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These Top-Rated Darts Are an Instant Bullseye

These Top-Rated Darts Are an Instant Bullseye

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Darts has to rank alongside pool, air hockey and foosball as one of the best and most essential games to install into any game room or man cave. The fact that it’s simple to play, offers plenty of variations and allows you to socialize with friends means it ticks all the right boxes. All you need is a dart board and some of the best darts, and you’re good to go. To help you find the right darts, SPY has put together a selection of the best darts available. Read on to find how to choose the right ones for you.

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It’s worth mentioning that this article deals mostly with steel-tip darts. But SPY also has you covered if you’re interested in the best electronic darts.


How to Choose the Best Darts

When it comes to choosing the best darts, there are a number of factors to consider but perhaps the biggest is how much your darts weigh. While we suggest a dart between 20 and 24 grams to start, the ideal weight for any player will eventually come down to personal preference and throwing style.

After finding the right weight to suit your throw, it’s time to think about the best dart material. Common barrel materials include tungsten and brass, tungsten-nickel and nickel-silver. The choice of barrel material will also be tied to the barrel shape and style. Some players prefer more grip on the barrel, while others use smoother, slimmer options.

Next, you can decide between plastic and aluminum shafts, as well as a range of different shapes and sizes of flight. You may also want to add certain protective elements to your darts, such as O-rings and flight protectors.


What Are the Best Darts for Beginners?

The best darts for beginners tend to fall in the region of 20 to 24 grams in weight. This middle-ground range gives players a good balance of weight and comfort and allows them to feel out their own throwing style. Once players are used to their individual action, people throwing with greater force may prefer to opt for lighter darts. Conversely, a more relaxed style may be better suited to darts that fall on the heavier end of the scale.


What Weight Do Professional Players Use?

If you’re looking to throw a similar weight to the professional dart players on TV, you should aim for a dart weight of around 22 grams. However, plenty of players prefer darts both above and below this value. To find the best darts for you, it’s worth trying out multiple dart weights and seeing which best suits your style. Remember, heavier darts tend to fly straighter, while lighter darts produce a more parabolic curve when thrown.

Below you’ll find our top 10 picks for the best darts available online. We’ve included sets for every standard of dart players. Each set is well reviewed by users and comes backed by plenty of five-star ratings.


The Best Darts

1. IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set


The IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set is a great choice for every level of dart player. The comprehensive, six-dart set comes with an innovative storage case, a variety of barrel types, a dart sharpener, a dart wrench, shaft o’rings and a selection of extra flights. The dart barrels are made from brass to provide a balance of durability, in-hand grip and comfort, while the aluminum shafts help keep the darts well balanced. Furthermore, there are a range of colors and styles from which to choose, including red, green, purple and gold.

best darts ignatgames

best darts ignatgames

Buy: IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set $34.72


2. CyeeLife-Steel Tip Darts


At under $20, these 20-gram, aluminum shaft CyeeLife Steel Tip Darts are the best budget-friendly option available. The set includes 12 darts, giving you enough for up to four players without having to share. You’ll also find a range of thoughtful additions that add to the user friendliness of the set, such as the mesh texture on the barrel to improve grip or the rubber rings that help prevent shafts from loosening mid game. Additionally, this set is available with heavier barrel weights, maxing out at the impressively weighty 40-gram option.

best darts cyeelife steel tip

best darts cyeelife steel tip

Buy: CyeeLife-Steel Tip Darts $12.99 (orig. $19.99) 35% OFF


3. UZOPI Steel Tip Darts Set


This UZOPI Steel Tip Darts Set comes with five sets of darts, each with its own identifying set of flights. Their ergonomic feel, distinctive designs and 18-gram weight make this a great option for man caves or game rooms where different players, including newcomers, may find themselves going up against one another. In addition, the set also includes a dart sharpener and an extra set of flights just in case one becomes damaged or goes missing.

best darts uzopi

best darts uzopi

Buy: UZOPI Steel Tip Darts Set $18.43 (orig. $22.14) 17% OFF


4. WINMAU MvG Gift Set


The WINMAU MvG Gift Set is an ideal gift for the dart player in your life. Endorsed by three-time PDC World Champion Michael Van Gerwen, this comprehensive set includes everything a player needs to throw like the best in the business. In the 50-piece set you’ll find three 18-gram Winmau MvG design steel-tip darts, sets of flights, several types of shaft, a checkout card and a storage case. This wide-ranging kit allows you to mix and match different elements to produce the best dart for your throwing style.

best darts winmau michael van gerwen

best darts winmau michael van gerwen

Buy: WINMAU MvG Gift Set $26.58


5. Turnart Professional Soft Tip Darts


If you usually throw soft tip darts instead of steel tips, we recommend this set of Turnart Professional Soft Tip Darts. The nine-dart set comes in an attractive storage case and includes nine 18-gram aluminum shafts, 27 flights, 20 O-rings, nine shafts and a multi-purpose tool. Each dart in the set is of the highest quality and features several noteworthy details, such as a beautifully crafted, curved barrel for easier gripping and O-rings to prevent your darts from coming undone. You can choose from four color options.

best darts turnart plastic tip professional soft

best darts turnart plastic tip professional soft

Buy: Turnart Professional Soft Tip Darts $28.99


6. WINSDART ADKX Steel Tip Darts


At 22 grams, these WINSDART ADKX Steel Tip Darts are a solid choice for experienced to high-level players. Each set comes with 12 complete darts as well as a sharpener and storage box. The brass barrels provide plenty of grip, while the aluminum shafts and poly flights help balance the darts and ensure true flight. Players can choose from three different barrel types and different designs to ensure your darts are suited to your throwing style and personality.

winsdart adkx steel tip darts

winsdart adkx steel tip darts

Buy: WINSDART ADKX Steel Tip Darts $27.99


7. Whimlets Darts Metal Tip Set


If you’re just starting out in the game of darts, you may prefer a beginner-friendly option, like this Whimlets Darts Metal Tip Set. It comes backed by more than 3,000 five-star ratings and includes six identical barrels and shafts. Players can choose between slim and standard flights, which are both included in the stylish storage box. For comfort and security when throwing, the brass barrel darts feature a grippy surface and O-rings between the barrel and the shaft.

whimlets darts metal tip set

whimlets darts metal tip set

Buy: Whimlets Darts Metal Tip Set $24.97 (orig. $29.97) 17% OFF


8. RED DRAGON Snakebite Tungsten Darts


With these RED DRAGON Snakebite Tungsten Darts in your hands, you’ll be throwing darts based on those used by current PDC world champion Peter Wright. These professional-standard darts come in your choice of either 22 or 26 grams. Each steel-tip dart sports a 90% premium quality tungsten barrel and fits into one of the included snake-adorned, Snakebite Hardcore flights. If you’re looking for a set of darts to next level your game, this could be your answer.

red dragon peter wright snakebite darts

red dragon peter wright snakebite darts

Buy: RED DRAGON Snakebite Tungsten Darts $63.90


9. Harrows Wolfram InfinitySteel Tip Darts


If you’re really serious about improving your accuracy, consistency and overall dart game, these Harrows Wolfram InfinitySteel Tip Darts are definitely worth your consideration. The stylish barrels are made from 97% tungsten and come in weights to suit every thrower. Options range from 21 to 26 grams. Given the eye-catching black and red metallic coating, slim build and grippy exterior, it’s easy to see why these impressively reviewed darts are one of the most popular options on the market.

harrows wolfram infinity 97 tungsten steel tip darts

harrows wolfram infinity 97 tungsten steel tip darts

Buy: Harrows Wolfram InfinitySteel Tip Darts $84.95


10. IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set


The IgnatGames Darts 12-Dart Metal Tip Set is the ideal addition to any game room, man cave or dart board area that sees competitive play between multiple players on a regular basis. The 12 included darts can be broken down into four individual sets of three darts, each of which features its own specific weight and individual design. The set comes with a high-quality box for storing the darts, as well as an engaging e-Book on 35 ways to play.

best darts ignatgames darts metal tip set

best darts ignatgames darts metal tip set

Buy: IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set $69.72 (orig. $104.99) 34% OFF


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