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Why I Chose A Moissanite & Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

Why I Chose A Moissanite & Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

I appreciate diamonds! What girl isn’t going to! Just after understanding about the diverse varieties of diamonds on the market, in this article is why I chose a moissanite and lab-grown diamond ring! 

By: Victoria Black – Founder of Modern Wedding day

By way of: Moi Moi Jewellery

What Exactly Is Moissanite? How Does It Vary To A Lab-Developed Diamond?…

As founder of Modern day Wedding day magazine, I have experienced the option to get the job done with quite a few of Australia’s very best jewellers so when it came time for picking out a very distinctive ring to celebrate my milestone birthday alongside with our 30th marriage ceremony anniversary I was confused by choices…

  • Shall I get a normal diamond ring?
  • What about lab-grown diamonds?
  • Really should I verify out moissanite as I know it is a fantastic alternative?

And so I commenced my individual exploration into the issues most brides are now asking…What exactly is moissanite? How does it differ to a lab grown diamond? And why would you look at them about a normal diamond?

Let’s Go Ring Shopping…

I frequented Australia’s pioneers in moissanite and lab developed diamonds, Moi Moi Fine Jewelry, completely incognito at initially. I wished to make the right determination for me so I did not allow on who I was even though shopping all over. Their retail outlet in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney is amazing and they have a huge array of attractive models from classical simplicity by to luxurious, dazzling big stones. Moi Moi only sells SUPERNOVA Moissanite, the very very best high-quality moissanite you can get so I understood it was a fantastic position to commence my ring journey!

A “Bobby Dazzler” Diamond…

They won me over straight away with their lab-grown pink diamond assortment – everyone who understands me appreciates I am a huge pink admirer! Organic certified pink diamonds are the most costly diamonds on the marketplace ranging in selling price from $30,000 to $100,000 per carat, 20 moments the price tag of a white diamond! A tad out of my spending budget, so lab-developed is an great alternate.

So my determination was built that my ring would include some pink diamond accents. I also knew I preferred the centre stone to resemble a “bobby-dazzler” white diamond. But what do I decide on? moissanite? lab-developed? It was time to get professional guidance.

I satisfied with the beautiful Lauren Chang Sommer, who alongside with her sister Alana, started off Moi Moi 18 years in the past. Lauren was seeking for earrings for her have wedding working day and discovered there was no moissanite in Australia, so the sisters introduced their new enterprise contacting it Moi Moi, which suggests little sister in Cantonese. They had been the very first to carry the two moissanite and lab-developed diamonds to Australia. I questioned Lauren to describe to me what accurately is moissanite and how does it differ to lab-grown?

Why I Chose A Moissanite & Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

Left: Lauren Chang Sommer Appropriate: Victoria Black

Swift Science Lesson…

Moissanite was learned from particles derived from a meteorite that crashed into the Arizona desert fifty thousand a long time in the past. The impact of the meteorite shaped crystals from warmth and stress.

Fun reality: The mineral variety of Silicon Carbide was named Moissanite in honour of Dr Moissan, a French chemist and Nobel prize-winner who found out the particles in 1893.

Moissanite in its purely natural sort is naturally far too uncommon to be accessible for fine jewellery so now contemporary engineering has enabled this to be recreated in a lab. The technology is having additional and much more refined, so now SUPERNOVA Moissanite is the finest and brightest. In simple fact, moissanite has even a lot more lustre than a normal diamond.

A lab-developed diamond on the other hand is similar to a mined diamond in phrases of chemical composition. A lab-grown diamond is a authentic diamond. It has the similar crystal construction, composition, bodily and optical qualities of mined diamonds. Consequently, it displays the identical fireplace, scintillation, and sparkle.

One more Enjoyable Simple fact: The US Federal Trade Fee (FTC), the leading US consumer human body, has dominated in 2018 that a diamond is a diamond no matter the origin.

They are graded the exact as all-natural diamonds, they are also inscribed and occur with certification. Even De Beers now promote lab-grown diamonds. It’s almost unachievable to explain to the variance.

How Do The Rates Assess?…

For a 2 carat stone:

  • A 2 carat Round Fantastic, natural diamond is somewhere around $45,000+
  • The equal lab-grown would be around $8,800 (75 – 80% considerably less)
  • A moissanite would be $1,250 (additional than 90% less).

Hmmm…pretty convincing on the affordability scale! In addition the lab-grown alternate is conflict absolutely free and more environmentally welcoming. They do not negatively impact the atmosphere in comparison to mining a diamond!

So What Did I Decide On For My Personal Ring?…

Effectively, the terrific detail is you can in fact blend it up and I selected a mixture of moissanite and lab-developed. Lauren helped me structure this amazing 18K White Gold and 18K Rose Gold with a 3.11ct SUPERNOVA Moissanite Oval accented by Spherical Pink lab-grown diamonds. Overall carat weight 3.90tcw.

By selecting moissanite as the centre stone we stored the price tag down and the impression variable to the max! Unnecessary to say, I am over the moon with my new ring and get innumerable responses from admirers just about every working day!

So what do you think, attractive hey? I never see lab-grown as a compromise – I see it as a clever alternative!

For far more details on moissanite and lab-developed diamonds check out Moi Moi Fine Jewellery in this article!