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Top Diamond Engagement Rings of 2022

Top Diamond Engagement Rings of 2022

An engagement marks the beginning of a new life for happy couples. However, it’s also a stressful period requiring much preparation. Many people struggle to find a perfect engagement ring. With so many choices available, deciding on the ideal choice can feel overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll review the top 35 diamond engagement rings to help you find a jewelry piece your partner will cherish forever.

1. The Madrid Ring

14249 Madrid Ring

Price: $5,700

This piece takes inspiration from the Art Deco style, using abstract designs to create a stunning engagement ring for women. The main character is an impressive 0.92-carat gem with an old European cut set in prongs. A cluster of smaller stones with the same cut wraps around the center diamond, forming an almost floral pattern.

And the shine doesn’t stop there. Additional diamonds line the shoulders, with a combined weight of 0.22 carats.

2. The New York Ring

12317 New York Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,800

If your think your partner would appreciate a diamond engagement ring in a halo setting, this beauty will tick all your boxes. It centers an Asscher cut diamond weighing around 1.01 carat. Moreover, the gem has a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate, which confirms its color and clarity rating.

Several smaller diamonds line the shoulders, coming together in intricate fleur-de-lis motifs.

3. The Denmark Ring

12396 Demark Vintage Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

Another beautiful Art Deco-inspired piece, the Denmark Ring plays with geometrical shapes and different colors for a breathtaking visual effect.

The center stone weighs around 1.07 carats, has a dazzling old European cut, and is set in a lively diamond and sapphire setting.

A fleur-de-lis design decorates the shoulders, while fine milgrain and accenting diamonds underscore the ring’s daintiness.

4. The Tuena Ring

12916 Tuena Ring

Price: $9,000

When shopping for a unique engagement ring, diamond options like the Tuena Ring are an excellent choice. This piece centers a rare cushion cut gem weighing around 1.01 carats in a handcrafted platinum mounting. A halo of smaller stones wraps around the bezel-set diamond, emphasizing its fire and brilliance. Fine milgrain and a triple-wire shank adorn the delicate setting.

5. The Central Park Ring

14093 Central Park Vintage Style Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000

When it comes to engagement rings, diamond pieces are the way to go, and few options compare to this beauty. It features a halo setting, which protects the center stone from chips, cracks, and other damage.

The ring centers a 0.55-carat gem surrounded by a row of vibrant sapphires. Additional stones sit on the shoulders, while an openwork under-gallery emphasizes their beauty.

6. The Eura Ring

12997 Eura Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,200

An old mine cut diamond rests in the center of this ring and forms a delicate floral pattern with the surrounding gems. Fine milgrain adorns the halo clusters, adding to the sparkle and shine of the smaller stones. The sides of the mounting feature attractive arch-like openwork and underscore the setting’s beauty.

7. The Groton Ring

12983 Groton Platinum and Diamond Engagement Rings

Price: $4,200

If you’re interested in a piece with a unique setting, consider crowning your love with the Groton Ring. It centers a delicate old European cut diamond weighing around 0.83 carats.

The shoulders curl towards the center, with three sections carrying smaller gems. Openwork filigree milgrain stretches across the gallery, emphasizing the platinum setting’s visual appeal.

8. The Marino Ring

12632 Marino Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,800

Few jewelry pieces compare to halo-style diamond engagement rings, so why not propose with the stunning Marino Ring? The center diamond features a cushion cut and is GIA-certified, receiving a G color rating and an SI1 clarity grade.

A halo of smaller gems encircles the center, while two bedazzled triangles decorate the shoulders. The subtle platinum setting also features a decorated undergallery.

9. The Sydney Ring

13598 Sydney Ring

Price: $8,000

Go the extra mile for the proposal and choose a combination of diamonds and gold. The Sydney Ring centers an old European gem weighing around 1.16 carats and has an outer triple-wire shank that’s part of the shoulders’ leaf motifs.

Smaller diamonds sit on the leaves, with a combined weight of approximately 0.06 carats. The gallery features stunning openwork and highlights the loveliness of the 18k yellow gold mounting.

10. The Boston Ring

13084 Boston Ring

Price: $8,000

Halo-style diamond engagement rings are among the most popular proposal pieces, but few come close to the Boston Ring with its double halo. The center diamond is GIA-certified, weighs approximately 0.87 carats, and has a dazzling emerald cut. A row of vibrant sapphires and smaller gems wraps around the center, highlighting the clarity and colorlessness of the main stone.

This ring is handcrafted in platinum and is a perfect choice for women who appreciate jewelry with a low profile and a dash of color.

11. The Cairns Ring

14090 Cairns Ring

Price: $8,000

Surprise your partner with this visually appealing piece handcrafted in platinum. The most attractive element is the center diamond, which features an old European cut and weighs around 1.16 carats.

However, the other aspects of this diamond engagement ring shine bright too. The shoulders are adorned with bezels, leaf-shaped accents, and a fine milgrain finish. Bold curves decorate the upper gallery, giving the setting a sophisticated edge.

12. The Fairbank Ring

13817 Fairbank Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500

Art Deco-inspired jewelry is renowned for its blend of different colors and geometrical shapes, and the Fairbank Ring is no exception.

It centers a 0.25 diamond with a timeless old European cut.

Smaller gems surround the center stone, while baguette cut sapphires add a dash of color and liveliness to the piece.

Should you wish to resize the ring, our expert team will help you at no extra cost.

13. The Faro Ring

13054 Faro Ring

Price: $5,000

Make your engagement even more memorable with the Faro Ring, a stunning combination of diamonds and gold.

A 0.60-carat sits in the center, while a cluster of smaller gems emphasizes the ring’s delicacy.

The triple-wire shank and the 18k gold mounting contrast the colorlessness of the gems, making a perfect backdrop for their fire and brilliance. The undergallery features handcrafted openwork.

14. The Henlow Ring

Henlow Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $7,000

Show your partner how much they mean to you by going for a deeper cut for enhanced fire and brilliance. The Henlow Ring features a high crown and step facets that ensure unmatched brilliance. The dazzling Asscher cut gem sits in the center of a halo of smaller stones, forming a square pattern. A row of round diamonds decorates the shoulders, while the platinum setting has fine milgrain detailing and an openwork under-gallery

15. The Howden Ring

12188 Howden Marquise Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,500

Marquise cut diamonds look good on anyone because they make the fingers appear slimmer and longer. The Howden Ring centers an elongated gem weighing approximately 0.67. But thanks to the elongated cut, the center diamond appears much more prominent. A cluster of old European cut stones surrounds the center diamond, and the under-gallery of this platinum ring features stunning handcrafted openwork.

16. The Lakewood Ring

13802 Lakewood Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500

This attractive piece is a navette-style engagement ring for women that elongates the finger and has a distinctly feminine edge. A set of marquise cut diamonds covers the top, with a combined weight of approximately 1.20 carats. The platinum and 18k gold setting has details reminiscent of the Edwardian era, adding a vintage touch to this modern ring.

17. The Matera Ring

13053 Matera Ring

Price: $5,000

The Matera Ring boasts a modern setting with an antique 0.61-carat diamond cut around 1925. The cushion cut of the center gem ensures a high level of fire and brilliance. Moreover, it is a unique shape for a personalized engagement ring.

A halo of smaller stones wraps around the center diamond, while an under-gallery with a triple-wire shank and openwork filigree adorns the platinum setting.

18. The Mississippi Ring

13786 Mississippi Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Double Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $4,800

This charming piece boasts a double halo that highlights the brilliance of the center Asscher cut diamond.

A cluster of French cut sapphires surrounds the 0.50-carat stone, and their brightness is a perfect canvas for the diamond’s brilliance. An additional row of smaller gems lines the edge of the mounting, with a total weight of around 0-22 carats.

The platinum setting features milgrain detailing and an openwork under-gallery.

19. The Newbury Ring

13784 Newbury Emerald Cut Diamond and Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $6,000

If you think your partner would appreciate a classy and elegant engagement ring, you can’t go wrong with the Newbury Ring.

The piece features a stunning 0.50-carat center diamond. A GIA certificate confirms the gem’s color and clarity.

A double halo of smaller diamonds and green emeralds surrounds the center diamond, making the top of the ring into a breathtaking two-tone display.

Customers who want more information about the center stone can request to view a copy of the GIA certificate.

20. The Olympia Ring

13559 Olympia Ring Diamond and Onyx Halo Ring

Price: $3,900

This beautiful Art Deco-inspired diamond engagement ring features an impressive round brilliant cut gem in the center. The diamond weighs approximately 0.40 carats, and a halo of buffed natural onyx highlights its sparkle and shine.

A cluster of old European cut stones encircles the center diamond, underscoring the color contrast between the colorless gems and the black onyx. The platinum setting boasts an under-gallery with intricate detailing.

21. The Rochdale Ring

13230 Rochdale Ring

Price: $9,500

This vintage-inspired diamond engagement ring features a 1.08 gem in the center.

 The old European cut ensures a high level of inner fire. The gem will display light and dark flashes when worn in day-to-day circumstances. Platinum prongs secure the center stone, while two baguette-cut gems decorate the shoulders.

22. The Starrett Ring

13788 Starrett Ring

Price: $4,000

This classy piece boasts an Asscher cut diamond in the center. The attractive gem weighs approximately 0.50 carats, and the GIA has assessed its color and clarity, issuing an official certificate.

A set of smaller baguette cut stones forms a geometric halo around the center diamond. The details of the setting also elevate the ring’s visual appeal. Each shoulder carries five round cut gems, while the mounting features an openwork under-gallery.

23. The Tamworth Ring

13804 Tamworth platinum and diamond engagement ring

Price: $5,000

Few jewelry combinations are more appealing than diamonds and platinum. The Tamworth Ring centers a beautiful old European cut diamond weighing around 0.77 carats. Additional gems line the center stone, shoulders, and under-gallery.

The platinum setting features handcrafted engravings along the shank.

24. The Tivoli Ring

13524 Tivoli Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,000

This halo-style engagement ring will surely put a smile on your partner’s face. A GIA-certified emerald cut diamond sits in the center, weighing approximately 0.71 carats. A cluster of old European cut gems surrounds the bezel-set diamond, enhancing its brilliance.

The platinum setting is just as stunning, with a triple-wire shank, an openwork under-gallery, and fine milgrain.

25. The Bedworth Ring

14113 Edwardian-style Diamond engagement ring

Price: $38,000

This is an excellent option if you think your partner will appreciate a diamond engagement ring with a big stone.

The Bedworth Ring features an old European cut gem in a delicate platinum band. The prong-set center stone weighs approximately 4.18 carats, and a bow motif at the top of the setting enhances its sparkle.

26. The Doylestown Ring

12840 Doylestown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $38,000

Those who appreciate elegant jewelry will love this sophisticated and imposing piece. It centers an elongated cushion cut gem, which weighs around 2.02 carats. A row of smaller stones adorns the platinum mounting, and three bezel-set baguette cut gems surround the center diamond.

27. The Harkness Ring

13863 Harkness antique platinum Ring

Price: $4,000

If your partner has long admired vintage jewelry, this vintage diamond engagement ring will melt their heart. It features a bezel-set old European cut gem that looks imposing in the dome-shaped mounting.

Geometric patterns decorate the platinum setting with fine milgrain, pave-set stones, and exquisite openwork.

28. The Chester Ring

14091 Chester Ring

Price. $14,000

Colorless diamonds and gold settings are a winning combination, and we’re sure your partner will love this unique diamond engagement ring. Its main character is a 1.50-carat old European cut gem nestled between the leaf-shaped shoulders. Small diamonds line the top of the mounting, bringing attention to the ring’s beauty.

29. The Berkshire Ring

13737 Berkshire Ring

Price: $4,700

This vintage-inspired piece combines elements of English jewelry with aspects of modern engagement rings. A lively emerald cut diamond sits in the center, while a cluster of smaller gems decorates the platinum mounting. The setting also features milgrain and a triple-wire shank, which bring out the ring’s delicacy.

30. The Holland Ring

13856 Holland antique floral diamond cluster Edwardian ring

Price: $4,500

Another attention-grabbing vintage piece, the Holland Ring dates back to the early 20th century. It carries the most notable hallmarks of Edwardian-era jewelry and boasts a cluster of diamonds wrapping around the center gem.

31. The Linda Ring

13663 Linda Ring

Price: $8,400

The Linda Ring is handcrafted in platinum and centers an old European cut gem weighing around 0.90 carats. A halo of smaller stones surrounds the bezel-set diamond, adding a touch of sparkle to the shoulders. The platinum setting is almost as impressive as the diamonds and boasts a triple-wire shank and an openwork under-gallery.

32. Liberty Ring

13290 Liberty Ring

Price: $18,500

A 1.90-carat old European cut diamond set in prongs sits at the center of this retro era ring. Small old European cut diamonds are flank the shoulders, which sit higher than the rest of the geometric shank. This vintage rings bears French hallmarks, circa 1945.

33. Lowville Ring

13013 Lowville Ring

Price: $9,800

This gorgeous platinum engagement ring centers a lovely antique cushion cut diamond, set in prongs between an array of accenting baguette cut diamonds. The GIA 1.10 certified center diamond was cut circa 1925 and is adorned with old European cut diamonds along the sides of the gallery, set inside bullet-shaped bezels on the shoulders.

34. The Norfolk Ring

14047 Norfolk Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $7,200

One of our favorite diamond engagement rings is this modern floral ring with an antique diamond, this attractive piece features a bezel-set central gem with a cluster of old European cut stones. Each shoulder carries a single diamond, adding a touch of luxury to the platinum band.

35. The Ocean View Ring

12976 Ocean View Ring

Price: $8,000

Proposals are a time to celebrate love and affection, and what better way to express your love than with a cluster diamond engagement ring? This piece centers a 0.94-carat old European cut gem. A GIA certificate confirms the diamond’s clarity and color grade.

Diamond-shaped bezels line the shoulders, each containing a single stone.

Customers can request a GIA certificate copy to learn more about the center gem.

Shopping Advice for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

14033 Best Diamond Engagement Rings

You may feel overwhelmed if you’ve never shopped for diamond engagement rings before. But finding the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few things you should consider when online shopping:

● Choose a halo or solitaire setting if you’re interested in round diamonds.

● If possible, ask to view the GIA certificate. It will help you verify the gem’s cut, color, and clarity.

● Those looking for bigger diamond engagement rings for women should aim for a larger carat size.

● Carefully inspect the available pictures and videos for any noticeable imperfections. Not all imperfections are visible to the naked eye in diamond rings. Engagements can be stressful, so consult an expert about the piece that’s captured your attention.

● Before committing to a particular diamond engagement ring, see whether the vendor is willing to send you the piece. You can test how it looks in everyday circumstances.

Talk to a Diamond Expert

Afshin and Customer in Showroom Ring in Finger

If you have questions about the diamond engagement rings mentioned above or want to learn more about other options, fill out the contact form below. One of our diamond experts will reach out to you as soon as possible and help you find the ideal ring for your special day.