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Bridal Musings Bridal separates & wedding gowns we love for modern brides

Bridal Musings Bridal separates & wedding gowns we love for modern brides

Rearrange the rules of traditional bridalwear, as it’s time to make space in your closet for wedding day pieces you’ll keep for a lifetime. No longer does your bridal look need to be a one-time experience. Designed from harmony of structure and flow, The LAW Bridal conjures up your personal freedom in reimagining your wedding day look altogether.

The LAW designs modern and luxurious wedding dresses and bridal separates for brides with a clear and individual sense of self. Their newest collection, LAW2023 offers brides a moment of clarity to transform as many times during their wedding as they like. These styles range from wedding dresses to two-piece looks, all exuding confident ease.

There is an unmistakable sense of luxury that flows through the LAW2023 collection. Utilizing fabrics like silks, wools, and cottons allows for pieces to speak with movement and breath. Lustrous are the details, from unique seaming and structure to honoring and embracing the natural flow of the fabrics themselves. We see bridal separates that include dresses, pants, tops, jackets, slips, and skirts that authentically reflect the spirit and personal style of modern brides.

Designed and constructed in their Philadelphia studio, The LAW once again leans into their signature balance of design and movement. These wedding looks demand emotion. Styling opportunities are as endless as your own divine feminine. Feel at home here, as dresses and bridal separates speak to each comfortably, effortlessly and fashionably.

Wear the LAW2023 collection for one day, for the wedding weekend, and into the beyond. Captivating us from day one, The LAW outfits brides with unmistakably cool, luxurious, and modern bridalwear.

“Year after year, there’s no collection release I anticipate with more vigor than The LAW. Why? As editors, culling through countless lookbooks, styled shoots and real weddings, we begin to drown in trends. Everything starts to look the same. We lose our sense of feel when the same crepe fabric rolls off our desks. Then, each October, Megan Lawrence awakes us from our tulle slumber with something new and beautiful. It’s only fitting that this year’s The LAW collection is based around what ‘feels right’ to our bridal fashion knightress in shining thimble.

Always reimagining the ‘bridal silhouette’ to something more avant-garde and runway-ready, each gown and piece of bridal separates tantalizes the senses with unique textures. Her choices of eco-friendly textiles further cement her place in the forefront of sustainable bridal design. Brides wearing The LAW know they’ve commissioned something completely one-of-a-kind. Never more true, The LAW is high-fashion that just happens to be for brides.

– Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings.

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To shop the luxurious gowns and stylish bridal separates from The LAW Bridal visit their website or find a stockist near you.

The LAW Bridal designs modern, polished, luxury bridalwear and separates that cater to brides with a clear and individual sense of self.

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This post is made in partnership with The LAW.