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“Cheap Wedding Ideas” Made Simple

“Cheap Wedding Ideas” Made Simple

Cheap Wedding Ideas are not as narcissistic as they sound. Saving a couple of dollars has always sparked my interest. I have always hated spending money on something to find out afterwards that I could have spent less somewhere else. Now I am not talking a few pennies difference here. I am talking big bucks.

Anyways, back to my story. Have you ever heard of Melinda Burton? She is an International Wedding Planner. I did some homework on her because a friend of mine told me she saved money on hr wedding. Melinda, author of “How to Have Your Fairytale Wedding on a Shoestring Budget.” She has planned and been a part of hundreds of weddings. I have to admit, I scoffed at my friend until she told me that using some ideas that Melinda had in her book save her $1792.00.

Ok, so now I was listening. That is quite a savings. So, I got the book. Yes, I am a man and I just bought a Wedding Book. I broke man-law. Any way, I sat down and looked through the ideas. The coolest thing is that, it is an e-book. I did not have to wait for the thing to arrive in the mail. It is very easy reading. Melinda is down to earth so the writing is not a blob of technical garb.

So I decided I would put it to the test. I found someone getting married. My neighbors’ son to be exact. Well, I showed his mother some of the ideas and asked if I could present my ideas to the bride. Now we all know that the bride, no offense, is the controlling warlord of the wedding in the planning stages. What she says, is law! So, my neighbor approached Cindy and asked if she would like to have some free wedding ideas. Cindy said she would not mind looking. And so we met.

She came over and we started discussing ideas. Amazingly, a lot of the ideas that Cindy had were right in the book. And there were a ton more that she loved. I kind of thought that she was being polite, not trying to hurt my feeling by humoring me, but she was really getting into it. So I printed off a couple of things and off she went.

So the wedding went off without a hitch. (Bad choice of words) I seen Cindy a month after all was said and done and asked her if she saved money like the book said. Cindy said that she was not expecting a huge beautiful wedding because of their finances. But because of the ideas laid out by Melinda, remember her, she had received a couple of comments from her friends saying that she spent over $10,000.00. Little do they know Cindy only spent around $2500.00! Had she not used Melinda’s tips and tricks, the price tag would have doubled and then some.

Please, I know I am a guy and I have broken the cardinal man-law by reading a wedding book but this book is really neat. She even has 3 bonus books. Just read the books. You will understand. You have a 90 day guarantee so, what do you have to loose? In less than 10 min, you are reading what I just told you about, Cheap Wedding Ideas. So, do it! Go! Now! Please!