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30 Best White Elephant Gifts Under $20 Everyone Wants in 2022

30 Best White Elephant Gifts Under  Everyone Wants in 2022

It’s time for a little fun: here’s a round-up of the best white elephant gifts that everyone wants under $20. From prank gifts to gags, funny tools to books, you’ll see the top gifts so you can win the white elephant gift exchange this year. And while most of them are hilarious, others are useful gadgets you secretly want to try out for yourself. I call the flashlight gloves!

These gift ideas also make great Secret Santa gifts under $20 or funny gifts you can have delivered to someone’s door this holiday season. These are ALL priced under 20 dollars, so your white elephant gift doesn’t have to break the bank. And they’re ALL available on Prime for quick + easy delivery, particularly for procrastinators. (Don’t have Prime? Go ahead and get a FREE 30-day trial here!)

What is your favorite gift on this list? Which white elephant gift have you never seen before? Tell me in the comment box below!

1. The Yodeling Pickle, $12.44

Sorry if you already own a yodeling pickle, but uh, most people don’t so here is one. Get it here, you know you want one.

buy here

2. Mini Waffle Maker, $7.99

Um, mini waffles? On demand? All year long? Sign me up! Get it here.

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3. Party Game, $17.99

A silly game to play with your friends that includes ridiculous prompts for a silly night in. Buy here.

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4. B.S. Button, $13.98

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Finally! You can officially call out someone’s BS with this push-button, which has 8 sayings. Shop here.

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5. Nic Cage Heat Reveal Mug, $17.50

When the mug is cold, it’s all black. When it gets hot, it reveals a Nic Cage illustration and, “You’re my National Treasure”. Lol. Get it here.

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6. Toilet Night Light, $12.78

Get a glowing night light for your toilet because, why not? Shop here.

Women's Dresses

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7. Taco vs Burrito Card Game, $19.99

This item is currently on sale so it fits onto our white elephant gifts under $20… but only for a limited time! Get it here.

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8. Triceratops Taco Holder, $14.99

Make Taco Night unforgettable with this dinosaur-themed taco holder. Set of 2. Get it here.

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9. Snowflake Multi-Tool, $9.99

Apparently this is a multi-tool that does everything. It includes 18 functional tools including a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, hex wrench, and more. Buy here.

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10. LED Flashlight Gloves, $17.99

If you’re still holding a flashlight in your hand and trying to work on that carburetor, STOP THE MADNESS! Get a pair of these bad boys and light up the night in LED lights, particularly when it turns 5:00pm and it’s already pitch-black outside. Keep the garage cleaning, car tuning, outdoor basketball game going with a pair of LED lights. And you won’t have to make your kid hold a flashlight next to you anymore, although it does build character. Buy here.

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11. Calendar, $16.99

This is one of those finds that I just ask myself, why?! But also, why not, because ’tis the season to do a weird White Elephant gift exchange and for some wild reason everyone goes crazy over this one. Ring in the new year here.

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12. Have a Nice Day Mug, $18.95

Not nice for work, but perfect for your passive-aggressive attitude towards Deborah. Sorry, Deborah. Buy here.

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13. Hooves Socks, $10.99

Heat up your hooves with these stylish socks from here. You don’t need to wear them to the club, but you could.

buy here14. Fries Holder for the Car, $12.95

File this under 2022 inventions that make a whole lot of sense: I don’t know why Elon Musk hasn’t put these standard in Teslas yet. It’s a french fry holder that fits into your universal cup holder. Brilliant. Get it now.

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It goes great with… ↓

15. Dipping Sauce Holders for Car Vent, $8.97

Take your chicken nuggets for a drive and never miss a single dip! What a time to be alive. Get it here.

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16. Universal Socket, $13.99

The tool that everyone could use! What does it do? I don’t freaking know but it has a bunch of sockets and guys love this thing. Get it here.

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16. Light-Up Christmas Hat, $14.99

Keep your festive Christmas spirit lit up with this beanie, perfect for when the weather is frightful. You? You’re lookin’ delightful. Buy here.

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17. Shower Steamers, $16.19

Stop paying enormous fees for a spa-like retreat and turn your own shower into one. I want. Get them here and relax this Christmas season.

buy here

18. Burrito Throw Blanket, $16.99

If you’re not wrapping yourself up like a burrito when you’re watching Netflix, you really need to start rethinking your priorities. Get yours here.

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19. Don’t Speak Coffee Mug, $15.99

The best white elephant gifts under $20 for the coffee lover who really doesn’t do “people” in the morning until they’ve had adequate caffeination. Buy now.

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20. Meat Shredder Claws, $7

For the chef in your life! You know they need a pair, but it’s never really the opportune time to buy a set. Get it here and your next BBQ will be glorious.

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21. Light Saber Chopsticks, $13.97

The force is strong with this one. Buy here. I’m not sure why these are so ridiculously popular right now, but they are so just go with it.

22. Scents To Go, $19.99

You need these. And if you think you don’t, you really need these. Shop here.

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23. Circular Saw Pizza Wheel, $19.95

Are you still cutting your pizza with a traditional pizza cutter? Bo-ring! Get one of these and make pizza night poppin’ again. Buy here.

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24. Prank Spider in a Box, $9.99

I hate when people play pranks on me, but I do love pulling a good prank like a classic spider in a box. Get it now and let the games begin.

buy here

25. Mini Microwave Popcorn Popper, $12.99

This is for that night when you want a little popcorn, but it feels like a struggle to move from your warm spot on the couch to get all the pots and pans out and the whole ordeal. Instead, turn your microwave into a movie theater experience. It even ensures adequate butter distribution. Noice. Buy here.

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26. Vinyl Record Coasters, $19.99

Tell your guests to keep their freaking drinks off of the table, but in an old-school, retro way. 😉 Get it here.

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27. Coffee Lens Mug, $14.99

Tell me you’re a photographer without telling me your a photographer… oh, okay, yeah, I get it! Sip from one of these, but don’t mix it up with one of your real lenses. Those are expensive!

buy here

28. Screaming Goat and Book, $8.26

Over 30,000 ratings on this ridiculous goat can’t steer you in the wrong direction: you’ll totally win white elephant 2022. Get it now.

buy here

29. Catch Phrase Frisbee Edition, $15.66

I love Catch Phrase and ahem, they FINALLY came to their senses and gave us what we always needed: a frisbee version. You already toss this game across the room and break open the battery compartment 9 times out of 10, but now it’s designed to be tossed, so won’t feel so bad flinging it across the room to your cousin. Have fun at your next party: buy here while this game is priced around $15. What a steal.

buy here

30. Bacon Bandages, $8.29

Ah, bacon. Bacon makes everything better. And these bacon bandages make boo-boos not so bad. Just slap a strip of bacon on it and keep moving. Get it here.

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Need more ideas? Keep reading!

What do you think of these cheap white elephant gift ideas? Are you doing a gift exchange this year? If so, what is the limit? We typically do white elephant gifts under $20 and it seems like a good price point! The results are always hilarious. Sometimes practical, too!

Happy White Elephant Gift Giving!


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