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Qualities To Consider When Buying A Wedding Ring

Qualities To Consider When Buying A Wedding Ring

Choosing the best wedding ring is one of the most nerve-wracking decisions you’ll ever make as an adult. After picking the best person to spend your life with, you must have the wedding rings to signify the union.

The wedding ring could be the only piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing in your lifetime. Thus, there are several considerations the couple has to make. Besides being a source of pride and joy, you must feel comfortable having it on. Couples must also choose the right style, size, and materials, at reasonable costs. 

A good rule of thumb is to shop as a couple and avoid a last-minute shopping spree that may lead to buyers’ regret. Before rushing to the nearest jewelry shop with your beau, check the following tips to ensure you’re also saying ‘yes’ to the best wedding rings

Prepare by knowing your options 

As one of the most symbolic tokens globally, wedding rings come in various styles, sizes, and options. Finding the right wedding rings can take time and a few back and forths between the groom and wife-to-be. Choosing the best band that works for you as a couple can be a daunting task. Knowing all your options before your ring shopping spree is the best way to overcome this challenge. 

The primary issue to settle with your fiancé is whether you prefer commercially produced rings or have your wedding tokens customized. The couple also has to decide whether they want to have a plain wedding band or one with jewels. There’s no wrong or right choice, and it all depends on your preference as a couple.     

3 Qualities of the Best Wedding Rings 

The Greeks first used iron rings, then later ancestors realized gold to be the better option. In World War II, soldiers needed to wear wedding bands to remember their wives. After the war, the custom stuck to the rest of the population, giving birth to this symbolic wedding tradition. (1) 

1. Durable

In the United States, an estimated 17 tons of gold are used to make wedding bands annually. It’s unsurprising, as gold is versatile and comes in many forms. Yellow, white, and rose gold are the most prominent choices for wedding bands. However, other types of equally sturdy metals are available for non-traditional couples. (2)

  • Yellow gold often comes in various purities, indicated through karat measurements. A piece of 24-karat gold is pure but extraordinarily soft and flexible. It’s mixed with other metal alloys to make it stronger. 
  • White gold is often mistaken for silver, but it’s made to imitate platinum—one of the most rigid metals on earth.   
  • Platinum may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. This metal can withstand extreme pressure and last longer than a couple’s lifetime. It’s also rarer than gold. For the budget-conscious pair, palladium may be a good alternative. While not as tough as platinum, both metals possess the same color. (3)
  • Titanium is another valuable metal known for its strength, and scratch and corrosion resistance. It’s lighter but as strong as steel. (4)

2. High quality 

Having your wedding band done by reputable jewelers gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting top-grade products. Comparatively, quality can be challenging to validate if buying off-the-mill wedding tokens. 

Besides choosing a reliable jeweler maker, you can check the ring for some markings along the inside and the shank. Trademark, gold purity or mineral content, and metal identification, such as Au for gold and Pt for Platinum, must be indicated. 

If you’ve chosen a diamond-encrusted wedding ring as a couple, you’ll have to check the four factors that affect the stone’s price and quality:

    • Cut: A diamond’s cut contributes significantly to its sparkle or the ability to allow light through and reflect around the stone.  
    • Color: A “colorless” or “near-colorless” diamond is treated as rarer and thus more expensive than diamonds with a slightly yellow hue. 
    • Clarity: Inclusions indicate flaws in diamond stones. Lesser flaws mean better clarity, contributing to enhanced sparkle.     
    • Carat: This measurement unit indicates the stone’s weight, not the size, as is a common notion. As you might have guessed, the heavier the sparkler is the better quality and the more cost it entails. (3)
Buying A Wedding Ring

You’ll have to check the four factors that affect the stone’s price and quality. Photo from Adobe Stock

3. Practical and comfortable 

Because your wedding band shouldn’t be taken off as much as possible, it must wear comfortably and withstand the pressures of your daily lifestyle. For the couple who lead an active lifestyle or have jobs that require them to use their hands often, it may be better to wear wedding rings with thin bands and skip placing jewels on top of the rings. If you don’t want to give up your sparklers, opt for a channel set ring that allows these gems to stay secure and in place.   

Choose the best material 

Platinum may be the best choice for individuals with sensitive skin, as it’s the most hypoallergenic of all the metals used to make wedding rings. Tungsten is also a good option due to its high resistance to scratches. (2) (5)

Like the overall wedding theme, the rings must match your personalities as a couple. Note that you’ll wear the ring during your lifetime. So, the wedding band must be something that you like. Unlike engagement rings that are often given as a surprise, you can always go shopping for wedding bands with your partner, so take your time and don’t jump at the first wedding band that catches your eye.    

Select the right size

Choosing the right size is as crucial as the considerations mentioned earlier. Opting for a ring that’s too tight could cause discomfort, while a loose band can cause slips and eventually lead to it slipping from your finger. In opting for a reasonably sized fit, you must also consider potential changes in the groom and bride-to-be’s life changes that may cause weight gain. (2)


For the couple who chooses a non-identical ring style, always place the bands side by side to ensure they make a homogenous look. For future brides who already have their engagement ring on, check how the wedding band fits the wedding ring’s style, width, shape, and overall look. Your rings should fit seamlessly on top of your engagement ring and not necessarily overshadow it.  (5)

The bottom line  

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for choosing the perfect wedding ring for you. But the tips discussed in this article offer valuable insights to consider when shopping for them. You’ll never go wrong by purchasing a pair that fits your budget, style, and lifestyle. In the end, it’s marriage and not the wedding that counts.  



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