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Tour Guides – Plan Your Own Vacation and Your Own Personal Tour Guide

Tour Guides – Plan Your Own Vacation and Your Own Personal Tour Guide

This is a great concept in vacationing, whether it is in the states or abroad. You can plan where you want to go, what you want to see and have it designed specifically for you and your interests. You could even get a small group of friends together and share the experience and expense of a personal tour guide and it would be so worth it.

The advantages of a personal tour guide are amazing and endless, you can go as fast or as slow as you want, you can ask your own personal questions as you tour, they are very familiar with the area you are touring and if there is a language issue they can translate make the area you are visiting come alive and understandable. They can also give you history information about the area that would/could be missed on your own or in a large tour group setting.

What a great idea for honeymooning couples, much more romantic to have a personal tour guide, so much more intimate with detailed attention on the areas of interest for a newly married couple and places/things to see and go that are of interest only to a romantic couple. Also check out Honeymoon Registry at your Personal Travel Website, your guests can contribute towards your personal tour guide as wedding presents.

Be sure and interview your personal tour guide and make sure they are licensed, you want to be sure they have your interest in mind, not to get commissions from merchants to push their businesses. A good website to do some research at is TripAdvisor.com and ask around for references for good guides in the area you are planning to visit. Make sure your guide speaks your language and the language of where you are going to visit. Be clear on the prices of the tours and be sure and tip them if you are satisfied with their services. Another good idea is to offer to buy them a meal, as they will surely know the local specialty places to eat.

If an actual personal tour guide is not your thing and you are of the techie geek sort, you can now get programs for your GPS system and be your own personal tour guide by just following the guide of the GPS program for the area you are visiting, of course, the programs are limited to the most popular areas and places, so if you want to visit outlaying areas and countries your best bet is still a personal tour guide.

Plan your vacation through a Personal Travel Website and then find your own personal tour guide and have a vacation that you will never forget and have it tailored to your exact wants, wishes and desires; it just can’t get better than this.