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The Best Flameless Candles for Wedding in Bulk: No Open Flame

The Best Flameless Candles for Wedding in Bulk: No Open Flame

What do you do if your wedding venue doesn’t allow candles or has a strict no open flame policy? Your venue might not allow real flame candles, but they may not tell you about it — or worse, enforce it — until your wedding day approaches. (Get it in writing!) On the other hand, some wedding venues allow real candles until something happens and an item catches on fire (yikes) and they’re forced to change the policy.

If your wedding venue says no to real candles, don’t freak out: no open flame doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the same look! Besides, you’ve just stumbled upon the best flameless candles for weddings in this blog post!

These are not just your average LED battery-operated candle; we don’t trust just any candle to our wedded couples, so you can rest assured these look the best, burn the brightest, and will look awesome in your wedding photos.

Bride-to-be, Alicia, writes us about her dilemma: she needs an alternative to real candles. She’s planning her wedding and her venue notified her of a no open flame policy. Yikes! What is she supposed to do now? She writes,

“Hi Emmaline, My wedding venue has a no open flame policy. They say you can use real candles only if you use a tube on top, which keeps the flame concealed. I’m worried about something catching on fire though. Do you have any suggestions on what candles to use if wedding venue says no flame? Thanks for your help.”

Hi Alicia! Great question. I’m familiar with the tubes: you place these glass sheaths over taper candles to protect the flame. They look like this (you can get them from EveryGoldenDetail:

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You can also buy glass tubes for candles in bulk.

This year, we’ve seen more venues saying no to open flame and yes to flameless candles more than ever before. Candles are a definite fire hazard, and while most guests are extremely careful, accidents do happen. Some venues we’ve been working with are saying no to open flame candles forever more, since they experienced a few close calls.

Some venues will, in fact, allow those glass tubes in lieu of an open flame entirely, but many venues are very strict in no open flames.

Are candles safe to use at weddings?

Candles can be safe to use at weddings… but they aren’t the safest thing to use. Think about it: place cards, menus, table numbers, pampas grass, greenery, drunk guests, limited table space, and open flames everywhere. What could go wrong?!

What does open flame mean for weddings?

What does open flame mean? Technically speaking, no open flame means zero, zilch: no flame of any kind is allowed. That means no, not even a big jar candle or hurricane. If you use a match to light it, you cannot use it.

If your venue states this policy, you are to not use any flame at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use candles: they just need to be flameless, aka battery-operated candles. It’s better safe than sorry: we’re all for flameless wedding candles and we think it takes one less big stressor out of your day. It keeps everyone safe, nothing will go up in flames, and you know what? I think that makes 100% sense.

Are fake candles tacky?

Nope! Not in the least. You may not like the policy and having to find an alternative to real flame candles sounds like a hassle, but they will look great. Lucky for you, it’s 2022 and the options now are endless. Plus, it’s money well spent: unlike real taper candles or votices, you’re more likely to use battery-operated candles after the wedding at home on your patio or in your living room because they’re so beautiful.

From LED taper candles to votives, here are the best flameless candles for weddings that we use ourselves… and we don’t trust just any candles to the weddings we plan. Using the best quality candles is the best way to make fake candles look real. These LED battery votives and taper candles have exceptional battery life, they look realistic, and they won’t catch on fire because they’re LED battery-operated… no flame here! Just memories, happy guests, and a stress-free venue. 🙂

Let’s go!

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1. Best Fake Taper Candles with 3D Flame and Remote

When you want fake flameless taper candles that look real, go with these by Genswin. They aren’t the cheapest option in this list, but they are the highest-rated. They are the only fake tapers that come with a remote that we’ve tried, and we think they’re perfect for wedding ceremony and reception decor when your venue disallows real flames.

You can read reviews or buy yours here.

2. Most Affordable Taper Battery Candles

I use these myself all the time at home and love them: they’re the most affordable taper candles with LED lights and AA batteries work great in them. They’re made of faux wax but it feels and looks like real candles; I highly recommend them. Get them in a big set here.

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3. Best Flameless Votive Candles

For the best votive candles that have no open flame, opt for this brand: they’re terrific and offer long-lasting batteries. They look real, have a nice glow to them, and they’re the most beautiful flameless candles for weddings. I use them in these mercury glass holders and they fit perfectly.

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If you need an alternate, these are very good as well and they’re available for larger bulk orders. Right now, they’re on sale at 31% off for huge savings here.

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You can buy them here.

Use them in these gold (or silver) mercury glass candle holders.

4. Best Pillar Candles for Indoor and Outdoor Use

If you’re using lanterns like these and need taller pillar candles, use these: they’re waterproof so they can be used indoors or outdoors, and they have remotes! Get them here.

5. LED Fairy Lights

If you’re not planning to use candles, but you’d like to add a romantic glow, try fairy lights instead. These battery-operated fairy lights mean no open flame and no cords to trip over; they’re a major plus to have in a reception room or space that could use a little twinkling effect. Add them to mason jars or wine bottles (buy them in bulk here) and light up the night! These are highly-rated and have tons of reviews here.

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They are waterproof and exceptional: check them out here.

Bulk Flameless Candles for Wedding

Need them in a larger quantity? We recommend buying them in bulk here and here. Hope it helps!

And there you have it: the best flameless candles to use at your wedding ceremony or reception. Don’t forget the batteries! I swear by these batteries in bulk. I mean… seriously, there over 400,000 reviews on them! Get them here.

They work great and they’re so much cheaper than buying them at full price in-store.

Real or Fake Candles for Wedding?

So, what are you using: real or fake candles? Does your venue prohibit open flame? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Flame-Free Planning!


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