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What Tungsten Symbolizes in Terms of Your Relationship

What Tungsten Symbolizes in Terms of Your Relationship

Tungsten Wedding Bands are strong, durable, and enduring. All of these qualities reflect the relationship and forever bond that is formed when two couples become one through marriage. What better way to convey this sense of permanence than a tungsten wedding band which has a lasting sine and polish. Yet a tungsten ring is not just any ordinary ring, it will forever be a symbol of your love and commitment to each other. Often times when deciding for a wedding ring, people look for the materials that will last a lifetime, symbolic of their marriage that will also last a lifetime. Tungsten wedding bands are a perfect representation of an enduring bond, one that will last forever.

Tungsten is a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, and it is one of the hardest naturally occurring elements in the world. Tungsten also has the highest melting point of all metals in pure form at about 6192 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention the highest tensile strength. All of these amazing physical characteristics are what make tungsten wedding bands so remarkable being virtually scratch proof and extremely durable, something that will last the test of time. Even when compared to titanium, silver, gold, or platinum, tungsten is more scratch resistant and durable. Often times you will see a titanium or gold ring that is scratched and dull after just a few years, yet a tungsten ring maintains its original polish and shine even after several years. It is no wonder why tungsten wedding bands are one of the most popular and fastest growing wedding bands on the market today. Not only are they stylish and elegant but they are the most durable wedding rings on earth and will last a lifetime.