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What’s For Dinner? 30-Minute Menus For 2009 – 20th Edition

What’s For Dinner?  30-Minute Menus For 2009 – 20th Edition

Happy Spring to you! This is going to be a very busy week for me so you will notice that the menus are especially quick and easy this week; I’ll bet your week will be busy too with all the year-end of school activities. To keep the menus on the lighter side, I have included two vegetarian meals (it will soon be bathing suit time!).

You will find that I use several cooking methods, mix and match, to get dinner on the table quickly! (The ingredients in parenthesis show some of my quick-prep steps.) You can always substitute your favorite made-from-scratch recipes when you have more time.

I hope you have a great week!

Lasagna Florentine (vegetarian; frozen pastry strips, frozen spinach, jarred pasta sauce, shredded cheeses)
Hearty Greek Salad (jarred salad dressing)
Italian Bread
Chocolate Pies (prepared pastry shells, instant pudding mix)

Sauteed Chicken and Mushrooms (boneless, skinless chicken breasts or cutlets, sliced mushrooms)
Roasted Red Potatoes with Green Beans (frozen veggie mix)
Baked Granola Apples (purchased cereal)

Tuscan Pasta (boxed pasta, canned cannellini beans, shredded cheeses)
Sliced Tomato Salad
Peach Macaroon Cups (canned peaches, purchased macaroon cookies)

Fried Tomato Sandwiches (vegetarian; bottled thousand island dressing)
Mango / Cucumber Salsa (canned chilies)
Lemon Blueberry Tarts (prepared graham cracker tart shells, instant lemon pudding mix)

Chicken Ragout with Penne Pasta (boneless, skinless chicken breasts, boxed pasta, canned tomatoes and tomato sauce, grated Parmesan cheese)
Spinach and Pine Nut Salad (bagged baby spinach, cherry tomatoes)
Southern Fried Apples and Cream (purchased ice cream or whipped cream)

Tuna Burgers
Buns and Condiments (purchased sandwich buns, jarred condiments)
Cheesy Potatoes (shredded cheddar cheese)
Slaw (bagged slaw mix, jarred slaw dressing)
Rocky Road Brownies (boxed brownie mix)

Taco Nite (taco seasoning mix, purchased taco shells)
Condiment Bar (jarred salsas, bagged lettuce shreds, shredded cheese)
Guacamole / Sour Cream Topper (purchased sour cream)
Corn / Black Bean Salsa ( jarred salsa, canned corn, black beans, and chilies)
Banana Splits (purchased ice cream, canned whipped cream, jarred ice cream toppings)

I sincerely hope you have fun with your meal planning and preparation,
Elizabeth Randall and Family