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9 Ways to Include Guests Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding

9 Ways to Include Guests Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding
Regardless of whether your visitors can’t journey safely and securely, just can’t consider off work or just do not want to devote those valuable Delta miles to head to your wedding (although we’re absolutely sure it’s not that), you could have to get artistic to include every person. 

No worry although — if the previous couple of decades has taught us nearly anything, it is how to get artistic when vital!


We get it. You are sick of Zoom (who isn’t?). Certain, it’s easy, but oh man, is deal with-to-face conversation pleasant. That being said, it’s nevertheless a actually useful tool. If Zoom is a 4-letter term to you, possibly go for FaceTime. Stage being, the closest thing to currently being there in man or woman is a online video get in touch with of some type. If you are possessing the grandparents phone in, get ready to do some troubleshooting. 


If you cannot swing individual telephone calls (or you’ve just bought also a lot of tele-company), livestreams are a really convenient broadcast software. Honestly, acquiring a recorded livestream of your wedding day is terrific for its own sake! If you’re tech-savvy, wonderful. If not, there are a lot of professionals out there who can get you high-high-quality video and audio for your wedding day day stream.

If you’ve acquired older or much more tech-challenged guests, ship them a copy of your marriage ceremony video clip rather. If any person refers to it as “The Google,” mail them a DVD duplicate.

Recorded Messages

Irrespective of whether your attendees document a video (and inevitably do it vertically) or just have a handwritten note despatched in, this is a best way for special pals and spouse and children to be included. Have them generate or history a concept of really like and support to be played or read through at the marriage reception.

You could also record a swift video clip sometime through the night time if you have time. It does not have to be anything at all big, just a online video of you in your wedding day apparel saying hi and wishing them very well is enough. Never neglect to display off those rings! If it’s a popular buddy or household member, open the flooring for your wedding ceremony get together and other attendees to report some thing for them as properly!

Want to be sneaky and passionate? Have loved types who cannot show up at report messages and shock your fiancé with them at the reception and you will look like a romantic super spy — if which is your point.

Mail Them a Gift

“Uhhh, aren’t they supposed to be sending me presents?” You have adequate embroidered kitchen towels, Jared. You never need extra things. No, but seriously. Mail them a little reward basket. Probably a mini champagne bottle, card and some snacks and favors. No matter what will be offered out to guests at the marriage ceremony, ship that (or something similar) and make your company smile from anywhere they might be. 

Go See Them Afterwards

Two years back, this was not an solution, but now it is certainly one thing that may possibly be on the table for you! You never have to make a total 7 days out of it but invest an afternoon or a whole working day with loved kinds and enable them celebrate your union. As a reward, they’ll probably buy you supper — so there is that.

Place Them There in Spirit

There is been a great deal of inventive techniques to help the “guests” go to the wedding anyway. Whether or not you set up pictures, have a “wish you have been here” desk with identify plates or have cardboard cutouts, discover a variation of them that can attend! Make certain to take a photograph and send it to them to clearly show your friends they are there in spirit!

Invite Them Anyway

In some cases, it’s just great to be invited. Of course, you know they can’t go, but give them an invitation in any case. It is heading to go on the fridge and it’s likely to be wonderful. Alternatively, they are heading to consider you forgot they just cannot show up at. It’s a nice gesture nevertheless.

A little something Outdated

No, we’re not chatting about your grandparents who couldn’t attend. That is just necessarily mean. We’re talking about the initially of the massive four “somethings.” Integrate anything from a loved 1 who can not go to into the 4 somethings. Would anything borrowed be greater in this article? Possibly, but then we could not make the joke about previous grandparents. Whichever some thing you choose, asking a visitor who can’t attend to give you that some thing is a sweet gesture. 

Perform a Music

Whether or not it’s your first dance or just a tune that performs through the system of the night, this is an awesome tribute. If your cherished a person has a exclusive tune that they would have asked for had they been there, participate in that in their honor. 

Indeed, it may be a little bit of more function to do these items. If it is a beloved household member or friend, even though, it’s totally well worth it. If it’s not, well, that’s up to you. No matter, any individual who understands they are there in spirit will value the form gesture.