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You Can Have the Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

You Can Have the Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. It is the day all little girls dream of and you were probably no different. Every bride deserves to have the wedding of her dreams; unfortunately, that usually means investing months of time in the planning and thousands of dollars in the cost. You can plan your own wedding to eliminate the cost of hiring a wedding planner, but that can result in untold amounts of stress and take away from the enjoyment of the day.

Is it possible for a bride to plan her own wedding, stick to a budget, and reduce stress so she can enjoy this special time? Yes, it is possible if the engaged couple follow these helpful tips. In order to plan a wedding on a budget, the first order of business is to set the budget. You and your fiance have to decide how much you can afford to spend on your wedding. Next, consider how much money is in your savings accounts and how much money, if any, your parents can contribute toward your wedding. Other factors to consider are your monthly income and expenses, monthly income and expenses after marriage, and how much you want to spend on your honeymoon. Add all these figures and from the total decide how much of this money you can afford to spend on your wedding. This figure is your wedding budget.

Now that you have a budget, you and your fiance can decide how much and where the money will be spent. As an example, let’s say you allocate 50% of the budget for the reception, 10% for wedding attire, 10% for flowers, 10% for the photographer, 5% for invitations, and 5% for the limousine and the minister’s services. Consult your budget planner before making any purchase and record the cost of each purchase. This will give you an idea of how much of the budget has been spent and keep you from going over.

There are measures you can take to stretch your wedding budget. One way is to look for vendors who offer discounts on multiple services. Hire a photographer who also does videography. Find a bridal store that offers discounts on tuxedo rental when the bride and bridesmaids buy their gowns there. Many reception halls have packages that include catering, decorations, and linens. You may have to choose one of their less expensive packages, but you can still have a very nice reception without breaking the budget. Also, remember that reception halls cost less to rent during the winter and on Fridays.

Finding someone to do things for free is the best budget stretcher of all. That’s where your friends and family come in. You can save thousands of dollars on your wedding if they can provide free services like making decorations and flower arrangements, playing music at the reception, baking the wedding cake, or helping prepare food for the reception. A “homemade” wedding can be one of the most memorable because it contains a personal touch. If you or your fiance are members of a church, you may be able to hold your wedding and reception there absolutely free or for a nominal fee.

Now that you know how to plan a wedding on a budget, you and your fiance can concentrate on writing your wedding vows and relaxing so you can look and feel your very best on the most important day of your lives.