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Top 30 Two-Tone Engagement Rings 

Top 30 Two-Tone Engagement Rings 

If you like combinations of different metals, you’ve probably heard of two-tone engagement rings. They feature two metals that give them a unique appeal and attract attention. Such rings can be ideal for an engagement because they can represent two lives coming together. 

In this article, we’ll review the top 30 two-tone engagement rings. Moreover, we’ll discuss the most common metal combinations. 

What Is a Two-Tone Engagement Ring? 

Top 30 Two-Tone Engagement Rings 

Two-tone engagement rings are made of two different metals. You’ll most likely see platinum and 18k yellow gold featured on one ring, but this isn’t the only combination. Any two metals can be combined to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Two-tone rings can symbolize two souls becoming one, making them perfect for an engagement. The contrast between metals can emphasize the beauty of a particular element, like the ring’s center stone, shoulders, or halo. 

Top 30 Two-Tone Engagement Rings 

1. The Dresden Ring 

13831 Dresden Two-Tone Engagement Ring

Price: $11,000

This beautiful ring centers around a 1.00-carat rose-cut diamond. A halo of 14 small rose-cut diamonds wraps around the center diamond, creating a unique floral motif. If you look at the ring from above, you’ll only see silver around the center stone and the halo. However, looking at the ring from the sides, you’ll notice a beautiful 18k yellow gold shank. 

2. The Livingston Ring

13352 Livingston Emerald and Diamond Cluster Halo Two Tone Engagement Ring

Price: $35,000 

This ring features a combination of platinum and 18k yellow gold. The center stone, a lively 4.55-carat emerald, is set in 18k yellow gold. A halo of small diamonds set in platinum surrounds the emerald and creates a unique contrast. The shank is made of 18k yellow gold, while the shoulders are platinum and feature a small diamond. 

3. The Redstone Ring 

14210 Redstone Vintage Retro Two-Tone Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800

The main character of this beautiful two-tone ring is the 0.50-carat old European-cut diamond of a high color grading. A square halo of single-cut diamonds emphasize its sparkle. Each shoulder features similar diamonds adorned with fine milgrain. The center stone, halo, and shoulders are set in 18k white gold, while the shank is 18k yellow gold. 

4. The Coatesville Ring 

14100 Coatesville Vintage Two Tone Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Price: $1,500

Aquamarine symbolizes hope, happiness, and harmony, making it perfect for an engagement ring. The Coatesville ring features a round aquamarine weighing 0.64 carats as the center stone. Small old European-cut diamonds adorning the shoulders emphasize the center stone’s unique color, creating a delicate contrast. The center stone and the shoulders are 14k white gold, while the rest of the shank is 14k yellow gold. 

5. The Mildred Ring 

13471 Mildred Vintage Two-Tone Diamond Yellow and White Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $8,500

This ring is from the Retro era and was handcrafted in the 1940s. All eyes are on the prong-set old European-cut diamond weighing 1.26 carats. A bullet-shaped diamond on each shoulder highlights the center stone’s beauty and brilliance. The center diamond and the shank are made of 14k yellow gold, while the shoulders feature 14k white gold, thus creating a subtle yet effective contrast. 

6. The Jersey Ring 

14217 Jersey Vintage Two-Tone Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000

This gorgeous antique two-tone engagement ring centers a 0.45 carat old mine cut diamond set in prongs, accented by a metal halo. Bezel-set rose cut diamonds sit along the shoulders, with a total combined weight of approximately 0.06 carats. Additionally, the mounting features platinum on 18k yellow gold. This ring was handcrafted in France during the Edwardian era, circa 1910.

7. The Buccellati Ring 

13255 Buccellati Two Tone Diamond Wedding Band

Price: $6,500

If your lady loves floral motifs, this ring will leave her speechless. The ring combines white and yellow 18k gold featuring intricate hand engravings decked with lively diamonds. The Edges feature yellow gold while the middle part utilizes white gold. This impressive ring was handmade in Italy and signed by M. Buccellati. 

8. The Tolu Ring 

13009 Tolu Emerald Two Tone Engagement Ring

Price: $6,000

Emeralds are a symbol of rebirth, romance, and hope. The precious gem is often associated with Venus, and many believe it can increase fertility. This lovely square-shaped ring features a stunning 1.84-carat emerald, bezel-set in 18k yellow gold. A row of small, pave-set diamonds follow the emerald’s shape and stretches along the shoulders. The rest of the ring is platinum. 

9. The Addison Ring 

13644 Addison Vintage Diamond Cluster Two Tone Engagement Ring

Price: $15,000

If your lady likes bold, eye-catching jewelry, the Addison ring may be the perfect choice for her. It centers on a cushion-cut diamond weighing approximately 1.52 carats. While the center diamond is nothing short of impressive, the magnificent double halo steals the spotlight. The total weight of the halo is around 2.40 carats. The entire ring is handcrafted in silver on 18k yellow gold. 

10. The Ashbourne Ring 

13336 Ashbourne Antique, Edwardian Era Two Tone Ring

Price: $4,500

This navette ring has three center stones. All three are old mine cut, and their total weight is around 0.90 carats. Small diamonds border the center stones and adorn the shoulders, and fine milgrain represents a perfect finishing touch. The handcrafted ring features platinum on 18k yellow gold. 

11. The Ashmont Ring 

YK106 Ashmont Antique Edwardian Era Ruby and Diamond Two Tone Ring

Price: $5,800 

Rubies symbolize commitment and love and are believed to protect from misfortune. This ring features four impressive cushion-cut rubies set north-south. A row of old mine-cut diamonds follows the shape of the rubies and creates an eye-catching contrast. This elongated ring from the Edwardian era is made of 18k yellow gold and platinum. 

12. The Brentford Ring 

14049 Brentford Emerald and Diamond Cluster Halo Two Tone Engagement Ring

Price: $7,800

This ring is another example of how emeralds and diamonds look great together. In the center is a natural emerald that weighs around 1.40 carats. Its saturation is highlighted by a halo of old European-cut diamonds, which symbolize flower petals. If you look at the under-gallery, you’ll see intricate openwork that makes the ring even more beautiful. The center emerald is set in 18k yellow gold, while the rest of the ring is platinum. 

13. The Corbette Ring 

13335 Corbette Vintage Antique Edwardian Ruby and Diamond Ring

Price: $2,800

This antique ring is from the Edwardian era and was handcrafted around 1905. It features a rare sugarloaf-cut ruby weighing 0.75 carats. Two halos wrap around the ruby: the first one follows the ruby, while the second one creates a lozenge shape. The upper part of the ring is platinum, and the bottom is 18k yellow gold. 

14. The Fairfield Ring 

14098 Fairfield Diamond Cluster Halo Two Tone Platinum and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $15,000

The center stone of this flower-shaped ring is an old European-cut diamond that weighs 1.36 carats. A halo of small diamonds representing petals wraps around the center diamond and creates a lovely contrast. The ring features a combination of platinum and 18k yellow gold and is an attractive option for everyone who likes delicate yet impressive jewelry. 

15. The Lakewood Ring 

13802 Lakewood Two Toned Platinum and Yellow Gold Ring

Price: $3,500

The Edwardian era inspired this navette ring. Unlike most rings on this list, the Lakewood ring doesn’t have a center stone. Instead, it features an array of small old European-cut diamonds which form a marquise shape. The diamonds are set in platinum, while the rest of the ring is 18k yellow gold. 

16. The Lorraine Ring 

13357 Lorraine Antique Edwardian Diamond Cluster and Ruby Halo Ring

Price: $4,000 

The center stone of this flower-shaped ring is an antique cushion-cut diamond weighing 0.20 carats. Eight small old European-cut diamonds surround the center stone and form petals. Natural rubies highlight the floral shape. The diamonds are set in platinum, and the same metal is featured on the shoulders. Other parts of the ring are 18k yellow gold. 

17. The Newnan Ring 

13854 Newman Antique Two Toned Edwardian Diamond and Ruby Ring

Price: $3,200 

If you’re looking for something different, you’ve found it. This antique ring was handcrafted around 1900 and is still nothing short of fascinating. The center stone is a 0.15-carat old European-cut diamond accented by rubies on each side. Diamonds form symmetrical floral motifs above and below the center stone. Each shoulder is decorated with a single rose-cut diamond that adds to the ring’s delicacy and uniqueness. The well-known platinum and 18k yellow gold combination is also present in this ring. 

18. The Tulip Ring 

13560 Tulip Ruby and Diamond Two Toned Ring

Price: $9,000

The Tulip ring centers around a 1.26-carat ruby originating from Burma, bezel-set in 18k yellow gold. A halo of old European-cut diamonds surrounds the center ruby and creates a floral shape. The shoulders are particularly interesting because they feature unique geometric shapes. Everything except the bezel for the ruby is platinum. 

19. The Chester Ring

14091 Chester Two-Tone Yellow Gold and Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $14,000

If you’re looking for a delicate two-tone engagement ring, the Chester ring might be a perfect choice. The center stone is an old European-cut diamond weighing 1.50 carats. Two leaf shapes on each shoulder highlight its exceptional brilliance, connecting the center stone to the simple shank. The center stone and shoulder prongs are platinum, while the shank is 18k yellow gold. 

20. The Gibraltar Ring 

13701 Gibraltar Vintage Antique Ring

Price: $2,800 

The spotlight is on the three bezel-set old European-cut diamonds with a total weight of approximately 0.35 carats. Two curved rows of emeralds set in 18k yellow gold surround the center stone on each side. A halo of rose-cut diamonds wraps around the three diamonds and the emeralds, creating a fascinating contrast. The platinum and yellow gold combination adds to the sophistication of this antique ring. 

21. The Holland Ring 

13856 Edwardian Antique Vintage Two-Tone Diamond Cluster Ring

Price: $4,50

This two-tone cluster ring features an impressive sparkle, bound to catch everyone’s eye. The center old mine-cut diamond features a double halo of smaller old mine- and single-cut diamonds surrounding it. The Holland ring is over 100 years old and handcrafted around 1905. 

22. The Neston Ring

13936 Neston Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Edwardian Ring

Price: $9,800

Sapphires symbolize wisdom, good fortune, and virtue. These gemstones look even better when combined with sparkling diamonds, which is the case with the Neston ring. The center stone of this navette ring is a cushion-cut sapphire weighing 0.68 carats. A cluster of near colorless diamonds surrounds the stone and highlights its exceptional saturation, forming a marquise shape. This handcrafted ring features platinum-topped 18k yellow gold. 

23. The Alameda Ring 

DYL22 Two-Tone Yellow Gold and Platinum Marquise Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $7,800 

The Alameda ring puts a unique spin on the classic solitaire ring. It features a GIA-certified marquise-cut fancy yellow diamond weighing 1.01 carats as the center stone. 18k yellow gold prongs emphasize the diamond’s fascinating color. One tapered baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder and connects the center stone to the platinum shank. 

24. The Barrow Ring

11773 Two-Tone Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $39,600 

The center stone of the Barrow ring is a very rare fancy yellowish green diamond that weighs 1.15 carats. The 18k yellow gold bezel compliments the diamond’s unique saturation and creates a delicate contrast. A halo of white round diamonds surrounds the center stone, and two baguette-cut diamonds decorate each shoulder of this low-profile platinum ring. 

25. The Buccellati Ruby Ring 

11229 Buccellati Ruby Ring

Price: $29,000

This bold piece of jewelry centers around a 3.38-carat ruby of impressive saturation. White gold openwork adorned with small diamonds surround the center stone. The rounded 18k yellow gold shank gives the ring its charm and creates a unique contrast. This ring was handcrafted in Italy in the 1950s. It features the M. Buccellati signature. 

26. The Canterbury Ring 

13708 Canterbury Vintage Antique Cushion Cut Ring

Price: $10,000 

The Canterbury ring was handcrafted in England around 1925. It features a lively 0.80-carat antique cushion-cut diamond with a high color grade as the center stone. Two rows of old mine-cut diamonds surround the center stone forming a double halo. Baguette-cut diamonds are set on each side of the center diamond, further emphasizing the stone’s brilliance. If you look at the ring from the sides, you’ll see the intricate patterns in the under-gallery. The ring is platinum on 18k yellow gold. 

27. The Champs-Élysées Ring 

VMK13 Champs-Élysées Pear Cut Pink Diamond Ring

Price Upon Request 

We can’t decide which part of the ring is more breathtaking: the center stone, the halo, or the openwork design. Let’s start with the center stone which showcases a unique pear-shaped fancy light brown-pink diamond weighing 1.05 carats. A halo of round pink diamonds surrounds the center stone and follows its shape. Openwork design adorned with diamonds wraps around the halo and creates an attractive shape. This ring combines 18k yellow and rose gold. 

28. The Escan Ring 

13966 Escan Antique Victorian Ring

Price: $4,500

The Escan ring was handcrafted during the Victorian era, around 1890. It centers on a 0.55-carat rose-cut near colorless diamond. Eight smaller rose-cut diamonds representing petals wrap around the center stone. A halo of diamonds surround the center diamonds, creating a perfect floral outline. This antique ring is silver on 18k yellow gold. 

29. The Florham Ring 

D5140 Florham Ring

Price: $25,000 

This stunning ring features a 1.54-carat oval-cut fancy intense yellow diamond as the center stone. Such diamonds are very rare and are bound to attract attention, so if you’re looking for an eye-catching piece of jewelry, the Florham ring is the one. An impressive diamond-adorned filigree surrounds the yellow diamond, creating a bridge between the center 18k yellow gold bezel and the platinum shank. 

30. The Funchal Ring 

13277 Funchal Emerald and Diamond Ring

Price: $5,600

The unusual shape and green-and-white contrast make the Funchal ring impressive. The center stone is a stunning 1.00-carat Colombian emerald with rich saturation. Symmetrical clusters of diamonds sit above and below the emerald, highlighting its gorgeous color. Three small diamonds and fine milgrain decorate each shoulder. The emerald is set in 18k yellow gold, while the rest of this handcrafted ring is platinum. 

Different Types of Two-Tone Engagement Rings 

12976 Ocean View Two-Tone Platinum and Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

The most common combination of two-tone engagement rings is platinum and yellow gold. But, as you can see, numerous other varieties can be equally, if not more, effective. 

Rings can be made of different types of gold. For example, rose and white gold successfully mix for a delicate, sophisticated effect. Plus, this combination looks great with pink, brown, and white diamonds. You’ll often see the silver-and-gold variety in vintage and antique rings. These days, this mix isn’t so common. 

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