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Wedding Bomboniere – A Tradition of Excellence

Wedding Bomboniere – A Tradition of Excellence

If you are preparing for a wedding, one of the items on your wedding to do list may be to purchase wedding bomboniere for your guests. This is a traditional item that has been given since the 18th century to guests that attend many a wedding ceremony. The contents are generally something small that helps to keep the special day in the minds of those that attend.

The History of Wedding Bomboniere

Initially, wedding favours were only given at upper class weddings and at the time they were simply a sugar cube which was a treasured item back then. Over the years the content has changed. From sweets and chocolates inside bomboniere boxes to photo frames, candles, kitchen or bar utensils. The choice to go a traditional route or take a more contemporary approach will largely be determined by the couple planning the wedding. In some cases, the best approach is to show off a passion the couple shares and try to match it to the theme of your wedding.

Practical Wedding Favours

While you might want to fill your wedding bomboniere with chocolates, consider giving more practical items that will help your guests to remember your wedding for all time. These gifts can be a handwritten copy of both husband and bride’s vows, some soaps with the wedding day etched in them, a photo of the bride and groom in a place card holder/photo frame. Use your imagination and have fun with the process. More practical favours could include gifts for the home such as the bar, kitchen or bathroom. Your guests will remember the day often if they’re using the gift regularly throughout their daily goings.

Make Sure Your Heart Remains in Them

Never give a wedding bomboniere just because you feel you must. Instead, do it with the thought that this is a symbol of love for those in your life. It is because of this that the couple getting married should put some thought and a little effort into the wedding favours that they give. This way, your guests get a true symbol of your thanks that they participated in one of the most important days of your life. This of course, doesn’t mean you need to go overboard. Keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable for you to keep these gifts on a very modest level. Since the focus is on marriage and not these gifts, it will mean that you don’t need to shell out large amounts of money for these keepsakes. Instead, they are an extension of the wedding ceremony.

Order the Wedding Bomboniere Early

Make sure you order them as soon as you have guest numbers so that there is no disappointment if you can’t get the ones you would like. Mismatched wedding favours may stand out like a sore thumb. It really is a great idea to have them matching your wedding theme and decorations so that the whole visual aspect of your wedding day flows in harmony.

The wedding bomboniere is a nice touch to any wedding day. They aren’t a necessity but they are a great way to show those, who are helping you with your big day, how much they mean to you.