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The Horror Stories – Don’t Make These Mistakes – Tips to Organize the Perfect Wedding Reception!

The Horror Stories – Don’t Make These Mistakes – Tips to Organize the Perfect Wedding Reception!

As a member of a large family, a friend, mother and grandmother of many I have been a part of many weddings. I have been the witness to some of the best moments of my life with what came off as the perfect wedding. My cousin married the same man twice and is enjoying marital bliss many years later. I have been the main consultant on many of these weddings as well as helping out with all of them to some extent. I love weddings and enjoy being a part of them!

I will have to tell you about what I consider the worst wedding that I have been to although I have heard of worse. My brother was a service man and settled in a town across the country. We kept in touch through the years but didn’t get involved family wise as much as we would have liked.

His oldest daughter went away for college fell for a man and made arrangements to marry. Dad paid for the wedding and we all came for the blessed day. My poor niece was a wreck, the flowers came too early so were dying, the cake came late and was falling. It was raining that day and there was very little arraignment made besides a tent for this contingency. The dresses looked as if they were home-made which is OK but were ill-fitting.

Having happily gotten in early my daughters and me got into action and helped to salvage what could have been a complete disaster. I won’t tell you all the measures we used in six hours but the wedding came off as best as possible under the circumstances.

What I hope you will see by the example above is that you should not go it alone. Get some experienced help prepare for the worst as well as planning for the best.

What I list below is some of the ways to prepare with proper planning an organizing and make the wedding be it your own or someone close the occasion of a lifetime! Some tips to organize the perfect wedding reception!

First-Things-First – Find and acquire the location of the reception at least a year in advance of the day of the event. You will need to make decisions for the location based on how many will attend and what space you will need for the theme you pick. If the plan of the theme is to be outside use the example above to have a backup plan to move inside if needed.

If you want to make your wedding day unforgettable, the secret is to get creative. It usually does not require an unlimited budget to make your wedding the most special day of your life, and there are plenty of ways to achieve this easily.

Start by choosing your ideal theme for the ceremony. The most popular are vintage or Victorian weddings, but there are hundreds more to choose from. You can base your wedding theme on the hippie movement of the 1960s and 70s, an art movement, or even on the bride and groom’s favorite things. Explore different themes and prepare something unforgettable for yourselves and your guests.

Another understated way of creating a cherished wedding is in the choice of music. You can opt for the classics that are packed with romantic lyrics, or even go for new age tunes to create a relaxed ambiance. Even a movie soundtrack album from your favorite film can work perfectly with a movie wedding theme. Work with your wedding DJ to choose music that carries a meaning for the couple and suits the event.

You can also use modern wedding invitations with unique designs to prepare your guests for a special wedding. Display the wedding theme on the invitation, and preferably get homemade invites, each one unique to the recipient. The same goes for wedding favors, which you can find even for less than a dollar a piece. Choose special favors like playing cards, salt and pepper shakers, personalized candy tins or even a picture frame.

The wedding cake is another opportunity to make a special wedding. From the size and flavors to colors and perhaps an elegant wedding cake topper will be the perfect touch to one of the focal points of the wedding. Work with a cake designer for an amazing ice cream with butter frosting cake, or go sugar-free. You could also opt for something unforgettable like a stack of cupcakes arranged in a bouquet pattern instead of a tiered cake.

Keep in mind that even inexpensive wedding receptions can be lots of fun. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it a special day for everyone. One of the most important things to do to make it special is involve your guests. If you keep them active and focused on having a great time at your wedding it will be a time they will fondly remember forever!

This short essay is meant to be informative to you the organizer for the blessed event. Like I said I love all weddings and want you to be successful. Below more is revealed on how to organize the perfect wedding!