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Tie Your Wedding Together With The Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Tie Your Wedding Together With The Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Finding the right centerpiece for your wedding may be a little harder than you think. Not only do you need a focal point that will go hand in hand with your wedding decorations, but you also need to consider the special conditions of your guests and venue. The classic bouquet of flowers usually works without fail, but what if Aunt Peggy has terrible allergies to the chrysanthemums set directly in front of her at the dinner table? Planning ahead and knowing the proper etiquette for choosing your wedding centerpiece will prevent any mishaps along the road and ensure a smooth ride for you and your guests to fully enjoy the beauty and joy of your wedding. Here are some guidelines and trends to consider when picking the perfect wedding centerpiece:

Let There Be Light

Candles have the ability to really set the mood in any situation. A row of flickering lights down the center of the dinner table will set a cozy environment for your guests to mingle and spark luminous conversation. Personalize your candle pillars with candles that come in various prints that correspond with your wedding favors or include your own monograms to each pillar for a truly personal touch. Try adding a twist to the traditional candle by opting for floating tea light candles that can be placed in glass cylinders or vases filled with water and pebbles or crystals. The harmonious relationship between the light and water will create an extra shine to your centerpiece that will be a breathtaking addition to your wedding decorations. If you can’t decide between flowers or candles, and you don’t want to go overboard by having both, look for flower shaped candles or nature inspired votives that capture both beauties effortlessly in one elegant centerpiece. Keep in mind that some venues do not allow burning candles, so be sure to check before you make any invested decisions for your wedding decorations.

Flower Power

There’s nothing wrong with choosing the traditional flower bouquet for your centerpiece. Flowers can pull together any look and will be a beautiful addition to your wedding decorations. A unique trend to look into is using water pearls instead of water in the glass vases to add a dash of color and visual interest to your centerpiece. Water pearls come in various colors so you can mix and match according to your wedding’s color theme. Also consider alternative flower holders, including flower pots, single flower vases, or even mason jars – these untraditional ideas for a traditional centerpiece will add a fresh look to your wedding decorations. Don’t forget to be aware of your guests’ special conditions. Allergies to flowers are not uncommon, so include a small note in your wedding invitations and if an issue arises, try silk or artificial flowers to ensure that sneezing and runny noses will be kept to a minimum on your special day.

For the Lovebirds

If you are looking for a wedding centerpiece that really goes beyond convention, try the emerging trend of decorative birdcages. These centerpieces come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and are simple enough to be incorporated seamlessly into your wedding, but intricate enough to be a focal point of your wedding décor. Decorative birdcages are versatile and can be filled with wedding favors for your guests to enjoy or other wedding decorations to add a whimsical look to the table. Another use for a birdcage centerpiece is a wishing well, where guests can write good wishes to you and your soon-to-be husband and pop them in the birdcages for you to treasure later.

More Tips and Ideas

It’s easy to go over-the-top with your wedding centerpiece with an elaborate two-story display. While this idea may be tempting, keep in mind that a centerpiece should complement the rest of your wedding decorations and not distract from the main attraction – you and your groom, of course. Also be considerate of your guests by giving them enough table space to eat and move comfortably, and that means choosing a centerpiece that does not overpower the table.

A wedding centerpiece is meant to impress and that’s exactly what it should do, but always be mindful of the rest of your wedding decorations as well as your guests. Striking the perfect balance between what looks good and what works well is essential for creating a memorable wedding for everyone.