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A Charming 60’s Styled Wedding Shoot in Connecticut

A Charming 60’s Styled Wedding Shoot in Connecticut

A short brief about the styled shoot, what was the theme, the vibe, why, etc.

This styled shoot was directly inspired by the vintage bar vendor CT Tap & Co. After finding their mobile cart from 1967 on Instagram, I did a deep dive into the 60s. I loved that this decade focused on making your own way and trying something new in the arts. I was also inspired by the vintage shops in my area that sell fashion from the past. I knew right away I had to involve true vintage elements from these small businesses. 

styled wedding shoot in Connecticut


60s styled wedding shoot


How & why did you choose the venue/ location? a little bit about the location.

The venue (Bellamy-Ferriday House & Garden) was chosen for its rich history and clean look. The home, nestled in the upper west side of Connecticut, is a woodsy area far away from major cities. I prefer shooting at venues that are lesser-known to show future clients what options are available to them. This venue is breathtaking with its curated garden, 18th-century home, large side yards(perfect for a tented wedding), and fruit trees. 

60s styled wedding shoot in Connecticut images


60s styled wedding photoshoot


How did you choose the suppliers? Online, recommendations, etc.?

To find my vendors I used the help of Instagram, Google, and word-of-mouth. Being in the wedding industry, I see which businesses work well with not just their clients, but with other vendors. Some vendors, like Vintanthro Modern who sell vintage clothing, aren’t usually seen in the wedding industry.

In those cases, I made it a point to visit the shops and get to know the owners after finding them on Google. Other vendors, like Kendra of Whole Weddings, are a staple of Connecticut with her biodegradable plantable paper.

Did you use any DIY for the shoot? If so, where did you go for inspiration and tutorials?

Having to source local vintage pieces that can’t be found at big box stores, DIY projects were a necessary part of this shoot. I wanted to be as accurate to the 60s as possible. That meant researching its historical events, popular artists of the time, and decade trends.

What I couldn’t find online I asked my family and colleagues that lived through that time. All of this information gave me a deeper understanding of how to style the models, direct the creative vision, and set up the location. 

60s styled wedding shoot in Connecticut photos


wedding shoot in Connecticut


60s styled wedding Connecticut


How did the planning work? Who helped? How long did it take to plan? 

The planning always starts for me by finding images, choosing a color scheme, and creating a digital collage. I then find like-minded local businesses and reach out to them with my vision, plan, and intentions for the shoot.

Once I gain a team of vendors for the shoot, I set up meetings and phone calls to discuss how their products/services can serve the shoot through styling and design. As the vendors begin creating, I finalize a date that works with my team and contact the venue to talk over the timeline and rules for setup.

I then build a custom timeline using Google Docs that I share with everyone involved. I hired an assistant to set up the bar and table scene as I only had a few hours to shoot at the venue. Every vendor helped by giving their time, talents, and energy to create a truly unique look. Overall planning, shooting, and editing took a total of 3.5 months. 

Advice for future couples planning wedding shoots?

My advice for couples planning a wedding is threefold:

  1. Think outside the box when sourcing materials. – You don’t need the newest and best decorations you see online, but a little creativity can help! Some of my favorite pieces from the shoot, like the gold and glass flower holder, were found in a local junk shop. The motto “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true when finding unique pieces for your wedding. 
  2. Invest in high-quality vendors. –  Finding wedding vendors you trust will ease your worries and result in a better experience when planning your wedding. The best vendors should be able to understand your vision(and sometimes even help you find it) and bring that vision to life. Communication is paramount in this process. 
  3. Seek and accept help. – Weddings are a lot of work! There’s no shame in outsourcing tasks to give yourself more room to enjoy the engagement process. Before you know it, your wedding day has come and gone, so why not try everything you can to savor this season? 
60s wedding shoot


60s styled wedding shoot images


We’d also like to hear from you about how it was to shoot the wedding, the challenges, what equipment and tools were used, techniques, backdrops, etc.

For me, the shoot was hard work as last year(when this shoot took place) many vendors were too overbooked to work on this project, and materials, like flowers, were much harder to come by. Flexibility is always required when creating a detailed event so it was important I kept an open mind.

For instance, the wedding dress I was envisioning from the vintage dress shop had sold before the shoot, requiring me to utilize outfits not traditionally used for weddings. However, now that the shoot is over I can’t imagine it looking any other way. 

Despite some hiccups, this shoot was full of detail I had envisioned from the start! Here are my favorite details about this shoot:


The white dress with yellow flowers was Jolie’s first look. The simple white dress with the popping flowers and ribbon details was a statement that fit for a garden ceremony. I made sure she had closed-toed shoes and a short vail much like Priscilla Presley’s wedding in 1967.

Her second look was vibrant and dramatic as a nod to what you might expect from the forward artists of the time. Paul’s look was based on the stylish, straight-cut men you’d see in a 60s catalog or in mad men. I tracked down checkered pants, Round Acetate Polarized sunglasses, and a 60’s camera to make his look complete. 


My flower choices were based on blooms that were popular in the 60s such as carnations and daisies. I also followed the ’60s trend of cascading bouquets – making sure it was simple, yet striking, with a mix of whites, greens, and yellow blooms to match both dresses. I used flowers from the wonderful CT Flower Collective to assemble the bouquet and other flower elements.  

Cocktail station: 

With the 1967 mobile cart as the vocal center of the scene, I used early and late 60s elements to tie the scene together. This was done with the use of drinks, music, and color. The bar drink sign included 3 signature cocktails popular in the 60s. Jolie&Paul’s favorite songs are all 60’s classics, and the Beatles rainbow vinyl was from my Father’s personal collection. 

60s wedding shoot Connecticut


Table Setting: 

The table is a visible nod to the late 60s as it was prepping for the 70s bold prints. I used grapefruit and orange in the upside-down cake(a classic of the time) to match the tablecloth and to draw your eyes to the unique glassware and plate settings (from Plates&Petals). Many of the elements of the table were from my family’s vintage collection such as the table cover and cake stand. 

wedding shoot in Connecticut pics


60s styled wedding shoot photos


I hope it inspires couples to let their imaginations run wild.

Here’s the list of the Wedding Vendors:

Creator + Photographer } @phoebe_c_photography

Venue } @bellamyferridaygardens

Vintage Bar Trailer } @cttapandco

Vintage Dresses + Jewelry } @vintanthromodern

Makeup + Hair } @smainsbeauty

Flowers } @ctflowercollective

Plates/Cups } @petalsplates

Sustainable Stationary } @wholeweddings

Cake } @chefjanellesf