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The Fascinating History of Why Wedding Rings are Worn on the Left Hand

The Fascinating History of Why Wedding Rings are Worn on the Left Hand

These days, wedding ceremony rings are practically universally worn on the fourth finger of the still left hand. This was not generally the scenario even though. In reality, for generations it was much more frequent to see marriage ceremony bands worn on the correct hand. This follow even prolonged to men and women who had been remaining-handed! Wedding day ring heritage is a murky and intriguing matter though there are many theories as to why they are worn the place they are right now, no just one appreciates for guaranteed why it modified so a great deal in excess of time. Perhaps we will in no way know why – but that just provides to the enchantment of this subject!

Who Decides Which Finger the Ring Goes On?

The individual who is acquiring married ordinarily decides which finger the ring will go on, irrespective of the tradition. This is since they want to have on the ring on the finger they experience most at ease putting on it on. It is not unusual for the bride and groom to use their marriage ceremony ring on a distinct finger than what custom dictates this is correctly fine, as very long as they’re both comfortable with it. The only detail that truly issues is that the pair decides what to do jointly. That claimed, there are a several motives why folks may want to dress in their ring on a distinctive finger than what is regular. For instance, some persons use their wedding ring on their thumb in its place of their ring finger to make it simpler to choose off. This can make items like enjoying an instrument or playing sporting activities much much easier.

The Historic Background of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings have been all-around for countless numbers of several years, with the earliest illustrations dating again to the Bronze Age. They had been primarily used as a image of tribal affiliation, as properly as a way to show ownership. There are many various techniques that rings have been utilized to signify relationship throughout heritage. For illustration, Roman and Celtic tribes would intertwine their fingers as a indicator of their engagement. In the Roman Empire, couples would trade woven bands manufactured of flowers. Rings have been used for hundreds of decades as a image of betrothal, or an settlement to get married. They were being also applied to show ownership and to signify that a human being was taken. The earliest rings had been built of factors like wooden and bark, and were not meant to be worn on any unique finger. As time went on, rings ended up created out of metals like gold and ended up worn on the remaining hand.

Why did it transform from the appropriate hand to the remaining?

This is a question that has been asked for generations and whilst there are quite a few theories, no one knows for positive. When there aren’t lots of documents from the Middle Ages, it is believed that the still left-hand ring carrying tradition started in about the 14th century. Rings were normally worn on the ideal hand throughout Roman situations, and it’s imagined that wedding rings were worn on the remaining hand mainly because men and women wore their rings on the hand that didn’t do handbook labor. For case in point, a appropriate-handed architect or artist who wore their marriage ceremony band on the appropriate hand would most likely smudge their get the job done as they went about their working day. So it only helps make sense that they would want to have on it on the remaining as a substitute.

Which finger need to have the ring?

There are a few distinct theories as to why wedding rings are worn on the left hand, but the most widespread types are that it is simpler to choose off and that it is positioned on a put in which blood vessels aren’t close to the surface. The to start with theory is that it is less complicated to just take off due to the fact it is on the opposite hand of the engagement ring. The next is that it is on a position where blood vessels aren’t around the surface to prevent cutting by yourself when using off the ring. Whilst it’s nevertheless frequent for individuals to don their rings on the remaining hand, quite a few folks opt for to dress in their ring on their suitable hand. This is far more common amongst folks who do handbook labor, these as a development employee or carpenter.

Anthropological Theories for Still left Hand Putting on of Rings

The most well known thought at the rear of the remaining hand wearing of rings is that it is symbolic of the heart – which is on the remaining side of the body. That reported, there are numerous other theories as properly.The “Bending the Fibula” Idea: In this principle, it is thought that the putting on of wedding ceremony rings on the still left hand dates again to Roman moments. For the duration of this time, it was customary for the groom to crack the fibula of the bride – a bone in the heel of the foot. The groom would then take the damaged bone and bend it into a ring condition to symbolize that he now owns her. Soon after their wedding day, the groom would give this bent fibula back to his bride as a wedding ceremony ring. The “Bloodline” Theory: This concept suggests that the tradition of wearing wedding ceremony rings on the still left hand dates again to medieval situations. For the duration of this period, it was common for nobles to marry their cousins. The reasoning at the rear of this was that the nobles would want to preserve their bloodline pure, so they would marry another person who was relevant to them. To signify that they were now married, the groom would use a ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

Cultural Explanations for Remaining Hand Carrying of Rings

The pursuing explanations do not necessarily have any link to the anatomical theories shown higher than, but they are fascinating nevertheless! The “Left Hand is the Coronary heart Hand” Principle: In this concept, it’s thought that the carrying of marriage ceremony rings on the remaining hand dates back to historic Rome, in which individuals thought that the remaining hand was the place the heart was located. The ring finger is closest to the coronary heart, and many people today believe that wearing a ring there can make it a lot easier for it to have negative results on the heart, whereas on the appropriate hand it would have no influence. The “Pinky Ring” Idea: For the duration of the Victorian era, it was widespread for people today to put on a ring on their left ring finger. On the other hand, gals who wore engagement and wedding day rings on their still left hand would generally also use a tiny ring on their pinky finger. Inevitably, this small pinky ring grew to become extra common than the much larger still left ring finger ring, and it grew to become a symbol of engagement and relationship.


Though there are a lot of theories as to why wedding ceremony rings are worn on the left hand, no 1 is aware of for sure. The only matter that genuinely issues is that the pair decides what to do jointly. And even though there are many explanations as to exactly where they should really be worn, it’s up to the bride and groom to come to a decision where they want their rings to be worn.