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The KJ Photography Starter Course

The KJ Photography Starter Course
The KJ Photography Starter Course
The KJ Photography Starter Course- Shooting + Editing Basics
The KJ Photography Starter Course- Shooting + Editing Basics

The KJ Photography Starter Training course is for the mother who needs great shots of her kids, a teenager who is eager to have their individual small business, a spouse who wishes to be a next shooter, or everyone who has a digital camera collecting dust in their closet.. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Out of all of the classes I have established, this program was THE Toughest A single TO MAKE! You might be imagining “huh?!? It is just the basic principles!” and YUP that’s what I considered also!! But there are so lots of standard conditions and purposes that have turn into second mother nature to me.. I never have to believe about exactly where excellent light-weight is coming from, how I should edit a photo and what options to transform. And that is what I want for you!! 

I initially believed this was going to be a 1.5 hour mini- course but I didn’t want to leave anything at all out! It is packed with 4 hours of articles and so many assets for you to feel assured guiding your digicam!!


The KJ Photography Starter Training course

WHO is this system for? 

  •  Someone who struggles with acquiring fantastic gentle
  •  If you can not confidently shoot in manual 
  • Selecting your settings is like a sport you just simply cannot appear to be to get
  • You experience let down when you seem at the photographs your captured


WHAT will you attain?!

  • Impressing mates & loved ones with your pictures
  • Fully understand your digital camera
  • Realize superior & poor mild
  • Edit swiftly & confidently
  • Increase a talent that lasts a life span!

Whether you are a visual or auditory learner, we have all the things included to strengthen the awareness inside of this system! 

You get access to :

  • 3 + hrs of in-studio information
  • 35 lessons covering the principles of manual taking pictures, lights and modifying
  • 1 comprehensive duration demo in which you can look at the inside of the viewfinder on my camera
  • 90 + workbook web pages reinforcing the ideas and coaching
  • 10 downloadable on location cellphone checklists

As a newbie, you could not be ready to afford a $400 training course.. So that’s why we designed this fewer than $200!! 

Listed here are some images from when I was just starting off my small business 13 years ago.. 

To now.. 

I desire I had this sort of education and learning when I was just starting up my small business! It would have saved me from a great deal of soreness when offering significantly less than perfect galleries. 


If you want to find out the basics so you can Appreciate your digital camera and the images you are capturing, this is the class for you!!! 

You can find out additional about the KJ Photography Starter Training course Here!

And if you want to see a sneak peek of the KJ Images Starter Class as nicely as my #1 magic formula to amazing photos, look at the most recent Youtube online video!!




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