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Dark, Dreamy, Moody & Romantic: A Bridal Editorial of Divine Feminine Beauty | Love My Dress®

Dark, Dreamy, Moody & Romantic: A Bridal Editorial of Divine Feminine Beauty | Love My Dress®

Proficient Italian floral artist elenaN is passionate about the electricity of text and visuals.

Motivated by the works of Italian writer and poet, Alda Merini, Elena’s vision for this editorial married collectively her adore of the arts and flowers into 1 gorgeous, poetic, and expressive vision of feminine splendor. The outcome is a suite of exquisite and emotive images that capture a genuine perception of Spring awakening.

Dark, Dreamy, Moody & Romantic: A Bridal Editorial of Divine Feminine Beauty | Love My Dress®

The Thought

My identify is Elena Nacci, proprietor of elenaN floral structure, and this editorial is my desire, my strategy.

My objective with this editorial was to explain to the miracle of artwork by way of my bouquets, together with the extraordinary and refined elegance of the female and create a eyesight of ‘Love Delirium’.

Exaltation. Magnificence. Shelter. Keep these phrases in thoughts and immerse by yourself in these photos as you do.

The Location

The Boncompagni Viscogliosi castle in Isola del Liri and its wonderful waterfall, symbols of regeneration and vitality, were being the fantastic environment for this challenge.

Images & Videography

I sought an emotional level of photography, mixed with a immersed, with a cinematic fashion and with Martina Ruffini the portrait of the design grew to become Adore delirium.

The film by Italian marriage videographer, Simona Tortolano, transports you in to a stunning world of podimension, a story that is born as poetry and it changes into photography.

Splendor & Add-ons

Creamano designed the brand Enjoy Delirium, she took care of the poetry template and stationery.

The stylist Silvia Moretta created two cherished bespoke attire.

Model Sara Matteucci had her lovely flowing red hair and makeup styled by specialist artists Manuela D’Amore and Alessandra di Mambro.

Important extras were being provided by Guinevere Vines and Brioche Handmade


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Annabel is the founder of Adore My Dress. She has a enthusiasm for pictures, strolling, yoga, character, and loves to assistance gifted artists and creative enterprises. In 2013, she grew to become a printed author. Annabel lives in rural North Yorkshire with her partner and company spouse Philip, their two daughters Eska and Leanora and menagerie of furry hounds. Annabel supports Philip in the jogging of the family members flower farm at at Moonwind Bouquets. She is also co-founder of What About Weddings.