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Wedding Bouquet Ideas – Colorful Shower Shaped Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Ideas – Colorful Shower Shaped Bouquet

Some brides want to go wild on their wedding color scheme but they are too afraid wearing colorful wedding dresses or are not daring installing colorful decoration as some of the guests can be important co workers or parent’s associates. They want their weddings to be formal and classy while some other brides maybe have problems with their parent’s approval. Sometime parents can be really out fashioned, especially ones affected with Queen Victoria’s wedding concept. If you can’t change the way your wedding dress made for you, you can always do your flower arrangements and wedding bouquet. Colorful flowers bouquet is the most exotic among all wedding bouquet ideas. They might not reflect any historical and philosophical value, but hey, fairy tales are for kids!

This colorful shower shaped bouquet was not a popular type of wedding bouquet years ago as many at that time; this bouquet was traditionally carried in the crook or your arm like cradling babies, very unpractical. Bride nowadays hold it straight down on the front side on the dress. The shower shaped bouquet goes along with your wedding dress, like a part of the dress itself, no matter how classic, out of date, and mommy-looking your conventional dress is, this wedding bouquet can be your wedding fashion savior.

Thanks to its wide variety colors, this bouquet is perfect for summer or spring weddings, though it’s possible to use them to cheer up winter and fall weddings. Colors commonly mixed in this bouquet are orange, red, pink, green, white, creme, purple, and some even add blue. There are very numerous kinds of flowers naturally in these colors, except blue. The most popular pink flowers for wedding bouquet are amaryllis, anthurium, calla lily, carnation, orchid, rose, and tulip. The example of white ones are amaryllis, anthurium, aster, baby breath, calla lily, gardenia, poinsettia, rose, and tulip. Yellow ones are chrysanthemum, calla lily, iris, orchid, rose, and sunflower. Red ones are amaryllis, anemone, camellia, freesia, poinsettia, tulip and of course, rose. Green ones are amaranthus, gladiolus, hydrangea. While blue ones are anemone, delphinium, hyacinth, hydrangea, iris, and statice. These flowers are very varying in sizes too. Consult your florist concerning the best arrangement.