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Three Awesome Thanksgiving Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Three Awesome Thanksgiving Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Thanksgiving flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up your dining room during your Thanksgiving holiday dinner. Each year, we celebrate the glorious bounty of the autumn harvest with our family and friends. In the United States, Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In Canada, Thanksgiving is commemorated on the second Monday in October.

In both cases, Thanksgiving is a celebratory time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A proper Thanksgiving Day feast would be incomplete without a beautiful, fresh bouquet of flowers or a floral Thanksgiving table centerpiece; a cornucopia of autumn colors in red, yellow and orange. The combination of deep autumn reds, oranges and yellows can be found in traditional Thanksgiving flowers, like chrysanthemums, sunflowers and gerberas. Other Thanksgiving flowers include carnations, solidago, monte casino and marigolds.

Thanksgiving Day flowers need not be limited to the dinner table, however. Autumn flowers such as Daisies, Lilacs, Daffodils, and Dahlias are a wonderful way to show friends and family that you are thinking of them during the Thanksgiving holiday season. When you send Thanksgiving flowers, you can be sure that the recipient will understand and appreciate your well-wishes.

Thanksgiving Day flowers that reflect the colors of Fall are generally thought to make the best flowers for Thanksgiving floral centerpieces. Some of our favorite autumn flowers include carnations, lilies, cattails, solidago, and poms. Thanksgiving flower baskets, with rich autumn colors of yellow, rust, purple and orange really capture the essence of this colorful season. The following are three of our favorite bouquets of fresh flowers or beautiful flowering plants to celebrate Thanksgiving Day:

*Burst of Autumn is a soothing blend of yellow and orange blooms, arranged beautifully with oak and maple leaves.
*Autumn Lights is a glorious autumn centerpiece, bursting with fragrant carnations and daisies; a welcome addition to a Thanksgiving celebration.
*Fall Sunshine is a refreshing collection of purple and orange flowers, delivered in a delightful wicker basket.