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Transform Your Photo to Art With a Custom Canvas Print

Transform Your Photo to Art With a Custom Canvas Print

Have you ever wanted to display your own dramatic work of art with large canvas prints stretched over thick bars from your own photos. Step beyond the ordinary; a photo is just a photo, your photos on canvas will truly be viewed as personalized art. Custom canvas prints are great for both the home or office. Here are a couple of tips for choosing the right canvas printer.

When you look for Your Canvas Printer make sure they can accommodate any custom canvas print for you from wedding/bridal shots, family portraits, or baby pictures to striking landscapes, graphic art, or customized word art. Most online canvas print shops are able to upload your photo allowing them to print just about anything including your photo on canvas, but some don’t allow for online editing and preview of the printed canvas.

When ordering a custom canvas print from your photo or digital file you will want to choose a printer that offers online editing and preview. There are many different size canvas’ and different cameras have different aspect ratios. When these ratios don’t match the photo will need to be cropped to fit the canvas. Online preview allows you to view and correct potential cropping issues prior to receiving your print. In addition to aspect ratios the most popular canvas options have a thick frame with an ‘image wrap.’ An image wrap is where the photo continues around the side of the frame allowing for a great looking frameless application. Again, being able to see what portion of your photo will be on the face and what will wrap around the side is very important. The point here is that no one wants to order a family portrait only to have grandma cut out of the print because of the aspect ratios not matching or having the grooms head wrap around the top of the frame because of an image wrap issue. Don’t guess on your print, go with a printer who has made the investment in great site programming so there’s never a surprise on what you order and the final result of putting your photo on canvas.

Canvas prints can come in large to very large sizes. There are few cameras outside of top end professional SLRs that can deliver the resolution for the largest prints. Look for a canvas printer that offers recommendations on image sizing to match to potential canvas sizes. This generally is just quick math that the program runs for you to match the dpi of the print to resolution of the image file. A great thing about canvas is that the surface texture and the intended viewing distance allows for good enlargements at lower dpi’s than traditional photo glossy prints. Image quality is still important though. On an enlargement any blurring or camera noise will be exaggerated. So take care in picking an image that has good pixel detail and follow sizing recommendations to insure quality results on your canvas print.