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How To Remove Star 430 KSW & SWL Handpieces from The Quick Couplers When You Can’t Get Them Off

How To Remove  Star 430 KSW & SWL Handpieces from The Quick Couplers When You Can’t Get Them Off

Are You Having Trouble Removing Your Star Highspeed From The Quick Coupler?

First Let’s Get it Off the Quick Coupler:

  • Take A Flat Bladed Screwdriver And Insert it Between The End Of The Star 430 Handpiece & The Hose Coupling.
  • Gently Turn The Screw Driver. Make Sure Contact Remains Between The Coupling and The Backend of the Handpiece. Do Not let it slip or damage may occur.
  • With a little bit of Pressure, you will Feel the Handpiece Slip Past the O-ring.
  • At this point, remove the screwdriver, set it down and Simply pull the Handpiece Off The Quick Connect as you normally would.

Now Let’s fix the Source of The Problem. Take a Q-tip and moisten it with WD-40 and clean the backend of the Star 430 Handpiece by wiping it across the surfaces of the O-ring Grooves inside the inner housing. Repeat as necessary until there is no visible color change of the WD-40 on the Q-tip. Take a dry Q-tip and remove as much of the WD-40 as possible. It does not hurt to follow this up by blowing a little dry air from your syringe inside, forcing any remaining residue out. We don’t want the WD-40 getting into the bearings. It’s time to Check the O-rings on the Quick Connect for the Star 430. Look for Cracking, Brittleness, or actual breakage. If any of these conditions exist, replace the O-rings. They are relatively inexpensive and it’s a good practice to always have a couple of sets on hand. Lubricate the new O-rings if replaced or the old ones if not replaced, with a drop of Handpiece Oil. It’s also a good idea to replace the O-rings at least every 12 months, even if they look fine The O-rings on the Quick Connect Should Be Lubricated Weekly, As per Manufacturers Specifications. The Lubrication Extends the lifespan of the O-rings, provides ease of connect and disconnect of the Handpieces, and it also helps keep the backend free of debris that could cause the Handpiece to get stuck again.

Tech Tip: I have answered several Service Calls where the Star 430 Handpiece Quick Connect cannot be removed from the supply tubing. To keep this from happening and incurring the expense of a Service Call, the Quick Connect should be removed from the Hose connection periodically, and the threads lubricated with a drop of oil or Handpiece Grease to keep it from being frozen in place. Once a Month or so should keep this part of the Operation relatively Trouble-Free.