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Tipi Elegance | Boho Wedding in Earthy Colours

Tipi Elegance | Boho Wedding in Earthy Colours

Happy Monday lovely people. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and managed to soak up the early summer rays we were gifted with. It was beautiful in Kent – bring on the summer is all I can say!

Today we are sharing with you Part 2 of the beautiful styled wedding shoot Festival Brides put together in collaboration with so many incredible suppliers from all corners of the UK’s diverse wedding industry. A shoot that captured both my passion for creating stunning outdoor wedding ideas and sustainable inclusive inspiration.

I dive a little deeper into how the shoot came about in Part 1 so if you missed it, please do hit the link below:

Bohemian Yurt Elegance | Boho Luxe Wedding Inspiration in Pink and Blue

Captured at the stunning Kilnsey Park Weddings in the Yorkshire Dales, Part 2 saw the talented team elevate a tipi space into something unique, cool and exciting and was very much a collaboration between two of the most loveliest stylists I have ever worked with: Hilaal of Mama Bear & Co and Mia of MiaSylvia. Their combined talent is off the scale (as you are about to see) and I enjoyed every single second of working with them. From our whats app group (where many a long voice note was shared) to seeing the way they worked on the day – they are both so incredibly talented and this shoot would not have been what it is today without them.

Together we developed the earthy bohemian theme for Part 2 which saw two giant hat tipis transformed into an elegant, romantic, bohemian luxe setting with warm low lighting, textured decor design and candles galore. There were 3 different tablescapes, a ceremony and chill out area, an immersive fabric installation and unique decor supplied by artisans The Kenyan Crafts Company and Debbie Hall. The luxurious etched stationery was supplied by the brilliant Liv Laermann with quirky wedding slogan signs and ceremony stationery by Junie Poonie in her unique humorous style. The cake, which was a masterpiece of handmade sugar iced roses, was by the lovely Plumb and Rabbits Studio who was also responsible for the intricately designed iced biscuits (which I loved loved LOVED) which each featured a wild flower that grows at the venue. Wren Ark supplied the perfect clear glass and amber crockery set to complete the look and Anthology Hire graced the space with their bohemian rugs, cushions and candle holders. Finally, local suppliers to the venue Typical Type UK provided all of the furniture and lighting for the shoot and Lily and Lister Events the cocktails. Each and every one of these suppliers brought something special and unique to the shoot and worked incredibly hard to help bring my overall vision to life.

Captured to perfection by the brilliant Bhavna Barratt and featuring majestic bridal diracs and accessories by Dainty Nomad, Bohemian Tipi Elegance is an earthy candle lit bohemian dream and I have been so very excited to share it with you all.

Get that pin it finger ready lovely peeps and get prepared to be inspired. This shoot contains so many wonderful ideas that can easily be adapted to any styling theme or colour palette.


The Inspiration and Decor…

Bohemian Tipi Elegance was very much a shoot that aimed to push the boundaries of what you would typically expect when it comes to styling a wedding tipi. I wanted to move away from the rustic styling and instead create new innovative ideas on how this space can be used, focusing on texture, height, movement and elevating the natural tanned canvas colour of the tipis supplied by Bar Events UK. I also wanted to diversify the tipi space by creating 4 different areas to illustrate how versatile tipis can be. The stimulus of all of these areas was to be unique, romantic and luxe but in keeping with the down to earth bohemian vibe we love so much on Festival Brides.

After featuring her work back in 2021 (Earthy Spring Romance) and falling in love with her gorgeous bohemian wedding styling, Hilaal from Mama Bear & Co was my first port of call when it came to sourcing a stylist for this shoot. I absolutely adore her work. From her whimsical floristry design that sees her mixing handmade paper flowers with fresh ones, to the way she creates dreamy wedding settings using layered fabric and luxurious decor. She is the queen of table settings and earthy colour palettes and there was no doubt in my mind that her style would suit the bohemian luxe theme we were going for.

As well as Hilaal, I also asked the incredible Mia Sylvia to be part of the shoots core styling team and my goodness was I lucky that she said yes! I have been a fan of Mia’s ever since I saw her fabric installations take the wedding industry by storm back in 2019. She pushed the drape trend to a whole new level by being the first UK supplier to experiment with fabric in ways that hadn’t been seen in the wedding industry before and in a way that is completely kind to the environment. All of her drapes are made from recycled sustainable fabric and she also uses completely natural dyeing techniques to create a plethora of beautiful lush colours. Everything about her business comes with a focus on protecting the environment and, as Kilnsey Park is an eco-friendly venue, she was the perfect addition to the shoot.

Hilaal and Mia very much worked as a team inside the tipi. Mia got to work on creating the fabulous interactive drape installations that you see whilst Hilaal used the intimate atmosphere Mia was creating to enhance the table settings through her floral design and layered crockery styling. Candles supplied by Smith And The Magpie, Wax Atelier and Orna Hand Painted Candles were used to create the perfect ambient lighting and decor supplied by Hilaal and Debbie Hall was used to create hanging installations above two of the table settings. They each played a role in dressing all three of the tables we had set up as well as the ceremony and chill out areas.

The left tipi was transformed by an incredible immersive drape experience created by Mia. Starting with a welcome sign by Liv Laermann, white drapes hung from the top of the tipi completely masking what was inside. Once you had walked through, two beautifully styled brown square tables were revealed, supplied by the fabulous Typical Type UK, adorned with earthy bohemian decor, warm lighting and flowers. My goodness was this area wonderful. It felt like a dream as you walked through the fabric to two hidden tables that had been dressed so perfectly by Hilaal and Mia. Inside they had created both a luxurious table setting option, filled with Hilaal’s stunning flowers and wonderful layered styling (my goodness was I in love with this table), and a more affordable one which saw the center of the table filled with different variations of candles and holders ranging in colours and height. Mia had also hung handmade wicker baskets by Debbie Hall above this table which looked fantastic against the white backdrop of the drapes. What I loved about this space the most though was the constant movement created by the drapes, baskets, hanging flower installation and candle light. The space felt alive and was a complete joy to the senses. I honestly couldn’t have imagined a more perfect inspirational space than what Hilaal and Mia created that day. It was intimate, romantic, unique and completely trend setting!

To the centre of the tipi there was our gorgeous ceremony setting which was the perfect combination of muted vibrant colours displayed perfectly in Hilaal’s floral displays and ceremony backdrop. To the right of the ceremony area was our top table dressed with Mia’s earthy mustard and brown drapes, flowers by Forge Events, festoon lighting, and woven baskets from Kenya. And finally, to the far right of the tipi was our chill out area filled with furniture from Typical Type UK and soft furnishings from Anthology Hire.

The Sweet Treats…

Where do I start with the wonderful Autumn of Plumb and Rabbits Cake Studio!? Another extremely talented wedding supplier, Autumn and I connected in 2020 and I haven’t looked back since!! She has baked me biscuits for both my children’s birthday parties, listened to me ramble on in voice notes and blew me away with her many talents – including that of opening her very own bakery. She was my absolute first choice when it came to choosing a supplier for the cake and biscuits and, once again, I was in awe of what she created – a gorgeous sophisticated buttercream cake with delicate handmade sugar iced roses and leaves. Honestly – when she first arrived with her cake I thought the flowers were real! The detail was incredible.

Autumn also created beautiful biscuits to compliment the luxurious table setting hidden within the drapes. The biscuits were created as an alternative to wedding favours and each featured wild flowers that grow at Kilnsey Park Weddings – a nice and simple way to incorporate the unique aspects of your wedding venue into your decor.

As you can see from the pictures below, both the cake and biscuits were perfect and complimented the overall Bohemian Luxe theme beautifully.

The Stationery…

Creating a sophisticated, modern and elegant stationery suite, etched on beautiful embossed card, was the lovely Liv Laermann. A recommendation by Mia Sylvia and one I am very glad to have received! Liv interpreted the luxurious meets bohemian brief perfectly and I loved how it added just the right amount of elegance to the overall shoot. Her suite included a welcome sign, invitations, ceremony sign, table setting menu and name placements. All of the stationery worked beautifully with the decor creating the perfect finished look.

As well as Liv’s gorgeous stationery, we also had the wonderful Junie Poonie supply quirky signs that were darted through out the tipi. These included an awesome ‘it started with a kiss’ sign that hung in the aisle, lockdown inspired ceremony stationery and inspirational quotes. June of Junie Poonie is another supplier who I connected with in 2020 and who has been such an amazing support in more ways than one. She’s super talented (we’ve featured her work on Festival Brides many times), has a huge heart and was an absolute pleasure to work with on this shoot.

I can’t recommend both these ladies enough.

The Photography…

I think it is save to say that when it comes to capturing this shoot in all it’s wonderful detailed glory, Bhavna Barratt smashed it! No wonder she is deemed as one of the best wedding photographers in the Asian Wedding Industry. The images she captured of both Part 1 and 2 speak for themselves and I couldn’t be more happier with every single one of them.

Bhavna was a dream to work with in every possible way. From encouragement when it came to sourcing suppliers to working her absolute socks off on the day, staying way later than planned just so she could capture all of the images I had hoped for. Her direction of the gorgeous Hibaq and Ugbad, our models, was perfect and the way she has managed to capture the exact ambience of both the Yurt and Tipi is impressive, especially when the light in both settings was relatively dark. The earthy colours, the softness of the lighting, the amazing detail of Dainty Nomad’s gorgeous Diracs, the overall mood, the elegance – all of it shines through beautifully.

The Dresses & Accessories…

Bohemian Tipi Elegance would not have been what it is today if it wasn’t for the incredibly talented ladies behind the wonderful Dainty Nomad, a modern UK based bridal Dirac (pronounced Dir’ā) brand whose roots derive from Somalia, Africa. With help from Saul Beauty and Aylin Hair, they created two model looks using dresses from their Ethereal collection which blew us all away with it’s gorgeous colours, stunning beading and intricate designs. We LOVED the luxurious vibe of the models makeup and the henna elevated their looks even further. The colours of the Diracs, coupled with the beautiful jewellery they chose, for Part 2 also worked so perfectly with the overall theme within the tipi and looked stunningly beautiful against every single backdrop.

Bar Events UK…

Last but not least, the wonderful tipis were supplied by Bar Events UK – a tipi wedding and event supplier based in Yorkshire who I can honestly say is one of the best suppliers I have ever worked with. Not only do they have an incredible attention to detail when it comes to the service they supply clients, they also have a brilliant team who couldn’t be more helpful when it comes to getting the most out of working with them. They were friendly and supportive, sent video tutorials so we knew what areas of the tipis we could use to dress and Laura, one of the owners, helped source suppliers for the open day aspect which ran alongside the shoot. Like all of the suppliers that took part in the shoot, I can’t recommend Bar Events enough.

The Line Up…

Concept, Coordination & Creative Direction: Festival Brides; Photography: Bhavna Barratt; Videography: Ameer Photography; Venue: Kilnsey Estate Weddings; Fabric Installations, Textile Design + Styling: MiaSylvia; Styling, Props & Flowers: Mama Bear & Co.; Tipis: Bar Events UK; Furniture & Festoon Lighting: Typical Type UK; Cake & Biscuits: Plumb and Rabbits Cake Studio; Crockery: Wren Ark; Stationery & Welcome Sign: Liv Laermann; Hanging Signs & Ceremony Stationery: Junie Poonie; Top Table Flowers: Forge Events; Rugs, Soft Furnishings & Candle Holders: Anthology Hire; Wicker Baskets: Debbie Hall; Woven Baskets: The Kenyan Crafts Company; Candles & Candle Holders: Smith and The Magpie; Twisted Candles: Wax Atelier; Cocktails: Lily and Lister Events; Hand Painting Candles: Orna Hand Painted Candles; Bridal Diracs + Jewellery: Dainty Nomad; Makeup Artist: Saul Beauty; Hair: Aylin Hair; Models: Hibaq & UgbadBridal Bouquet: Mama Bear & Co.