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Why You Need a Bridal Beauty Maid

Why You Need a Bridal Beauty Maid

Today weddings are probably the most popular event on anyone’s social calendar. If you are the lucky bride you know how exciting and nerve-wracking it can be in the days leading up to your wedding. With all the details to keep in mind, schedules to coordinate and vendors to contact it’s a wonder you ever get a moment to yourself. However, when the day of your wedding comes the pressure increases and if you think the preamble to the ceremony is anxiety-ridden, just wait until the morning of the wedding. Wedding days are known for being stressful and chaotic so if you need some assistance in getting prepared and maintaining your stunning looks throughout the ceremony, consider hiring your very own personal beauty maid.

A wedding is probably the single most important event in a woman’s life. Chances are you’ve dreamed about this day since you were a little girl and have no doubt fantasized about fairy tale weddings that would put the British Royal family to shame. It would be a tragedy if all your planning and preparation was suddenly ruined by running makeup, an undone hairdo and gown malfunctions. Sure, you have your bridesmaids on hand but they have responsibilities to and if you really want to be prepared for every photo opportunity enlist the services of a beauty maid.

Beauty maids are often staffed by beauty salons and can be hired for weddings and other special occasions to shadow the bride or guest of honor and perform necessary touch up to hair and makeup so you are always looking your absolute best. You can arrange to have a beauty maid arrive early on the day of your wedding and help prepare your hair and makeup and stay with you throughout the day so you are ready for every photo opportunity. With all the attention you will draw it is crucial that you look great meaning no frizzy hair, no smearing makeup and no wardrobe mishaps. A beauty maid is mindful that you are the star of the show and will be instructed to keep nearby but out of the way so you can perform all the duties a bride has.

With a bridal beauty maid by your side you won’t have to worry about checking your makeup in the silverware or ducking out to check on your hair. This added beauty security will allow you to focus on mingling with the guests, dancing with the groom and smiling for the cameras instead of worrying about your looks. Contact your beauty salon today and find out if they offer beauty maid services.