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23rd Anniversary Gifts For Celebrating Your Sweetie

23rd Anniversary Gifts For Celebrating Your Sweetie

I am a staunch supporter of traditional anniversary gifts. Which, admittedly, as you get on in years, can get a bit more challenging to procure. Take the 23rd anniversary, for example; its traditional and modern gift is silver plate. This can be construed in a variety of ways, from silver dinnerware to a silver-plated item. 

My husband and I have adjusted the gift suggestion here and there to fit our preferences. Still, I love following traditional anniversary gift giving! If you’re looking for 23rd-anniversary gifts, you’re in luck because the modern and traditional suggestions are the same. We’ve found a plethora of fabulous gifts that fit the bill. Staying married for 23 years is a huge accomplishment; you deserve to spoil your lifelong sweetheart (and maybe yourself too). 

Read on for the best 23rd-anniversary gift ideas.

What Are the Traditional & Modern Gifts?

Wondering where traditional and modern anniversary gifts came from, anyway? 

Most believed they originated in Ancient Rome or medieval Germany. Still, it’s hard to find any actual evidence because marriages and their traditions looked quite different back then. The Victorian era saw the “rules of gift-giving” really take off because a “love match” was all the rage (hello, Bridgerton). Eventually, the milestone silver and gold anniversaries were accompanied by other gifts for every anniversary in between, as outlined in the 1859 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Bonus fact, anniversary gifts were given to acknowledge all the wife’s hard work in marriage for all those years. We’re totally on board with this idea.   

For a couple’s 23rd anniversary, the traditional and modern anniversary gifts are the same, silver plate. You can interpret this however you like! Give a silver-plated rose or maybe silver dinnerware. It’s a pretty flexible rule that can suit a variety of beautiful gifts. 

For a couple’s 23rd anniversary, the traditional flower is dark red blossoms instead of a specific flower. Ruby-colored aster’s, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies come to mind. Orangish, red (and ultra-rare) imperial topaz is the gem to gift on your 23rd anniversary. 

23rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

For Her

1. Imperial Topaz Necklace

by Etsy: IsaFineJewelry

23rd Anniversary Gifts For Celebrating Your Sweetie

We adore the beachy vibes of this simple and dainty imperial topaz necklace. 

Its warm hues are wonderfully complemented by the 14kt yellow gold chain. The minimalist setting lets the natural beauty of the round brilliant cut stone shine through. She can wear this necklace everyday alone or with layers. Its brilliance wouldn’t look out of place with a fancy outfit either.  

2. Earrings or Silver Plated Earrings

If your gal is an earring sort of girl, either of these options will make a lovely gift. 

These earthy, natural earrings are formed with a simple wire wrap and raw imperial topaz crystals. The buttery yellow gold and the orangey stone are the perfect combinations. Plus, for those in the know, these crystals are believed to bring protection, abundance, and relief from bad dreams. Alternatively, you could gift her with an elegant and timeless pair of silver-plated hoops. Dainty and feminine, they won’t be out of style even after another 23 years! 

3. Bracelet: Imperial Topaz Bracelet

by Etsy: PrincessTingTing

Imperial Topaz Bracelet

How amazing is this combination of imperial topaz and Japanese Saltwater Keshi Pearls?! 

A match made in heaven, much like your marriage, these natural elements fit beautifully together. The sweet little bracelet is hand-forged and wrapped from 14k gold-filled wire. It creates a delicate, charming little bracelet that she’ll never want to take off as it transitions effortlessly from weekend wear to date night. 

4. Candle: Blackberry Rose Candle

by Voluspa

Blackberry Rose Oud Tin Candle

Who said your deep red blooms had to be actual, physical flowers? 

Every time she lights the wick of this aromatic candle, she will think of all the long, happy years you spent together. Notes of Oud (Oud, also known as Agarwood), rose, and blackberry is infused into a custom wax blend with two wicks. It’s fruity, floral, and a bit mysterious. Though the candle only burns for 25 hours, the lovely tin lasts much longer.  

5. Perfume: Red Roses

by Jo Malone

Red Roses Cologne

Deep red blooms are the flower of the hour, or should we say anniversary. 

And roses certainly fit the bill. An ode to roses, this tantalizing perfume lasts much longer than fresh flowers. Notes of lemon and honeycomb accompany the rose fragrance, making an incredibly romantic blend. Layerable and ideal for everyday wear, this will quickly become her custom scent. 

6. Silver Plated Rose

by Ejoyous

Silver Plated Real Rose Long Stem

You can’t go wrong with this 23rd-anniversary gift for her; it covers two traditional gifts in one gorgeous present. 

Silver plating covers a delicate long-stemmed rose. Under its lustrous plating is a natural, fresh rose. Each petal is wonderfully dried, separated, and crafted, and the bloom is proudly on display thanks to the included stand. Elegant and timeless, she’s sure to love this precious flower. 

For Him

7. Cufflinks: Topaz Cufflinks

by Etsy: IanFlahertyCufflinks

Topaz crystal cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classic anniversary gift. 

We love these charming topaz accessories. Their octagon cut is unique and attractive, adding a bit of flair to the classic silver bezel. Cast, polished, and set, each cufflink is painstakingly made by hand. He’s sure to love these handsome wardrobe staples. 

8. Fountain Pen: Silver Fountain Pen

by Scrivener

Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen

Consider this elegant fountain pen if you’re looking for the ultimate practical yet sentimental gift. 

Made from silver chrome and 24k gold, this is a seriously luxurious writing utensil. You can customize the nib to fit his writing preferences. Each one is perfectly weighted and ensures a smooth flow of ink. Made to last, all will admire this pen whether he uses it at work or in his home office. 

9. Watch: Perry Leather Strap Watch

by Coach

How creative is this 23rd-anniversary gift?! 

It really thinks outside the box, using the hue from the traditional gift of deep red flowers to make this handsome watchband. The soft and supple leather is imbued with a dusky maroon and has a smart-looking modern cut. Stainless steel and gold-tone plating, complete with glitter indexes, make this the most brilliant accessory he’ll own. 

10. Paperweight: Topaz Urchin Paperweight

by Art of Home

Topaz Urchin Paperweight

We know guys can be difficult to buy for. Sometimes, they don’t want lovely and beautiful “frivolous” items but desire something they’ll actually use. 

If this sounds like your partner, he might love this breathtaking topaz urchin paperweight. The natural and intricate designs in the glass are hand-blown and forged with extreme precision and care. The resulting piece is bold, statement-making, and one of a kind. It will quickly become a conversation piece on his desk. 

For Either

11. An experience

An experience often makes a fantastic gift for a couple. 

It is an opportunity to take some time away and enjoy one another’s company. There are so many experiences to choose from, from sailing lessons to wine tours. You could even tour a region renowned for its roses if you wanted to tie in a traditional 23rd-anniversary gift. 

12. Serving Bowl

by Wayfair: Mercer41

There’s no walking by this breathtaking silver serving bowl when it’s displayed on your table. 

Large and bold, its high shine is positively eye-catching! Made from tarnish-resistant silverplate, your family will be able to hand down this glorious bowl for decades. Eventually, it will become a cherished family heirloom as well as a symbol of your love. 

13. Silver Plated Pepper Mill

by Peugeot

Peugeot Mignonnette Silver-Plated Pepper Mill

There’s this silver-plated pepper mill for the chef in your life that screams sophistication. 

Straight from France comes this silver-plated peppermill, complete with the iconic shape. Its petite size is easy to hold and ideal for storing on your table or cupboards. The case-hardened steel grinding mechanism won’t corrode and will give you the perfect grind every time. It’s functional and fashionable, the gift that keeps on giving. 

14. Frame

by Wayfair: Reed & Barton

Silver Plated Giftware

You’ve had twenty-three years together; I’m willing to bet that you’ve accumulated quite a lot of pictures! 

Let him show off his favorites in this splendid silver frame. The high-quality silver is tarnish-resistant and able to last a lifetime. The classic velvet back and easel style design allows him to rotate the frame whichever way he prefers, accommodating a variety of photo sizes with matting. 

23rd Anniversary Gift FAQs

What is meant by silver plating?

Silver plating is when a thin layer of silver is laid over another metal. Usually, the base metal will be durable but not pretty, such as copper, nickel, or stainless steel. Silver plating, or electro silver plating, gives the object a lovely finish without requiring it to be made entirely of silver. 

What are some other creative anniversary ideas?

If you’re looking for something creative and unique, consider giving an experience. An exceptional restaurant, attending a once-in-a-lifetime event, or even a vacation can make beautiful memories. Alternatively, handmade or “fill-in-the-blank” gifts, such as an Adventure Challenge book, are sentimental and extra special. 

What can you gift your parents for their anniversary? 

Many of these gifts work well for a parent’s present for their anniversary. Consider giving them a silver-plated frame with their wedding picture, or maybe silver flatware for their table. We also have a complete guide with plenty more ideas if you want to find the perfect thing for mom and dad. 

Say “I Love You” with Silver

While I’m all about traditional gifts, I love the versatility of the 23rd anniversary. Silver plating can accommodate so many gifts, from luxury peppermills to stunning picture frames. Similarly, topaz and deep red blooms come with a variety of options too. It’s nearly impossible to not find the perfect 23rd-anniversary gift with so much flexibility and lovely gift choices!