days? Get it here.

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8. Open-Back V-Neck Tulle Wedding Dress, $66.99

This may be my favorite of the wedding dresses Amazon has to offer under $100. It’s under $70 but does not look like a cheap dress at all: in fact, quite the opposite! I love the way the tulle skirt flows and looks perfect for dancing the night away. By Ever-Pretty.

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9. Ruffled Split White Mermaid Gown, $36.99

The benefit of buying a wedding dress on Amazon is you can spend a lot less, particularly when your wedding is super laid-back and you don’t want a formal gown anyway. Plus, no one will be wearing the same dress as you because no one else is allowed to wear white. 🙂 Case in point? This wedding dress is cheap, coming in under $40, but takes on the wedding dress look by adding some dazzling accessories like earrings, a necklace, and gorgeous but comfortable wedding shoes. Available here.

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10. White Wedding Dress with Small Train, $62.99

Who says a wedding dress has to be expensive? This is one of the Amazon wedding dresses that proves you don’t have to have a large budget to make a big impact. Walk down the aisle in this white wedding dress with a strapless neckline, sweeping train, and off-the-shoulder style, all for under $100. By EverPretty.

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11. Beach Wedding Dress with Sleeves, $79.99+

This is a gorgeous wedding dress you’ll love to wear for a beach wedding! Check out more details and options here. Reviewers mention how this is one of the wedding dresses on Amazon that has great quality — something we love to hear. By MiaoDuo.

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12. 30s Inspired Wedding Dress, $35+

Wait until you see the way this dress looks on the model here! You won’t believe how you can buy a cheap dress online and dress it up to look so beautiful. Get it here.

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13. Wedding Ballgown with Sash, $74.99

Brides are calling this the perfect Amazon wedding dress and I can’t agree more! You can get it here.

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Well, I guess I’m pretty impressed: I didn’t think you really could find quality Amazon wedding dresses, but it turns out they are definitely out there — and cost less than $100.

Before You Buy a Wedding Dress on Amazon

Hey, you! Before you start singing the wedding march and buying your bridal gown on Amazon, do these three things:

If you don’t already have Prime, you’ll get free shipping and tons of tv shows. Use this link and you’ll get a free 30-day trial right now. No sense in paying full price for shipping when you can get it for free in most cases!

2. Read reviews.

Don’t buy a dress online from anywhere without reading reviews first.

3. Check the size chart.

Many dresses have unique sizing charts online, so be sure to check (and double-check) your size before you order. Also, read what the reviewers have to say about the cut and fit: does it end up running a bit larger or smaller? Use these reviews to help you when you’re about to make your purchase.

And remember, if you hire a great tailor or seamstress, he or she can ensure the dress fits like an absolute glove. No one will know you shopped this list of wedding dresses from Amazon and I won’t tell! 😉


What do you think of these wedding dresses on Amazon under $100? Would you wear one for your wedding day? Why or why not? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

Happy Planning!