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12 Best Watering Cans For Thirsty Plants

12 Best Watering Cans For Thirsty Plants

Whether you have houseplants, a container garden, or a full-spread vegetable garden, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as watching your plants flourish under your care! That means the right balance of nutrients, plenty of sunlight, and consistent watering. 

Oh, and love. Plants need love, too.

A great watering can tailored to your plant’s needs is an essential tool in your gardening arsenal. Plus, they can make watering plants extra fun!

Finding the right one isn’t difficult, but in the spirit of helping you sort through the thousands of watering cans out there, we’ve compiled a list of options so you can find the best watering can for you.

We’ll also answer some common watering-can-related questions from green-thumbed shoppers.

Let’s grow!

Watering Cans For Indoors, Outdoors, Or Both!

1. Most Stylish Watering Can

Georg Jensen Terra Watering Can 

by Wayfair

Georg Jensen Terra Watering Can

This gorgeous watering can is perfect for the decor-conscious plant parent! Made from hand-polished stainless steel, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It would look beautiful displayed front and center in your home—which is perfect if you have an indoor plant or two. It’s clearly designed to be a piece of art while it waters your plants.

2. Watering Can For Precise Watering

Limbo Watering Can

by West Elm

Limbo Watering Can

Another beautiful can that does double duty! It features an extra-long stainless steel spout to ensure your stream of water reaches hanging plants or plants located in tight spaces for easier indoor watering. You’re welcome, urban gardeners!

Holds 50 fl oz of water. Comes in three colors.

3. Best Budget-Friendly Watering Can

Vattenkrasse Watering Can


Vattenkrasse Watering Can

Gorgeous design and function at a meager price? Why, that sounds like an IKEA product! From the makers of all things Scandanavian for the home comes a watering can you’ll want to show off in yours.

Made from galvanized steel, holds 30 oz.  

4. Best Mini Watering Can

Mojave Glaze Ceramic Watering Can

by Etsy: LisaAngelLtd

Mojave Glaze Ceramic Watering Can

This mini watering can is more like a watering pot! If your space is on the small side (and so are your plants), this cute little watering can is just the thing to keep everyone hydrated and happy. Made from glazed stoneware, it’ll look wonderful hanging out on the shelf when not in use. 

5. Best For Delicate Plants

Bronze and Glass Plant Mister

by Pottery Barn

Bronze and Glass Plant Mister

Suppose you’re cultivating an herb garden or delicate potted plants that require a gentler touch? In that case, using a mister is a perfect way to ensure they get the hydration they need without damage. Made from glass and brass, this one has a delightfully vintage vibe!

6. Best Indoor Watering Can

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can 

by WhaleLife

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can

The transparent design of this watering can allows you to see how many ounces of water you’re pouring. That’s especially great for ensuring indoor gardens and plants located high on shelves get just the right amount of water. We really like the ergonomic design, modern shape, and jewel-tone color, too.

Made from sturdy resin, holds 40 oz of water. 

7. Best Outdoor Watering Can

Behrens 2 1/2 Gallon Steel Metal Outdoor Watering Can

by Behrens

Behrens 2 1/2 Gallon Steel Metal Outdoor Watering Can

Sturdy is the word of the day for outdoor watering projects, and a metal watering can fits the bill. It’s weather-resistant, doesn’t rust, and comes in three capacities. The rosehead spout ensures even water flow, so whether you’re watering flower pots or shrubs, everyone gets plenty of hydration.

8. Best For Outdoor Gardens 

Sarasota Long Spout With Detachable Shower Head



Outdoor Watering Can 0.9 Gallon Long Spout with Detachable Shower Head

The double-handle design and dual spout options make this the perfect watering can for outdoor container plants. The spout features a removable showerhead, so you can use it to sprinkle or pour. It even has a filter plug to keep the spout from clogging with debris. 

Comes in two colors with a .9 gallon capacity. 

9. Large Capacity Watering Can

3 Gallon Indoor/Outdoor Watering Can

by Gardener’s Supply Company

3 Gallon Indoor/Outdoor Watering Can

This heavy-duty plastic watering can features a removable stainless steel rosehead spout. Whether you need sprinkling or spout watering, you’ve got complete control over how you water your garden. Its huge capacity reservoir means fewer trips to the faucet, too!

Made from durable polyethylene plastic.

10. Watering Can For Kids

Elephant Watering Can

by Bangerz Sunz

Elephant Watering Can

If you have a little gardening helper, they’ll need their own small watering can to ensure the job gets done! Whether it’s used indoors or for outdoor plants, the smaller reservoir opening means this cute little elephant watering can travels from sink to plant without too much sloshing. His narrow spout helps keep the water inside the planters, and the handle is the perfect size for little hands.

Made from lightweight, sturdy plastic. Holds two quarts. 

Common Questions About Watering Cans

What makes a good watering can?

A good watering can should be designed with function and control in mind. 

As illustrated in our list here, a watering can meant for indoor plants will feature a longer spout for the precision needed to effectively water potted plants. The best cans for outdoor plants should have a removable nozzle for watering different kinds of plants. 

The handle design is just as important as the spout, too. The best watering cans will have comfortable, ergonomic handles with plenty of room to position your hand according to how steep you have to tip the can. 

Are metal or plastic watering cans better?

That all depends upon your preference and the can’s functionality. Some prefer plastic because the handles tend to be more comfortable. Some prefer a metal can for outdoor use because they’re durable and weatherproof.  

Can you leave water in a metal watering can?

Technically you can, but it isn’t recommended if you want to prolong the life of your can and care for your plants effectively. If left outside in freezing temperatures, the water inside the can may freeze and warp the bottom. 

If left out in intense heat, the water inside the can may heat to temperatures harmful to the plants. Also, standing water left in the can may collect debris and attract bugs.

Is it better to use a watering can?/Is a watering can necessary?

Necessary? Not really. Recommended? Definitely. 

It’s definitely better to use a watering can on indoor plants. They need more precise watering, not only for the plant’s sake but for the sake of saving your floors and furniture from the potential mess that ensues if you water with a cup. 

Outdoor watering cans give you much better control over how much and where you need to distribute water to your plants. 

Only The Best For Your Leafy Friends!

When we shopped for watering cans for this list, we were struck by how many are just as gorgeous as they are functional! From ultra-modern to rustic to vintage, watering cans have indeed come a long way since the standard plastic can your mom used. 

Now for the arduous task of deciding which ones we want for our own plants. There are houseplants everywhere around here. Honestly, we need one for every room. Yep, definitely need every single one on this list.